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Blood Pressure Monitor India

When you have the problem of high or low blood pressure, it is essential to monitor the rise or fall in your blood pressure at regular intervals. Your physician will also advise this as keeping track of your blood pressure will let him know the effects of medicine on your hypertension. The American Heart Association also opines the necessity of using blood pressure monitors at home as it helps to keep an eye on your pressure levels regularly. Usually, blood pressure is determined by putting a temporary hold to the blood flow and recording the flow level of blood flowing through the artery when the pressure is decreased.

Why are blood pressure monitors important for you?

Blood pressure monitors help record the systolic pressure, which is the peak pressure of blood when the heart contracts, and diastolic blood pressure, which is the low blood pressure during the relaxation of your heart in between the beats. These devices are highly useful when you have a problem of high blood pressure and would be required by your doctor to record it every day. This would be a reflection of the effective medications and the life style changes that you have included now according to your doctor’s advice. You can also record it daily and offer it to your doctor on your next visit which would be helpful for him to decide on your medications further. When you have blood pressure monitors at home, you need not visit your doctor’s clinic every now and then as you can check your pressure with the home devices that offer accurate readings in the comfort of your home. This way, you can be assured that your health condition is improving or can seek immediate medical attention if an abnormal reading is recorded by your device.

What are the types of blood pressure monitors?

Nowadays, there are various brands of blood pressure (BP) monitor that are available for your convenience. They usually have a large LCD display, hand cuff or strap, gauge and stethoscope according to the various types of devices preferred for use. The three usual types of blood pressure monitors are the ones with cuffs, gauges and stethoscopes. The cuff consists of a cloth like materials with rubber lining that bloats with air and the fastener holds the cuff in place when testing the blood pressure.

The gauge blood pressure monitors are more advanced with an aneroid display and digital displays that offers crystal clear visibility. The dial along the gauge displays the reading based on the blood pressure of your body. Traditional ones have a thermometer like look whereas the advanced ones are sleeker. There are blood pressure monitors with stethoscopes if you wish to have clinic like advantage when it comes to measuring your blood pressure. The stethoscope helps detect the blood flow in the arteries and the digital blood pressure cuffs feature built in sensors which would offer the necessary information to you. There are the ones with finger pressure technology designed to have a stapler like look which offers correct measurements through the big LCD display screen attached with it. These digital devices are the favourites of many as the readings are perfect and they are much easier to use at home. If you are on the lookout for stylish yet reliable options you would find the watch shaped blood pressure monitors which are sleek and trendy a welcoming option.

Best brands of blood pressure monitors



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Advantages of using blood pressure monitors:

When you have a blood pressure device at home, you can recognise the onset of high or low blood pressure well in advance and act accordingly. It can also help to keep a track of the new treatment you are taking and can realise its effect on your blood pressure condition. You also get a stronger responsibility towards your well being which is essential if you have a high blood pressure. When you make use of blood pressure monitors at your home, you can save a lot of money on your visits to the doctor.

How to choose blood pressure monitors?

When you are choosing blood pressure monitors, make sure you choose those offered by reputed medical companies that you are familiar with or seek your doctor’s advice in selecting one. Always choose the ones that have a clear cut display and medically validated features. This would ensure that the blood pressure monitors are highly reliable and durable in the long run.