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Hi, there are many myths and every one have a view point in cardio, i do daily 30 to 45 mins of cardio which include running, elliptical trade mills, and many other things but just want to clear when and what need to be done when u have a goal for muscle building,
Hi I'm shubham.. From delhi. I am doing gym from 4months.. I was taking some protein to gain my wait.. Now i am totally satisfy with my wait,,, now i want to improve my muscles can u please tell me which mass gainer is suitable for me..
Hello..... My self saniya I want to loss my tummy fat as well as waist fat my age is 23 and my weight is 61 kg now I am drinking hot lemon water from 1 week in empty stomach. So I wanna ask you how to lose tummy fat and waist fat could you suggest me easy and best exercises. and one more thing drinking hot lemon water can it reduced fats from body or not??? What are the benefit's of drinking hot lemon water? I want to loss my weight and want to be fit... Thank u..



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