Roots Hair Builder HBB, Light Brown
Roots Hair Builder HBB,  Light Brown
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Rs. 1700

Rs. 2000 | You save 15%

  • Gives you thick and shiny hair instantly
  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic
  • 100% natural & effective
Other Traits
Product Code/UPC 8906013545762
General Traits
Formulation Powder
Ideal For Unisex
Product Trait
Color Light Brown

Hair loss? Feel uncomfortable stepping out of your house?  

Switch to Roots Hair Builder for thick and shiny hair instantly! No side effects, made from 100% natural fiber. Roots Hair Builder is sure to help you regain your confidence with good looks. The Hair Builder has Natural Hair Building Mist (120 ml) and Natural Hair Building Fibres (22 g).

How to use

  • Wash your hair and dry it completely
  • Sprinkle Hair Builder natural fibres on the scalp and on the thin hair.
  • Sprinkle it till you match the bald patch with your original hair colour.
  • To fix the fibres, spray Roots Hair Builder mist on the area where you have sprinkled Roots Hair Builder fibres.
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    Poor quality product. Morever it forms lumps all over your head. It catches all eyes infront of you. And everyone would be curiously asking you about the "thing" that you have applied over your head. I personally suggest people who are suffering from hairfall to use "LIVON HAIR GAIN" is very effective and has a good frangnance. Its a non sticky solution. within 2 weeks of regular application, hairfall will be controlled and with a futher regular usage new micro hairs can be seen in the scalp. "LIVON HAIR GAIN"

  • This review is for Roots Hair Builder HBB, Black


    It's good to use & genuine price but not as good as Toppic

  • This review is for Roots Hair Builder HBB, Black
         Hair Building Mist Spray is nothing but Glue

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    To make the fibers stick to you hair you have to spray the "Hair Building Mist" which is nothing but liquid sprayable glue. Do you want to spray glue on your head? I like the fiber but the sprayable glue needed to hold the fibers is a real turn off.

  • This review is for Roots Hair Builder HBB, Black
         lol this is what i expected

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    the real thing about any hair loss product is that they will overcharge the hell out of you. my dad has been using toppik since last year. it is really good. he has bald patches quite a lot and it cover s them completely.. but the cost is 4000 rupees .!!! when i saw this as i was browsing through stuff i told him about this and ordered it for him. its a peice of crap compared to toppik. it is like black powder thats all.. it will form clumps..if water touches it will be even bad.. if you touch it will stick to your hand and make it all black black everywhere.. its horrible! but it is half price as toppik and if you have very little hairloss its ok to use .. otherwise its a waste of money not saving of money. use toppik or nanogen hair fibres. its the best. but the thing is its very expensive and not easily available in india! buy this only if u have very little area to cover .. otherwise you will regret this black powder.

  • This review is for Roots Hair Builder HBB, Black


    I find it useful... amazing amigo!!! I just love it.. I am happy to go out without feeling conscious. one thing I want to suggest that quantity should be little bit but cost effective

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