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Rejuvenate Your Skin with a Perfect Body Scrub

Taking care of one’s skin and body as one grows is a vital part of personal grooming and upkeep. A fresh and radiant skin looks younger, attracts compliments and adds to the self confidence. A very essential part of an ideal daily skin care regime is scrubbing.

Scrubbing is the process of exfoliating skin in order to remove the dead skin cells and reveal a fresh layer of skin. The skin all over our body sheds dead skin cells which need to be exfoliated on a regular basis; hence, the needs for a good body scrub.

Components of a body scrub

A body scrub commonly is made up of three vital ingredients. These are:

Oil base – Mostly a body scrub has an oil base that holds the mixture together and aids its easy spreading on the skin. Some common oils are – almond oil, kukui oil etc.

Exfoliating material – This comprises an abrasive material that when rubbed on the body helps remove the dead cells, revealing the softer, younger skin beneath. Common exfoliants found in a body scrub are – salt, sugar, apricot kernel, rice bran, coffee grounds, and jojoba beans among others.

Fragrance or perfume – A body scrub gets its fragrance from essential oils. The quality of a body scrub can be judged by the type of aroma oils used in it. A good body scrub would contain original essential oils like rosemary, lavender, spearmint etc. However, there are those that also use synthetic fragrances as well.

Besides these, a body scrub may also be rich in nourishing ingredients good for the skin. These may include alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), antioxidants, minerals and multi-vitamins.

Type of Body Scrubs

Body scrubs can be largely classified into four types. These are –

  1. Sugar based body scrubs – These scrubs have sugar as the exfoliants base. They may contain granulated or brown sugar. These scrubs are preferred for delicate skin that may find coarser scrubs abrasive. Also, sugar scrubs go well with thicker components like oil or glycerine and are therefore, better suited for dry skin types.
  2. Salt based body scrubs – These scrubs have sea salts and minerals as their exfoliating base. They are present in varying grades as per different levels of exfoliants based on skin tolerance. The salt-based body scrub is vigorous in nature and is more apt for oily skins. It helps remove toxins from the skin and is often used for aromatherapy by adding essential oils.
  3. Herbs based body scrubs – These scrubs have herbs like orange peels, lavender and others. These herbs add a unique fragrance to the body scrub besides enhancing its relaxing and healing properties.
  4. Exotic body scrubs – These scrubs have ingredients such as coffee, saffron, chocolate or vanilla. They have therapeutic properties. Coffee has anti-cellulite properties, while chocolate is a mild stimulant.

Tips to use a body scrub

One must know the appropriate scrubbing regime to follow in order to have a healthy and glowing skin. Here are some tips to help you exfoliate your skin the right way:

  • Choose the perfect body scrub – One must know one’s skin type (oily, normal or dry) and choose the body scrub accordingly. Sugar based scrubs are known to have moisturizing properties while, salt scrubs are relatively dry. If you have a delicate skin, opt for scrubs with finer granules and leave those with bigger coarse particles.
  • Use body scrub for tougher skin – It is a common perception that one scrub suits all areas of the body. A facial scrub cannot be used for the body, just as a body scrub must be avoided on the face. This is because facial skin is soft and gets damaged when harsher body scrubs meant for tougher skin of the body are used. Similarly a mild face scrub is seldom effective on the other parts of the body; which need coarser scrubbing for effective exfoliation.
  • Form a scrubbing routine – Exfoliating body skin is not a daily requirement. While mild face washes with micro beads may be used regularly for the face; body scrubbing must be done twice a week for best results.
  • Best aids for body scrubbing – Some of the best aids for scrubbing one’s body are back brushes and bath mittens. It best to select a back brush with a plastic handle; wooden handles attract moisture. Bath mittens must never be shared and can be washed regularly for proper hygiene. They aid easy spreading, lathering and exfoliation.
  • Learn the technique – When scrubbing your body, it is advised that one starts at the feet and moves upwards towards the heart. Circular motion is advised for proper exfoliation and enhanced blood circulation. When scrubbing the arms, start at the finger tips, moving towards the upper arms and shoulders. If you have sensitive skin, keeping the pressure light is the best approach. Avoid scrubbing immediately after shaving.

Once you have used a body scrub, take a bath and apply some skin friendly oil, like coconut or almond oil. It works as a moisturizer and smoothes the skin, adding a soft glow.