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Best Pre Workout

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Strict workout sessions take a toll on your energy and muscles. Fueling your workout sessions with pre-workout supplements is a sine qua non. A pre workout supplement nourishes and prepares the body to undergo a strenuous routine. With increased fitness, endurance and alertness, achieving fitness goals becomes easier and quicker. Read through to pick your best pre workout supplement.


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Best Pre Workout Supplements: Fuel up Your Workout Session

Pre-workout supplements are designed to provide energy to sustain intense workouts. Primarily packing dietary formulas with multiple ingredients, increases endurance and alertness, making workouts less strenuous but more rewarding. Read through to know the many benefits of using the best pre workout for gym with a carefully curated list of the best pre workout supplement brands and the best sellers in the fitness domain.

Pre-workout supplements are making their presence felt. Consumed before a workout, the best pre workout drink increases stamina and strength which translates into better and harder workouts with visibly improved results. But with countless formulas flooding the market, choosing the right and the best pre workout supplement is challenging.

Benefits Of Consuming Pre-Workout Supplement in India

Whosoever thought muscle building happened only during a workout probably got it working. The preparation starts much earlier. Using a pre workout supplement will prepare the body for the intense session ahead. Here’s how the best pre workout drink will help:

  • Relax blood vessels and improve blood flow: Pre-workout supplements with nitric oxide precursors help the blood vessels relax. This increases blood flow, making you feel more energetic.
  • Increase oxygen transportation: increased blood flow delivers more oxygen to the muscles. Oxygen is nutrition for the muscles.
  • Enhanced athletic endurance: Higher energy levels lead to better athletic performance.
  • Increased focus and energy: Caffeine is an important ingredient in pre workout supplements. It is a natural stimulant that increases alertness and focus.
  • Improves metabolism: The thermogenic complex in the best pre workout supplement improves metabolism.
  • Reduces body fat: Increased metabolism increases calorie burning which leads to minimising body fat.
  • Boosts Nitric Oxide production: Nitric Oxide is naturally produced in the body. It is crucial for blood vessels and blood flow. The best pre workout supplement will boost the levels of nitric Oxide in the body.
  • Faster Exercise Recovery: the best pre workout supplement will reduce muscle breakdown during exercise. This leads to easier muscle repair and faster exercise recovery.

Top 10 Best Pre Workout Supplement Brands in 2023

The best and trusted nutraceutical brands offer a wide range of pre workout supplements. Here is the list of the top 10 brands offering the best pre workout supplement in India.

  • MuscleBlaze: Muscleblaze is one of the best sports nutrition brands. Its pre workout supplement is an ideal choice for people looking to increase their training intensity. It packs an advanced nutrition formula that boosts performance without fillers or spiking agents. Each of its ingredients is scientifically tested to improve health and performance.
  • Cellucor: Cellucor is an established pre-workout and sports nutrition brand. Its pre workout range of supplements packs all the essential minerals and nutrients to keep you active and focused. Its hygroscopic ingredients provide the explosive advantage of growing larger and stronger muscles, making it the best pre workout supplement in India.
  • GAT Sport: GAT Sport nutrition supplements are widely acknowledged for their explosive energy boost which helps break strength barriers and pump massive muscle gain. A creatine-free pre-workout drink helps trainers work harder to accomplish their fitness goals. Its unique composition makes it the best pre workout for beginners and pros.
  • Muscle Asylum: Muscle Asylum is the go-to brand for fitness enthusiasts. It offers a range of health supplements and sports nutrition to boost overall performance and growth. The brand is a perfect pick for men and women at all training stages.
  • Universal Nutrition: Universal Nutrition is a globally renowned sports nutrition brand. It is trusted for its cutting-edge formulas that form staple nutrition for bodybuilders, hard-training athletes and beginners alike. Choose from the widest range of tested and certified products to get a comprehensive advantage.
  • Kaged Muscle: Kaged Muscle supplements are sure to keep your momentum going. The trusted name for premium health supplements, each of its products is backed by pure science. Try the most established range of pre workout supplements to enjoy better and faster results.
  • Fast & UP: True to its name, a pre workout supplement from Fast & Up is sure to keep you activated and pumped up throughout the intense workout sessions. It packs a unique nutrition complex to counter oxidative stress damage and muscle fatigue. With lesser muscle stress and increased endurance, every workout yields higher results.
  • Doctor’s Choice: Doctor’s Choice pre workout supplements are a delight to use. The best pre workout for men, it delivers 3X power and strength to sail through intense workouts. The cutting-edge formula ensures an increase in lean muscle mass, and increased muscle hardness with a better muscle pump; fitness attributes that men yearn for.
  • Scitron: Though one of the newest brands in the sports fitness circle, Scitron has touched great heights in its five years of operations. Its innovative and science-backed products help you reach the pinnacle of physical strength and health.

Some Important Best Pre Workout In India

Pre-workout supplements are designed to increase energy and strength, helping you sustain intense workout sessions. Undoubtedly, choosing the best pre workout in India can be a challenge. Here’s a list of the pre workout best supplement for men and women.

  • MuscleBlaze PRE Workout 200 Xtreme

MuscleBlaze PRE Workout 200 Xtreme is the all-new formula to unleash the Xtreme fire in you. It packs an advanced formula that prepares you for intense sessions ahead. The key features of the product include:

  1. Every serving delivers 200 mg of Caffeine, and 200 mg of Theanine for instant and prolonged release of energy and increased mental alertness and focus.  
  2. Delivers 2000 mg of Beta Alanine for Xtreme endurance.
  3. Delivers 3000 mg of L-Citrulline to increase blood flow in nerves for increased muscle pump.
  4. 100% Vegetarian formula
  5. Suitable for men and women
  • MuscleBlaze Pre Workout Ripped

MuscleBlaze Pre Workout Ripped helps you remain charged up for a long time. It works as a stimulant and increases metabolism. As the body burns more calories, trainers get a consistent supply of energy for your rigorous workouts. The key features of the product include:

  1. Delivers 2000 mg of L-Arginine and 2000 mg of L-Citrulline per serving for maximum muscle pump.
  2. Contains 200 mg of caffeine and 1000 mg of L-Tyrosine per serving for improved cognition and focus.
  3. Contains Garcinia Cambogia Extract and L-Carnitine for faster fat burning.


  • Cellucor C4 Explosive Preworkout

Cellucor C4 Explosive Preworkout promises explosive workout results. The best pre workout for muscle gain, it packs an advanced formula that helps increase muscle pump, endurance and performance. The key highlights of the product include:

  1.  Delivers 1 g of Arginine AKG per serving for increased muscle pumps.
  2. Enjoy 1.6 g of CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine for enhanced endurance.
  3. Contains 1 g of Creatine Nitrate (NO3-T) for ignited performance.
  4. Caffeine is a natural stimulant for increased alertness and focus.
  • Big Muscles Freak Pre Workout

Big Muscles Freak Pre Workout is the best pre workout for men. Packs a complex mix of 5 Core Matrix - Freak Performance Blend, Strength Matrix, Endurance Matrix, Explosive Energy Matrix and N.O Matrix for unparalleled performance and results. The key benefits of the product include:

  1. Explosive energy and increased focus
  2. Legendary performance and endurance
  3. Ultimate neurosensory experience
  4. Muscle strength and recovery
  5. Muscle pump and fullness
  • GAT Nitraflex

GAT Nitraflex is the best pre workout for men. With Hyperemia and Testosterone enhancing powder, it delivers 3X power for extended workouts. The key highlights of the product include:

  1. Contains 25 mg of Niacin per serving for increased muscle pump.
  2. Packs Acute Energy, Focus, Intensity, Neuromodulating, and Endurance Complex to increase training ability.
  3. Every serving delivers a blend of L-Arginine and Citrulline Malate for enhanced blood flow and maximum gains.
  4. Enriched with caffeine for increased mental alertness and focus during intense training.
  5. Packs clinically tested Calcium Fructopyranose Borate to boost testosterone production.
  • Scitron Volcano Pre Workout

Scitron Volcano Pre Workout offers a cutting-edge formula. It is a trusted pre-workout formula for men and the best pre workout for women. Each of its ingredients plays a crucial role in pre workout preparation. Proper and calculated serving of each ingredient accelerates workout performance. The key features of the product include:

  1. Delivers 750 mg of L-Citrulline Malate and L-Arginine to increase vasodilation. The combination provides increased muscle pump.
  2. 300 mg of caffeine per serving increases mental focus and alertness.
  3. Ashwagandha and Indian ginseng reduce stress and improve testosterone health.
  • Fast & Up Pre Workout

Fast & Up Pre Workout formula is a trusted pre-workout for both men and women. The best pre workout drink packs a diverse range of ingredients to ensure all-round performance boost. The key features of the product include:

  1. Explosive energy with L-Arginine Alpha  Ketoglutarate
  2. Increased strength with Creatine and Taurine
  3. 300 g of caffeine for better focus and mental alertness
  4. Increased endurance with Beta-Alanine and Niacin
  5. Banned substance free
  6. Caffeine free
  • Muscle Asylum Pre Workout

Muscle Asylum Pre Workout is a nutrition loaded pre workout supplement that increases strength and endurance for a power packed workout session. It is touted as the best pre workout for beginners. The formula is safe for use in both men and women. The key highlights of the product include:

  1. Every serving delivers 2000 mg of Beta Alanine  for monstrous muscle pump.
  2. Provides 150 mg of caffeine for long lasting energy.
  3. Delivers 1000 mg of BCAA for faster muscle recovery.
  • Universal Nutrition Animal M Stak

Universal Nutrition Animal M Stak pre-workout supplement is a comprehensive non-hormonal pack for nutrient partitioning, protein synthesis, anabolism, and anti-catabolism. Its Flavone/Sterone Complex makes it the best pre workout for men who are hard gainers. The 100% vegetarian mix works well for both men and women. The key features of the product include:

  1. A potent anabolic supplement for muscle building.
  2. The Flavone/Sterone Complex makes hard gainers benefit more
  3. The Insulin Potentiating Complex supports carbohydrate metabolism
  • Doctor’s Choice Nox Pro

Doctor’s Choice Nox Pro is a fast-release formula. The best pre workout for beginners and pros, it can be used by both men and women. One of the most advanced nitric oxide amplifiers, it is helpful in extensive pump and muscle hardness. The key features of the product include:

  1. Rapid-release pump formula
  2. Floods your system with nitric oxide
  3. Skin-splitting pumps, visuality
  4. Extreme muscle fullness and hardness

Precautions to Take Wheni Consuming Best Pre Workout for Muscle Gain

The use of pre workout supplements empowers you for better workouts and greater rewards. But a few precautions are to be kept in mind to avoid unwanted side effects and health complications. These are:

  • Always follow the recommended dosage.
  • Read the instruction label carefully before use.
  • Always choose the product that is recommended for your gender. Only unisex formulations can be used by both men and women.
  • Talk to your fitness expert to choose the best pre workout drink.
  • The use of the product is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • Ensure proper diet and adequate fluid intake to avoid side effects.
  • If using a pre workout supplement for the first time, start with a lower-than-recommended dose.

How to Choose the Best Pre Workout Powder Supplement

The most important part of choosing the best pre workout supplement is knowing what your goals are. There are literally hundreds of pre workout supplements available, so you can be sure to find the right one for your needs.

  • Look for ingredients and read the label carefully. You can also research different products to determine which ones will work best for you.
  • There are some best pre workout powder supplements out there, so take some time to read reviews and compare prices before you make your final decision.
  • Dosages vary, so you should consult with your doctor/fitness consultant to determine what dosage is right for you.
  • The price of pre-workout supplements varies, so look for one that lists the ingredients in clear, understandable labels. Avoid those that are overly complex, or overly expensive.
  • Try out several flavours to determine what works best for you. Once you find the right pre-workout, you can pedal to the metal.

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