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When the founders of ProLab couldn’t find an honest and no-nonsense line of nutritional supplements for elite athletes, they decided to form Crystal Labs in 1989 to make products that met their requirements. The primary goal had been to develop unsurpassed nutritional products that meet the demands of hard-core competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In 1993, the company was renamed as ProLab Nutrition as a result of the unending passion for production of high-quality ingredients and the resultant business growth. The same pride in producing honest products still drives the company ahead which refuses to compromise on quality. In 1999, Natrol acquired ProLab. Natrol is a wholly owned subsidiary of Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited, an Indian herbal/nutraceutical company which is focused on manufacture, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical and allied healthcare products in India and abroad.

The main line of products the company manufactures are sports nutrition products. The challenge for them has been to eliminate guesswork from performance supplements products and provide truly effective products. The performance simplified approach of the company helps provide you with building blocks you need to aid your training. Increasing energy levels, strength, enhancement and development of lean muscle, reducing body fats and improving recovery are the various goals behind the production of these supplements. The supplements are specialized formulas which are a result of honest efforts to improve sports nutrition products and support training as well as the nutrition goals of athletes.

The availability of ProLab products across the globe at leading independent health food retailers, sports nutrition stores and military bases is a proof of the quality of their products. The main emphasis of the company has been laid on the quality of raw materials. All the raw materials are hand -picked and tested for purity. The raw materials are chosen based on quality and potency. Raw materials, for the same reason, are sourced from all over the world. ProLab ensures the consistent high quality of the end product, because the team of R & D and the processes and machinery used have evolved using the experience of almost a quarter of a century.

ProLab’s Advanced Caffeine is one of the most popular ProLab products on HealthKart. The goal of the product is fat loss as caffeine is believed to increase the body’s metabolism. While a fat burner works by directly burning off excess fat, there is another role that a fat burner may perform. A fat burner kills the hunger that is produced as a result of fat loss. The major reason of fat gain is usually food cravings and when that is reduced, the caloric deficit is easier to maintain than with unrelenting cravings. Your energy levels are also boosted, as is also the improvement of overall health and concentration levels. The ingredients of the product are: caffeine extracted from natural sources only, green tea extract, white tea extract, guarana extract and green coffee extract which are used to create the caffeine supplement blend. It also provides calcium for the strength of bones and teeth which might get weakened due to excess fat loss.

Another popular health supplement that is used around the globe is a creatine supplement. ProLab Creatine is an unflavoured health supplement that comes in a packing of 0.67lb. It is a powder form unisex supplement taken to improve training efficiency. The product has some non-vegetarian ingredients and hence must be avoided by strict vegetarians for this reason. Micronized creatine is taken in a quantity of 5g in each scoop which gets absorbed in to your muscles quickly. Improved athletic performance along with an increased fitness level, increased strength and stamina, enhanced muscle volume, enhanced nervous system, combating diabetes, and reduction of sarcopenia (age related muscle loss) are some of the key benefits of using this supplement. As with any supplement, consultation of a good and qualified nutritionist is considered almost mandatory.

They also manufacture the king of all health supplements, whey protein. ProLab Essential Whey comes in a packing of 5lb and has three different flavours: vanilla, milk chocolate and wild strawberry. The flavours aid in taking the supplement regularly by making them taste good while retaining all the health benefits; while also not adding any unhealthy ingredients or causing any side-effects. It is a whey protein vegetarian supplement with a goal of building lean muscle mass. 21gm of protein in every 30gm serving of the supplement ensures potency. Whey protein is a valued addition to the diet of a fitness trainer and can be taken either in the morning, before the training or after training. Since whey protein aids in enhancing strength and size of muscles, it can be taken before the workout to make the muscles stronger. After the workout, it helps in repair and combating the wear and tear that training has caused and hence it can be taken both before and after. It is best to consult a nutritionist or a trainer who is well qualified to be sure of the quantity and timing of the supplement to be taken.

Another of the company’s brilliant products is the ProLab Amino 2000 which is an unflavoured tablet form supplement and comes in a packing of 325 tablets. It is a post workout supplement with a goal of building muscle. It provides 108 servings per pack, a serving being of 3 tablets each. It provides a massive dose of amino acids to the body with each shot delivering 2000mg of pure and natural amino acids. It aids in building lean muscles, protects the muscles and helps growth. Additionally, it contains 8gm of whey protein concentrate per tablet helping lean muscle mass development. Maintaining a positive nitrogen balance which helps promote protein synthesis and growth of muscles is another benefit. An extremely beneficial supplement under strenuous training session, it is more than just amino acids.