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Work Out Wear That Works As Hard As You

For maximum performance and great range of motion, you need to choose fitness clothing that suit the types of exercise that you love the most. Each cut, design and fabric that is used in making apparel for the gym are carefully selected for maximum comfort. With more and more people turning towards a healthy lifestyle, the number of brands that have entered the market have also increased.

There are also innumerable choices when it comes to your training methods. Needless to say, brands have adapted their design and cuts to suit various activities and help you get the best from each repetition or movement that you perform. One such brand is Fitnic Apparels which includes a wide range of products like gym shorts, tracks, gloves and a lot more.

Their products are designed for maximum performance. The fabric used and the fit is unique for the types of activities that you choose to perform. Of course, their designs are extremely stylish as well to make sure that you look your best when you are training at the gym.

How to Choose the Perfect Workout Wear

Although it may just seem like casual clothing, there is a lot of science behind clothing that is designed specifically for the gym. Brands like Fitnic Gym Wear make sure that the fabric and design are well researched to give you clothing that offers maximum comfort.

Today, with all the options available to you, finding the right apparel for working out can be quite confusing. There are some basics that you need to keep in mind when you are buying Fitnic Shorts or any other type of garment for your work out.

Your Fabric Needs to Work

The fabric is the number one priority when it comes to your workout gear. The most popular types of fabric used in making sportswear or athletic wear are robust and perfect for daily use. There are a few factors that you may consider when you are choosing the fabric:

  • It must wick sweat: You will see this term in most descriptions of fitness apparel when you are buying them online. The better the wicking, the more suitable the fabric. Wicking means that the fabric will absorb the sweat from the skin and let it evaporate fast. This keeps your body cooler and also makes sure that the fabric does not become wet and cling to your body. The fabrics that wick sweat the best are ones that contain polypropylene or specially designed material like DryFit.
  • Cotton can be a good choice: Cotton is a natural fabric and breathes very well. But the disadvantage is that it does not stretch as well and also tends to absorb and hold moisture. The moisture from cotton does not evaporate very fast. This is why you are left feeling heavy and damp towards the end of your training routine.

If you do not sweat much, cotton can be a great fabric as it keeps you from feeling too warm or hot. It is also bacteria resistant which means that you do not have to worry about rashes or any skin infections caused by friction when you are working out and performing various movements.

  • Choose breathable fabric: Fabrics that have a rubber or plastic base do not breathe well. This is not a good idea at all because the sweat is trapped between the fabric and your skin. The body temperature does not drop because the sweat does not evaporate. As a result, you are left feeling extremely uncomfortable. They also cause issues like chaffing and rashes when there is friction. It is best to opt for natural fibers or fabric that is designed specifically to absorb and wick sweat away from the body to make training more comfortable for you.

The Fit Matters

Be it joggers, tracks or any other apparel, the right fit is what makes it comfortable. The kind of fit that you need depends on the activity. There are some simple tips that you can follow to understand how the garment that you purchase must fit your body:

  • Generally, it is a good idea to choose garments that are comfortable and loosely fitted. That said, make sure that your clothes are not too lose as they may get entangled with the equipment to cause some serious injuries. This is a good idea for those who are into activities like weight lifting or power lifting that do not involve any quick or fast movement.
  • For activities like kickboxing or running, loose garments are definitely not the right choice. These activities require speed. So the track pants or t-shirts that you choose should fit closely. You have specially designed Fitnic Shorts and other apparel that are specific to these activities. Some people may also consider wearing compression clothing to also keep the muscles supported during these activities. They are also known to increase blood circulation to keep you active for a longer duration and to prevent fatigue.
  • If you prefer activities like yoga and pilates that usually require you to consistently increase your range of movement, choose Fitnic Track Pants that stretch well. These activities require clothing that fit right. You do not want them to be too lose or too tight.
  • For bottom wear, the fit around the waist is extremely important. You want one that has a comfortable waistband that does not dig into the skin. There are wider bands that are well fitted but not uncomfortable at the same time. If you are not sure, then choose bottom wear with a drawstring that is adjustable according to your needs.

Consider the Weather

The weather plays a big role in the type of gym wear that you choose for yourself. You have to change your clothing as the season changes. So it is a good idea to have some variety in your wardrobe.  Here are some tips for different weathers:

  • During Warmer Months: This is when you need the fabric to really breathe. Sweat wicking is crucial when you are looking for garments for the warmer months. Breathable fabric like cotton is a great choice but make sure you carry an extra set as it can get too damp. Other options include synthetic garments made from polyester or nylon that wick sweat. If you are shopping for a summer wardrobe, Fitnic Joggers and loose t-shirts are the perfect option for you. They keep you cool and also let you move easily as well.
  • During Cold Weather: You will have the urge to wear clothes that keep you warm when you are working out during the colder days of the month. However, you must also remember that when you begin to workout, your body will start to get warmer and the heart rate will also increase subsequently. If the clothes that you are wearing are too thick, you will not be able to perform well during your training.

Choose multiple layers for the colder months. You can get yourself a thick workout jacket that can keep you warm as you start training. That way, you can allow your body to warm up gradually. The clothes that wick away the sweat should be the inner most layer. You can add insulating layers over it. A cap is also a good idea for the colder months as it will keep your head protected from the cold and add to the style factor.

  • Wet and Windy Weather: This is a matter of great concern only if you are working out outdoors. For those who love cycling or running, this weather can really ruin a good workout routine. Again, layers work best when you are training outside. Get a jacket that is water proof. A wind cheater is a good idea for an outdoor workout during this weather. For the inner layers, choose fabric that dries up fast, just in case. Avoid fleece, cotton or other fabric that tend to hold moisture for a long time.

In the end, it is all about choosing clothes that suit your style and keep you comfortable through the activity. When you look for workout wear online, choosing brands like Fitnic ensures that the basics have already been taken care of for you. They have worked with athletes and active individuals over the years to make the perfect range of workout wear for their patrons.

Best Fitnic Gym Wear

With Fitnic, you get the widest range of gym apparel possible. However, some of them are quite popular among buyers because they look extremely stylish and provide maximum comfort. The trending designs from the Fitnic catalogue are as follows:

Fitinc Dobby Lycra Trackpant with Two Side Zipper Pockets

  • The slim fit cut of these track pants by Fitnic are the right fit to help you perform a variety of movements at the gym.
  • The dobby lyrca material used in this garment stretches very well, giving you more mobility and a better range of movement.
  • Fitinc Dobby Lycra Trackpant with Two Side Zipper Pockets doubles as casual pants because of its simple, yet trendy design.
  • You have two side pockets with zippers that make this one of the most practical track pant options. You can keep all your belongings safe when you are working out and performing different activities.
  • There are two color options, namely navy blue and black

Fitinc N S Lycra Shorts with Both Side Safety Zippered Pockets

  • If comfort and style is what you are looking for, then Fitinc N S Lycra Shorts with Both Side Safety Zippered Pockets are the perfect option for you.
  • They are semi stretchable shorts that are of a comfortable length to help you perform a wider range of movements when you are training.
  • The fit is perfect and is neither too tight nor too loose. The best part is that you have an elastic waistband with drawstrings that are easy for you to adjust, without leaving any marks or rashes behind.
  • The material used to make these shorts is N.S Lycra which is highly absorbent. This keeps you dry and comfortable even after long training hours.

Fitinc Jogger for Men with Two Side Zipper Pockets

  • These jobbers by Fitnic are made four way stretch lycra which is extremely comfortable to wear for a variety of activities.
  • The lycra fabric used in Fitinc Jogger for Men with Two Side Zipper Pockets is also highly absorbent which means that you do not have to worry about any dampness at the end of your training routine.
  • These joggers have a stylish slim fit that makes them ideal even to wear for casual outings.
  • Maintaining these tracks is extremely easy as well.
  • You have a reflective Fitnic Logo which makes it ideal for running and other outdoor activities as well.

Fitinc Track Pant with Two Side Zipper Pockets

  • These track pants are made from dryfit lycra material. This fabric is highly absorbent and is very light weight as well.
  • The panel detailing on the side of the tracks gives it a nice athletic appeal.
  • Fitinc Track Pant with Two Side Zipper Pockets is perfect for daily wear as well because it is extremely comfortable and allows easy movement.
  • The two side zippers add to the design element of the track pants. These pockets are not just stylish but practical to carry your belongings with you when you are working out.

Where to Buy

Fitnic apparel is available online on HealthKart at the best prices possible. Get exclusive discounts and offers as well. With each purchase that you make on HealthKart, you get HK points that can be redeemed in the future for better offers and deals.

A detailed product catalogue includes gym gloves and gym belts along with apparel. This makes it the best option to get everything you need from supplements to fitness accessories. With the apparel, you have the convenience of a 14 day return policy as well. That way, if you get the wrong size or are unhappy with the product, you can have it exchanged without any hassles.   

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