SSN Carbo-Force, 5.5 lb Unflavoured
SSN Carbo-Force,  5.5 lb  Unflavoured
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Rs. 1560

  • Formulated with carbohydrates
  • Contains proteins that energises your body during your workout session
  • Contains required amount of glucose to ensure a balanced body metabolism
  • Helps in enhancing and strengthening your muscles mass
General Traits
Number of Servings 25
Serving Size 100 g
Weight 5.5 lb
Additional Information
Flavour Unflavoured
Form Powder
Packaging Jar
Other Traits
Flavour Base Others

SSN Carbo Force is a supplement that helps in restoring balanced amount of carbohydrates in your body. It contains proteins that can help in energising your body after heavy workouts. Intake of this supplement ensures a balance body metabolism. Further, it helps in enhancing and strengthening your muscles mass. This supplement can help you in gaining strength, repairing and building your lean muscles. It also helps in the post training recovery by initialising energy production after your workout schedule. Apart from this, it boosts up your physical intensity by enhancing your strength and power of endurance. So what are you waiting for? Bring home this supplement and work out for your skeletal muscles growth.

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    Certified Buyer
    Excellent Product.

    This is amazing stuff in the sense that it really works. One can see the results in a matter of 3-5 days. Have it before and after your intensive workout, and the result shows! I am not using the scoop that they have provided (100gms per scoop). I am using a 30gms scoop. I take 6ogms of SSN Carbo Force and mix it with 30 gms of whey protein: I add 5gms of creatine to the shake that I use before my workout. You can trust this brand to see an enhancement of muscle mass in a shorter period of time.

  • Certified Buyer
    Good product

    I wanted this product for carbs after workout so i ordered 11lbs and used it after my workout i used about 60 grams of carbo force 30 grams of whey protein and 10 grams of creatine... really gave good results if want to take creatine use this product this product increases the absorption of creatine by the body... happy with my ssn gym bag i got with this product thanks healthkart

  • Certified Buyer

    Its awesome brahh!!!

  • Certified Buyer
    Wonder Full Product

    Very Effective and nice product helps to do more workout daily

  • Certified Buyer

    Best carbo

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