Endura Mass, Chocolate 1.1 lb
Endura Mass,  Chocolate  1.1 lb
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  • Weight gaining supplement with protein
  • Provides optimum calories for gaining weight
  • 100% vegetarian supplement enhanced with nutrients

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General Traits
Form Powder
Ideal For Unisex
Manufactured in India
Key Traits
Flavor Chocolate
Goal Weight Gain
Supplement Type High Calorie Gainer
Veg/Non-veg Vegetarian
Other Specification
Protein Carb ratio 1:5
Protein per 100 gm 15
Serving Size 100 g
Packaging Type
Calorie per serving 416
No. of Serving Per Pack 15
Packaging Jar
Size 1.1 lb
Weight 0.5 Kg/1.1 lb

Weight gaining supplement with protein

Endura Mass gives you proteins from whole milk, skimmed milk and soy that help you in gaining a healthy weight. Plus, you also get 3480 calories per day to bulk up your body.
Enhanced with essential nutrients
The vitamins and minerals in this supplement keep your body healthy and boost your energy levels which is beneficial if you indulge in a daily workout.

3 Serving Size ~ 100g

Supplement Facts
Serving As Per 100g Amount per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 416 kcal  
Carbohydrate 79 g  
Protein 15 g  
Crude Fat 4.5 g  
Saturated Fat 2.46 g  
Poly unsaturated Fat 0.32 g  
Mono unsaturated Fat 1.72 g  
Trans fat 0  
Cholestrol 0  
Dietary Fiber <1 g  
Calcium 680 mg  
Phosphorus 440 mg  
Potassium 140 mg  
Sodium 80 mg  
Iron 30 mg  
Vitamin C 30 mg  
Vitamin E 20 mg  
Vitamin B-3 12 mg  
Vitamin B-5 6 mg  
Vitamin B-6 1.8 mg  
Vitamin B-2 1.6 mg  
Vitamin B-1 1.2 mg  
Vitamin A 900 mcg  
Folic Acid 800 mcg  
Vitamin B-12 15 mcg  
Other Ingredients
Contains Whole Milk, Skimmed Milk, Maltos Dextrine, Soy proteins, Sucrose, Minerals, Vitamins, Approved Flavours and Preservatives.
How to use
Add 10-30g (2-3 teaspoons) Endura Mass in a glass or milk or juice. Mix well. Take this drink one to three times a day.
Allergen Information/Warning: Keep out of reach of children.


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Reviews for product

  • This review is for Endura Mass, Chocolate 2.2 lb
         Result Oriented Product --

    | | 3 people found this review useful

    Very nice food supplement, Plz remember to take this with cold milk only for best result, taking this frm long time when my weight was 45KG, now i have successfully gain weight 65KG,,,

  • This review is for Endura Mass, Chocolate 2.2 lb
         Best product for starters


    If you are not satisfied with your weight or just started going to the gym,I would suggest you to start with Endura Mass. After using it for 2 months alongside light gym my body shape has improved a lot and gained about 3-4kg. And don't worry about any side effects as I have experienced none. Regarding Healthkart loved the discounts and coupons and great service. Total satisfaction.

  • This review is for Endura Mass, Banana 2.2 lb


    It's only carbohydrate n nothing else

  • This review is for Endura Mass, Chocolate 2.2 lb
         Awesome Wieght Gainer and result is Positive


    Very nice and result oriented supplement in the market, used this supplement with Sceemed (Cold Milk) twice a day and i gain 5 KG in a month, i have started this when i was 55KG of wiehgt , my target is to achieve 80KG in 2 month,,, i am sure this supplement will help me

  • This review is for Endura Mass, Chocolate 1.1 lb
         Endura Mass, Chocolate 1.1 lb


    we have just used it for seven days now . there has been no immediate weight gain . we will wait and watch and keep you informed . But it must be pointed out that your price is amazingly low than in retail shops.

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