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Planet Ayurveda

Dr. Vikram Chauhan, established Planet Ayurveda to render services to humanity. In keeping with his vision, he brought to the world Planet Ayurveda, incorporating the principle of holistic healing through herbs. The company aims at promoting herbal products, thereby serving people and giving them better health products with fewer side effects. A product like Arjun Tea and its success shows the company's holistic approach to helping people with heart problems, irregular or abnormal blood pressure and cholesterol levels while allowing them to enjoy the taste and aroma of herbal tea. The two main qualities associated with Planet Ayurveda are accountability and personal responsibility.

The company is involved in the manufacture of herbal products. The two main categories of products they manufacture are: the traditional pharmacopeial products: generic ones; and branded patent & proprietary products: similar to branded modern medicine formulations.

The various dosage forms in Ayurveda are known as gutika, taila, avaleha, asava, arishta, ark, churna, vati, pishti and rasayan as opposed to tablets, capsules and syrups in allopathic treatment. There are certain products manufactured for overall wellness, health management and for specific issues as well. To exemplify, these  are usually the medicines  for liver, blood pressure, diabetes etc.

During the manufacture process, Planet Ayurveda ensures that even the minutest details are taken care of while making medicines; both in terms of quality and quantity. The ayurvedic formulary of India is the official regulatory channel of the Indian health department and the corresponding ministry. The company’s all ayurvedic products adhere to these guidelines formulated by the ayurvedic formulary of India. Only after proper research and laboratory diagnostics, is it ascertained if the product is fit to enter the corporate marketing workflow, still needs some work or should be abandoned altogether. Planet Ayurveda always makes sure that proper investment goes in research and development with an eye on innovation that can make the lives of people easier; all while integrating Dr. Vikram Chauhan’s vision of ‘service to humanity’.

With the current generation struggling at weight management due to higher stress levels and difficult working shifts, a product like Planet Ayurveda Garcinia, which comes in 60 capsules packaging, can be extremely helpful. While the main purpose of the product is weight, loss, it does even more than that. It reduces food craving and thus helps in maintaining weight. Apart from this, it improves immunity and makes you less prone to common illnesses.

Another popular product on HealthKart goes by the name of Planet Ayurveda Shilajit which comes in a packaging of 60 capsules. This product works by rejuvenating and revitalizing your body and hormones. It improves sexual performance while acting as a sexual well-being product. In addition, it boosts the immune system and protects the body from common illnesses like cough and cold. They are purely herbal capsules with no chemical ingredients.

A product that works to improve your metabolism, joints and bones as well as the overall wellness is Planet Ayurveda Yograj Gugglu, which comes in packaging of 120 caplets. It is an unflavoured product with focus on bone and joint strength. It is a natural blend of pure herbs and may treat painful joints and muscles with consistent use in proper dosage. Apart from treating joints, muscles and bones, it also helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism. Further, it keeps the digestive, circulatory and reproductive systems healthy.

There is another quite useful product for adult females available on HealthKart called the Planet Ayurveda Bustonica, 60 capsules. It helps in enhancing the breast size and the bust size naturally. Also, it helps shaping under-developed breast. If you’re worried about your unshaped and/or sagging breast, Bustonica capsules are the herbal choice to treat this condition. It can also help feeding mothers to restore their breast to their natural size and shape.

A product for weight management, which is the need of the hour with varying lifestyles and work shifts is Planet Ayurveda Wheat Grass Powder, which comes in 100g packing. It is a product that is rich in nutrient content. It is a powder supplement which is completely herbal and natural, and helps relieve multiple health issues, especially weight management. Using this powder, you can easily control your cholesterol level and manage weight with ease. Also, your digestive system will become good and it also prevents constipation. All in all, this ayurvedic medicine can improve your  general health while strengthening your immune system.

These days, another problem that is on the rise is receding hair lines and early greying of the hair. Considering the problem, Planet Ayurveda has come up with the Hair Growth Formula for all hair related issues. It is a very effective formula for achieving long and thick hair. It beautifies the hair texture and keeps early greying in check. It is manufactured from organic herbs and is a product that can answer all your hair related queries and worries.

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Now you can buy the best Ayurvedic health and wellness supplements online at HealthKart, India's premier e-health store. Using our secure payment system you can pay online in a number of ways like net banking, credit or debit cards. You may instead also go in for the cash on delivery option and pay at the time of order delivery; and with free home delivery as well, on orders above Rs. 499, shopping for Planet Ayurveda health and nutritional supplements is now easy, with healthkart.com.