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10 Best Tasting Whey Protein – Buying Guide for 2020

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best tasting whey protein

Taste is one of the most important components that influence your decision to pick whey protein. Of course, there are other components such as ingredients, smells, costs, and sources to influence the decision but let’s be frank we listen to our taste buds first before picking any other of these components. 

Sacrificing taste is not a mandatory thing any more to replenish protein needs in your body. Usually, non gym goers used to overlook whey protein due to its taste. This disinterest makes them not to include protein powder in their healthy habits that leave them shy away from its benefits. Even the gym goers used to take whey protein for their muscle growth not for its taste. Now, these all have become the matter of the past. You can get these best whey protein powders from the leading health brands in different flavours.

In whey protein, flavors you can enjoy vary from cookies & creams, chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate milkshake, vanilla, strawberry to banana.

Here are some brands that give you freedom to choose your favourite flavours. 

Best Protein Powder 2020 List

Best Protein Powder 2020 List

Obviously, seeing too many brands on the shelf leaves your mind struggling to choose one best suited for you. As every brand claims to offer the best, it is mind puzzling exercise to know which is the best option as per your fitness aspiration.  We got the best protein powder list from the leading brands to avoid confusion and being the victim of counterfeit products. 

Optimum Nutrition: Optimum Nutrition protein has been taking a hands on approach for maintaining premium quality that makes it one of the reliable protein supplements among fitness enthusiasts. ON gold standard whey protein is 100% whey that contains protein blend: isolate, whey protein concentrate, whey peptides, cocos powder, and many other supplements to  support muscle strength & recovery after your intense workout.

Ultimate Nutrition:  Ultimate nutrition pro star whey from the house of Ultimate Nutrition has come up with a variety of flavours is one of the most recognized whey protein supplements in the fitness world to give your fitness goal fastly achievable.  It contains a rich profile of  amino acids that is crucial for athletes. Various tasty options give the athletes uncompromising endurance, nutrients contents, and energy for  high intensity training. Ultimate nutrition pro star whey  provides you all your protein needs to achieve your fitness goals at an affordable price. 

ISO Sensation 93 : Another best selling supplement from Ultimate Nutrition family is iso sensation 93 that is high quality whey protein isolates. It is quite helpful to build lean muscles by preventing muscle breakdown. As ISO sensation is easy to digest, it is the best whey protein isolate to have for your digestive issues and protein deficiencies at the same time. 

MuscleBlaze: Body types and their nutritional requirements vary as per geographies. Keeping it in mind, MuscleBlaze has come up with MB protein supplements that support high quality of nutritions and taste liked by Indian athletes . It has a wide range of protein from whey protein to isolates, and biozyme with plenty of flavour options. So, your taste buds will not be a hurdle of your nutrition intake. As MB whey is  designed to focus on India, it is the best whey protein for men, especially Indians. 

Isopure: Nature best introduced Isopure in 1998 when it revolutionized the protein drink market with its protein shake backed by the best ingredients and latest technology. It has many flavours, so you can choose any of the tasty options of whey protein. It is a good source of 100% whey protein and continuously strives for perfection.

MyProtein Impact Whey: MyProtein is making a place in the healthy habits of fitness enthusiasts by giving them values. It has introduced Impact whey protein that has come up in many flavours like mango, strawberry cream, chocolate mint, chocolate brownie, coffee, coconut and many more to take care of your taste buds. 

  1. MyProtein Impact Isolate: Another popular product of MyProtein brand is Impact whey protein Isolate which is the purest form of whey protein, currently exists. It also comes in many flavours just like whey protein. It may be costly but rated as the best whey protein powder one should buy. 
  2. Dymatize: The brand is well known to offer scientifically proven supplements to support elite athletes for world class training facilities.  It has introduced elite whey protein in different flavours like chocolate peanut butter, chocolate cake batter, smooth banana, snickerdoodle, cafe mocha, gourmet vanilla, and many more with 100% whey protein. It is gluten free, fast digesting and fast absorbing dietary supplement to respect your efforts in the gym.
  3. Muscletech: The brand is actively present in various fitness goals be it weight loss, weight gains, and many more. Muscletech has come up with a groundbreaking original protein formula nitrotech performance series that builds more strength than any regular whey protein supplement. It contains 3g creatine to amp up muscle recovery, strength and performance along with 30g whey isolates and peptides. 
  4. GNC: Since the beginning GNC aims to inspire the world to live healthy with their continuous strive for the best quality of ingredients in products with help of cutting edge technology. GNC has been motivating people to live healthy lives by embracing the concept of good nutritions. Soon people realised the endeavor of GNC  and made it the leader in this space. With its pro performance whey protein, GNC completely disrupted the health industry by providing high quality, gluten free 100% whey protein to support muscle recovery and healthy metabolism.  

If you are seriously looking for some of the best tasting whey protein, you have the best picks from the list. All these supplements from the leading brands will definitely take place in buying guide for 2020 to ensure you the best and fastest result without giving much burden on your pocket.

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