Dance is Not only Recreation, It is A Form of Meditation

We are all caught in a whirlpool of non-stop activity. From dawn to dusk, our body, mind and soul is quashed under extreme pressures of hard core work. This means extreme burnout of the three most beautiful gifts to mankind that leaves us exhausted as we retire to bed. The soul is always longing to be replenished. However this cannot be achieved by 8 hours of sleep. It needs more than just food.

One thing that can put life back into a human being is dance. A unique form of bringing back the zeal to live. Money to survive and food to give us energy to do work does not suffice enough. It is the soul that needs to be revitalized. And that can be done through different forms of dancing.

Believe it or not, dance has its unique benefits such as:

• It is a great stress buster
• It relieves stress
• It tones body and gives shape
• It uplifts your spirit
• It enhances your metabolism
• It gives a break to monotonous life
• It helps in losing weight

Dances are of many types. Salsa, Jazz, Waltz, Hip hop, break-dance or Indian classical dances like Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kathak , bhangra etc. There are endless forms but the sole aim is rejuvenation.

Dance As A Form Of Meditation

As normal human beings, we infuse mind body, soul to move in life. Dancing is like meditation which gets the body moving rhythmically. Through meditative dancing, hormones that bring us the feel good factor suddenly start moving rapidly and give life to each and every cell in the body. It is as if the cells have suddenly started living. The outlook toward life is uplifted and we feel energized while dancing. It is also possible to gain direct access in our own enlightened qualities: love, understanding, joy, openness, understanding and energy.

A genuine feeling of love and trust tends to encompass around us and positive vibrations are emitted from the body in all directions while dancing freely. While dancing you tend to leave all inhibitions and tend to move freely like worship to God. It is as if you are submitting yourself to him forever. The love and compassion between you and the supreme power is thereby beautifully seen here.

The goal of mediation is communication with the inner soul and while in our body-mind we tend to feel the inner spirit enlivened while dancing too.

Dance meditation can be done in groups or alone depending on your choice. Enough space should be provided to let you lose and free. It is important to wear comfortable lose fitting clothes and shoes to move and bend. For that matter bare feet and ballet shoes are best.

Select music that you are very close to. It can even be hard metal or soft Beethoven music depending upon your liking.

Try simple exercise like stretching before beginning.

Do not begin dancing immediately after meals as it can violate the digestive system.

Ways  to Mediate While Dancing

People often tend to lose themselves dancing in pubs and enjoying every bit till the wee house of morning. Dance is of no use if it is done in crowded smoke filled pubs or private parties. The essence of dancing in the real form is lost as you tend to move according to space and not your will. So, dancing should not be dependent on the space but by the free will of the heart. It is only called meditative dancing if done in seclusion and in complete harmony with the mind body and soul.