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Twinlab brand has been working to develop and promote health and wellness products and supplements specializing in liquid protein supplements. David Blechman, having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for two decades, planned to develop and market liquid protein supplements first in 1968. The company was started by him and his wife in the family garage and named so for their twins. Only in the 1980s did they start developing vitamins, minerals and herbs when their sales soared enough to offer them expansion opportunities.

Among the various products manufactured by Twinlab are vitamins, minerals and other health supplements. They also manufacture and sell the Metabolife line of diet and energy products along with Alvita teas, the same one which was established in 1922 as the first herbal tea company. The Twinlab plant in American Fork, Utah is a facility registered by NSF GMP. The facilities that have the honour of being registered as GMP by NSF conform to the highest standards of the verification process. Monitoring is done via two annual facility check-ups to ensure compliance with program standard procedures.

HealthKart offers various flavoured whey protein supplements as well as lutein supplements from Twinlab which meet even the high daily requirement of nutrition for fitness trainers and weight loss trainers. What Twinlab does by making their products in delicious flavours is that they make it easier for everyone to enjoy good health in their favourite taste.

Whey proteins are the fastest synthesized proteins with a biological value of 104 BV. It has the most biological value which means no part of the protein gets wasted. Protein synthesis is fastest in whey proteins. Whey proteins are standards and are accepted in fitness training worldwide. The most important reason is that they strengthen muscles, increase their size and reduce wear and tear of muscles.

Also, there have been studies that have confirmed that whey proteins reduce appetite. Today, they are an important part of any fitness regime, whether for muscle building or for weight and fat loss. Out of the hundred and fourteen reviews on healthkart.com for Twinlab’s whey protein fuel chocolate, 5lb: 64 have rated it as five stars while 33 have rated it with four stars. Such widespread acceptance for a product is only going to happen because it has proved successful to many consumers.

Twinlab 100% Whey Protein Fuel, 5lb is available in three mouth-watering flavours, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. It boasts of 25g of whey protein in one serving of 38g with flavour base being either vanilla or chocolate. 50% of daily protein requirement is covered by one scoop of whey protein and it can be taken even with cold water. One scoop with 6 fl oz (fluid ounces) of cold water or two scoops with 12 fl oz of cold water works well.

Ideally, one must take the supplements in the morning. However, 30 minutes before a workout and 30 minutes after a workout are ideal, especially for fitness training. The reason is that before a workout, it helps strengthen muscles and increases lean muscle mass. Also, wear and tear is reduced. After a workout, the considerably weakened muscles, due to fatigue, again derive strength from whey and also the wear and tear that has happened is curbed and replaced by new muscles.

Twinlab Lutein 20000 mcg capsule is another product from the company available on HealthKart. A natural carotenoid originally found in plants, lutein is used basically as a colouring agent. It has an orange red colour and helps in increasing macula pigmentation. Its purpose is to reduce eye diseases and keep your eyes unharmed. Daily dietary intake is ideally one capsule however a physician must be consulted.

Other products offered by the company, available at HealthKart include Twinlab Amino Fuel, unflavoured 32 oz; Twinlab Male Fuel, capsules; Twinlab Ripped Fuel Ephedra, capsules; Twinlab Glutamine Fuel, 1.1lb; Twinlab Allergy D3 400 I.U., capsules; Twinlab Amino Fuel, Orange 32 oz.

One 5g scoop of Glutamine Fuel or Pure L-Glutamine keeps your muscle tissues powered by maintaining glutamine levels which strengthen muscles and increase stamina and recovery during your entire training session. It basically has anti-catabolic effects and it aids positive nitrogen balance thereby preventing loss of muscle mass. Healthy hydration levels and quick recovery post work out are other benefits of Glutamine.

Twinlab Male Fuel, one which has a complete five star review on HealthKart, is basically a fat burner consisting of Yohimbe Bark Extract and L-arginine. It stimulates fat metabolism and therefore aids in weight loss.

All the products from Twinlab undergo rigorous testing and that’s why it is one of the oldest surviving fitness supplement manufacturer. Now you can buy the best protein, liquid amino acids and sports nutrition supplements online at HealthKart, India's premier e-health store.