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Neem Products

Described as sarva roga nivarini (which keeps all diseases at bay) or arishtha (reliever of diseases), Neem plays an integral part in Ayurveda. This herb is commonly available throughout the year. Used in therapeutic preparations, Neem is native to India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Pakistan. This wonder herb has much to offer in solving agricultural and public health problems present in the world. The extracts from neem tree have been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years to maintain health and overall well-being. Also known as Indian Lilac, Neem is a miraculous plant that can kill fungi, viruses and microorganisms. Neem when taken in the form of powder can help in purifying blood, boost energy, and reduce irritation, itching and roughness of the skin. Historically, the whole neem plant, including leaves, fruits and bark provides numerous skin, hair and overall health benefits.

What is Neem?

Azadirachta indica, popularly known as Neem, is a member of mahogany family.  Grown in tropical and semi-tropical regions, it is used in various forms, including powder, paste, tablets, capsules, etc. This fast-growing tree can reach a height of approximately 15–20 metres. Neem plays a major role in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines as over 80% remedies contains neem in the form of leaf, bark, fruits and flowers. More than 100 types of diseases are treated by using the various parts of neem plant. Neem oil which is commonly known for its numerous benefits is prepared from fruits and seeds of the neem tree. Neem leaf on the other hand exhibits anti-inflammatory, antimalarial, antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Bark from neem tree is useful in fever, nausea, vomiting and various other skin diseases. Described as anthelmintic, antileprotic (cures or prevents leprosy) and antipoisonous, Neem Seeds, along with its leaves and dry Neem cake, are an active ingredient in mosquito coils. Rich in anthelmintic astringent and non-toxic properties, Neem Flowers are used in vitiated conditions of pitta (balancing of the body heat) and kapha (cough formation). After knowing its wonder benefits, this all-purpose remedy is considered as an evergreen plant in India.

Below is some more information to help you understand the benefits of neem better:

a)    Benefits of Neem for skin:

Neem is a magical remedy for the following skin conditions, then conventional treatments. See how neem helps in treating skin problems:

  • Application of neem oil mixed with water can help treat blackheads.
  • Application of neem and turmeric paste twice a week, can prevent the occurrence of pimples and acnes, and provide you with flawless skin.
  • Paste of neem powder, lemon juice and yogurt can help control excess oil.
  • To get rid of pigmentation and blemishes, apply the paste of neem, tulsi and sandalwood powder in rose water.
  • Adding neem powder to your face pack can help in delaying the signs of ageing.
  • Boil the neem leaves, extract the water and refrigerate it. Applying this water can treat skin allergies and infections.

b)    Oral Benefits of Neem:

Neem is an incredible oral remedy that protects you against gum diseases. It can treat various problems, including bleeding gums, germ formation in the mouth, mouth ulcers, sore germ, toothache and foul smell.

  • Using Neem as mouth rinser can help in the treatment of oral infections, tooth decay, and sore and bleeding gums.
  • The use of Neem mouth gel can help in lowering the dental plaque levels.
  • Brushing teeth with neem toothpaste, containing neem leaf extracts can treat mouth infections.
  • Green twigs of neem tree used as toothbrush can help prevent cavities, enhance mouth immunity and eliminate bacteria.

c)     Benefits of Neem for Hair

Neem is a wonder herb that not only helps treat skin and health issues but, also helps in providing long, shinning and healthy hair. If you are annoyed with fake promises of chemical-based products then try some simple home remedies to gain voluminous hair:

  • Regular application of Neem oil helps in hair growth and fight dandruff.
  • Adding neem powder with Henna regularly can help in moisturising your hair.
  • Usage of neem as a hair mask and neem water as a rinse can promote hair growth.
  • Application of boiled neem leaves along with honey can work as a natural conditioner for dry and fizzy hair.

d)    Health benefits of Neem:

  • Rich in anti-bacterial properties, neem tree paste can help treat diseases, like small and chicken pox. Spreading of neem leaves around the patients suffering from small pox and chicken pox can soothe his or her pain.
  • Neem oil when mixed with water and liquid soap can help repel pesticides and insecticides away.
  • Neem bark extract when taken twice for approx. 10 weeks can heal the problem of ulcers.
  • Intake of Neem powder helps to control the blood sugar level and triggers blood sugar metabolism to offer long-lasting relief from diabetes.
  • A massage of neem leave paste on a regular basis can benefit against leprosy.
  • Neem leaves works as blood purifying agent, clears toxins from the blood and controls the formation of free radicals.
  • Neem leaves, when consumed regularly can treat digestive disorders, like gas and constipation. Additionally, neem leaves enhances blood circulation and regulates hormonal level.

With the above mentioned benefits, it quite right to say that neem is one pharmacy tree who’s every part, including fruits, leaves and bark or twigs, has benefits. It is one natural available herb that comes with ample health benefits but no side effects. Hence, consumption of neem in various forms can help you live a healthy life.