Can You Have A Fit Body And A Calm Mind With A Single Workout Routine?

The connection between the mind and the body is deep. Almost any exercise routine can be used to train both the mind and the body with the right approach. After all, the idea behind exercising is to keep the body fit and to have some time to focus on positive energy where you keep your mind calm and your breathing relaxed.

There is no single mind – body exercise that is the most effective. However, it is the method in which the exercise is performed that keeps the body fit and the mind calm and healthy. This is why it is essential that while exercising you focus on yourself and your breathing, rather than multi-tasking. Many people actually spend the time running on the treadmill or on their stationary bike to return phone calls or to catch the re-runs of the television programs they have missed out. While that will have results on the body, it will do nothing to put your mind at peace.

A workout that exercises both the mind and the body and keeps them both healthy must focus on the four principles of Breathing Right, Concentrating on the Movements, Precision Care and Complete Control of your body. With these 4 principles taken care of, your mind will automatically relax as your body gets in to throes of the workout.


To breathe right is an important aspect of any exercise routine. To control your breathing and utilize full inhalation – full exhalation will increase your lung capacity and boost the blood flow in your body. This helps you exercise better and automatically calms down the mind and relaxes it.


To exercise your mind and your body, concentrate on yourself and your movements. Many people believe that it is best to exercise in a class full of people or watching a video. This will do nothing to relax your mind. Concentrate on your actions and follow your movements, while controlling your breathing all the way. It will become a sort of meditation technique as all bad thoughts exit your brain and it relaxes.


An exercise routine is only effective when it is accurate. To do a half hearted job is neither good for your body nor your mind. Use your mind to focus and motivate you while you use precision and technique to carry out the exercise routine of your choice. Now whether it is Yoga, Pilates or Jogging, the right precision and technique will take you a long way.


When exercising, you must feel that you are in complete control. When you are relying on an instructor for guidance, you don’t trust your mind and your body to follow what it is telling you. Practice body weight exercises for control so that your mind is focused on just you and the task at hand and your body gets better definition.

A few good mind-body exercises:

We still stick to the fact that any exercise can be a mind-body exercise if approached correctly. However, there are a few exercises that have it in their nature to both challenge the body as well as relax the mind. Here are a few examples:

• Yoga

• Pilates

• Martial Arts

A good mind – body exercise will leave you feeling more energized and fresh. So ditch the gym today and try running along the hilly stretch near your house while practicing controlled breathing and see the difference!