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Moods Products

'Moods' has already emerged as a major condom player, with their catchy slogans "act with confidence" and what have you! It is a major condom distributing entity in India. They first launched the Moods condom with much aplomb and advertising blitzkrieg. There are four segments constituting the condoms market free, subsidised, popular, and the premium. Moods India condoms cater to the popular segment of the market.

The thinking about condoms in India is still very primitive and taboo-ridden. It is normally bought furtively and cautiously when nobody watches you. Even a dialogue about condoms is not much welcome by the people. However, youngsters seem to be quite open about it since the threat of AIDS is looming large and spreading like wild fire. There are also other sexually transmitted diseases which need to be tackled. Moods condoms are available to suit every pocket. It depends on you entirely if you want to go for a pricey product or a cheaper one.

The various features of Moods products are:

  • Dotted textured
  • Moods all night long for prolonged experience
  • Moods bubble gum flavor
  • Moods coffee flavor

Moods, with their impressive range of condoms, have set a new tone for pleasure-seeking couples. There are specially dotted condoms to increase the level of pleasure and togetherness and they are made of natural rubber latex. One of them comes with a special ingredient which can prolong the sexual act considerably and is termed 'Moods all night long'. There are flavoured condoms like 'moods bubble gum' and 'coffee flavor condoms' and these are lubricated condoms. They have every condom as per your need. If you are looking for extra arousal and excitement, you can go for 'Moods dotted premium condoms' bearing molded dots on the outside for extra sensual experience. There are large family packs of condoms available for economy. Those who do flavor the thick variety of condoms could buy Moods products like the thin variety.