Chemical Resources Fenfuro, 30 capsules
Chemical Resources Fenfuro,  30 capsules
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  • Helps in managing diabetes
  • Lowers body fat production
  • Reduces cholesterol level
Dosage 1
Indication One capsule, one to three times daily or as directed by your physician
Serving Per Pack 10
Serving Size 3
General Traits Family Nutrition
Brand Origin India
Form Capsules
Packaging Capsule Bottle
Quantity 30 capsules
Special Traits Family Nutrition
Concern Diabetes
Gender Unisex
Lifestage Adult

Fenfuro is a specially designed innovative product that helps in managing diabetes. It contains the natural compound plant extract (Furostanolic Saponins) in highly purified form, which contributes to remarkable efficacy.

Fenfuro is ideal for reducing sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood. It is rich in Saponins and Flavonoids which help in slowing down glucose absorption in the body.



FENFURO is a group of Furostanolic Saponins, derived from Fenugreek Seeds (TRIGONELLA FOENUM-GRAECUM) by innovative process. FENFURO - a novel, product (U.S. patent granted) marks a technology breakthrough in the field of diabetes management.

Various studies have investigated the blood cholesterol-lowering and blood glucose-lowering properties of FENFURO, both in normal subjects and in those with diabetes. Significant reduction in total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, but not HDL cholesterol levels, have been observed in type-1 & type-2 diabetics.

Dosages: One capsule, one to three times daily or as directed by your physician

• FENFURO can help to manage blood sugar levels and cholesterol level in a better way and over a period of time intake of allopathic medicine or even insulin can be reduced to a large extent.

• Safe and free from side-effects- Extensive pre-clinical studies at prestigious research institutes viz. National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Mohali and University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Panjab University, Chandigarh indicate safety and also efficacy of the product in managing blood sugar and cholesterol in diabetic models.

• Product used by several hundred diabetics and found to be remarkably effective in management of blood sugar.

• Natural Compound Extract: Capsules contain the natural compound plant extract (Furostanolic Saponins) in highly purified form, which contributes to remarkable efficacy.

Ingredients: Each capsule contains 500 mg Furostanolic Saponins
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    not at all effective

  • s shettiwar

    i was on oral medicines and insuline humalog-5u 3 times and lantus- 22u at night i have used fenfuro 3 times a day after 4 months insulin requirement reduced by 6-7 units continuing fenfuro

  • Mr

    A good medicine and has an effect on regulating blood sugar and breaking insulin resistance


    I have been reading the ad about FENFURO for quite sometime. I am a diabetic for last 15 years under good control. Out of curiosity, I bought one packet of 30 tablets and took one a day for 30 days. My experience is that the reading which I take every week Fasting and post lunch were lower by about 20 points. Since the experience was reasonably good and there is absolutely no side effect, I bought 2 more packets. I will try for 60 days and depending on the result will consult the diabetologist for review of medicine.

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