SSN Carbo-Force,  11 lb  Unflavoured
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SSN Carbo-Force, 11 lb Unflavoured

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Product Details

  • Helps maintain balanced level of carbohydrates in body
  • Contains proteins that energises your body during your workout session
  • Contains required amount of glucose to ensure a balanced body metabolism
  • Helps in enhancing and strengthening your muscles mass
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General Traits
Number of Servings 50
Serving Size 100 g
Weight 11 lb
Additional Information
Flavour Unflavoured
Form Powder
Packaging Jar
Goal Boost Energy,Enhances Workout Performance
Other Traits
Flavour Base Others

SSN Carbo Force is a supplement that helps in restoring balanced amount of carbohydrates in your body. It contains proteins that can help in energising your body after heavy workouts. Intake of this supplement ensures a balanced body metabolism. Further, it helps in enhancing and strengthening your muscles mass. This supplement can help you in gaining strength, repairing and building lean muscles. It also helps in the post training recovery by initialising energy production after your workout schedule. Apart from this, it boosts up your physical intensity by enhancing your strength and power of endurance. So what are you waiting for? Bring home this supplement and workout better for your skeletal muscle growth.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 scoop (100Gm) Amount per Serving % Daily Value
Energy 400cals **
Protein 0g **
Carbohydrate 100g **
Fat 0g **
Other Ingredients :100 % Long Chain Glucose Polymer Maltodextrin
How to use :Dosage per serving: 1 scoop with milk.
Allergen Information/Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Before begining any diet or training program, consult your health care practitioner.


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  • Insane mass builder

    if u r a skinny guy let me share something see all the gainers the all have carbohydrates for gaining n dis is what it is.. purest, cheapest amazing m ordering it 3rd time it worked for me.. if Ur r looking for some real muscles go for it brah... "1 scoop 3 times a day"

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    (9 people found this review useful)
  • Carbohydrate powder

    Nice product and one of the best thing is its unflavoured so you can mix it with anything

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    (6 people found this review useful)
  • Review

    I Have recently ordered the carbo force I was not expecting the request I have got in just 3 days and for sure that increase the stamina and give glycogen before the workout which your body need for the energy and also after the hard work out to repair the broken tissues I would recommend this product to all hard gym hitters try this and see results .

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    (4 people found this review useful)
  • Excellent product for muscles recovery

    If you are looking for lean mass just order this and...In 11 Lbs of carbo forse mix 300grm of glutamine and your protein or mass gainer of chocolate flavor.....consume 3 times a day...and you will see the results.....i'm gonna order this again for 3rd time....5 star product

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    (4 people found this review useful)
  • decent product

    product is working fine for me , , definately a good deal . it will allow u to hit more exercise with increased intensity .

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    (3 people found this review useful)

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Recent reviews

  • Good Product
    Mar 4, 2015

    it keeps you energize and helps in muscle growth.

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  • Brilliant and Delicious
    Feb 25, 2015

    Brilliant to the core... I went from 78 kgs to 92 kgs in a month's time.... Just add banana and cinnamon... Not a single percentile rise in my fat factor... Love it!! Sadly, it is out of stock... Does well than Dymatize and ON mass gainers..

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  • Good for gaining
    Feb 7, 2015

    It will help those who want to gain fast contains lot of carbohydrate

    (See more)
  • why carb powder
    Feb 2, 2015

    Its mainly important when you are looking to bulk and very important if you are an ectomorph(ones who are hard gainers) carbs are imperative for muscle growth and at times more than people ask why a carb powder i would say if you are getting enough carbs from your diet thats awesome but a powder is good because it will be in a liquid form and when taken post workout(thats how i prefer it) it will immediately start aiding the hypertrophy basically faster mixing into your blood stream so faster delivery to your muscles...i use it around 60g along in my post workout ahake and i would recommend people to go for it

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  • Good Product
    Jan 25, 2015

    Good Product Works Well With Cretin

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