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Whisper Choice Ultra, 6 Piece(s)/Pack With Wings
Whisper Choice Ultra,  6 Piece(s)/Pack  With Wings
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Rs. 40

  • Ten times less wetness than non-woven sanitary napkins
  • Staining protection far superior
  • Reasonable pricing

Available in discreet packaging
General Traits
Absorbancy Normal
Design Round Head
FDA Approved Yes
Pack Size 6 Piece(s)/Pack
Size With Wings

To give you that dry feel during menstruation use Whisper Choice Ultra. Sweet scented and thin, it gives a feel of added comfort. It is snugly wrapped as well.

The blue lock core in Whisper Choice Ultra locks the dampness and always gives a dry feel. Gel is used to lock the flow. This gel changes the consistency of the flow and locks it. There is unique dry- weave sheet at the top. This with the core gel ensures the complete dry feeling. The wings at the side of the napkin can be pulled to the sides of the panties and keep it secured. It is far superior to many sanitary napkins in the market.


The pads are folded and placed in the packet. This has to be unfolded; the paper at back must be peeled off and stuck on to the panties. Wrap the wings around the panties. Now the pad is ready for use. It is recommended to change the napkins often. At least two times a day. If the flow is heavy it should done more often. Precaution while disposing off the used pad is necessary. It has to be done away hygienically. Whisper Choice Ultra is the most comfortable napkin which makes the women feels good even during her trying days.

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    Aug 25, 2014

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