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A balanced diet for vegetarians

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Balanced diet for vegetarians

Plant based diet is found better for heart health than animal flesh or meat. Also reported fewer cases of type 2 diabetes and obesity that are the few reasons why the new generation is moving toward the vegetarian diet. Typically, a vegetarian diet consists of a good amount of antioxidants, fibre,  and less saturated fat. Additionally, your vegetarian diet includes vegetable diet, fruits, and dairy products where you find all the nutrients to overall health. Vegetarian diet is the most recommended healthy diet plan among fitness enthusiasts. But vegetarian doesn’t always mean healthy. Various foods like junk foods and deep fried can be vegetarian diets but these are definitely not healthy. Even starchy vegetables like potatoes are not good for you if you are planning to lose weight. So, you have to consider healthy eating habits as per your fitness goals.

Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet contains all the nutrients like protein, carbs, fat, vitamins and minerals. For vegetarians these all nutrients are from the sources like veggie meals, dairy products, eggs, but not from the animal flesh. In the article you will get how vegetarians can get a balanced diet throughout the day. 

Good morning with minerals

Good morning with minerals

 Before talking about a vegetarian food list, let’s see how you can fill your morning with minerals as a vegetarian. It is not very much hard but surely is tasty. For the minerals, you can consume Himalayan pink salt with lemon in lukewarm water as soon as you get up early in the morning. It will provide you more than 80 minerals along with some nutrients like vitamin C and fibers. 

Healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast

 We are familiar with the importance of breakfast. But healthy breakfast makes our day energetic by providing all the required nutrients. Here are some simple but healthy food recipes that you can include in your breakfast. 

  1. Boiled egg sandwich: Eggs are an excellent source of protein, omega fatty acids, vitamin D, and many others. So, include them in your healthy diet plan. First break two eggs in separate bowls and boil them in steam. Now get a slice of cucumber, onion, and tomato. Place all of them in two brown bread. You got your healthy eating.
  2. Mixture of Herbs: Mixture of wheat grass, guava, tulsi, and mint leaves, indian gooseberry, ginger, garlic, and aloe vera gel is the best way to start your day. Maybe it doesn’t sound enough tasty but the benefits are limitless. This is one of the best healthy food recipes anyone can suggest. 

Lunch Keep your lunch a mix of protein from grains, peas, pulses, curd, and nuts along with carbohydrates. It will give your blood sugar a steady rise but high fibre helps you in managing the afternoon munchies. Yes, you can include fat in your diet as it is not only an ultimate source of energy but helps in absorbing the fat soluble vitamins including A, E, D, and K. Try to avoid saturated fat from your diet. As the day grows, the body’s metabolism lowers down. So, it is the best time to eat fat based food like eggs, cheese, and others. But take one spoon of flaxseed, unsalted nuts, pumpkin seeds, after having lunch. These are good sources of omega fatty acids and also are the rich source of fibers which help to digest foods. 

Healthy snacks Avoid sugary, salty, oily food at this time. It is the peak time when we crave for all these things. These even sound crispy, spicy, and mouthwatering that are hard to resist. But you can’t deny the health risk of these snacks. So, it is better to switch over healthy snacks to get all the nutrients which are good for health. 

  1. Fruit salad: Include fruit salad in your healthy eating habits. First try to include the seasonal fruits in your salad. Make a mixture of spices which include himalayan pink salt, mint, garlic, ginger, chilli, and others. And have your fruit salad with the mixture. You can add the crunchy texture by having your fruit salad with peanut butter. 
  2. Juice: Juice is one of the best ways to give nutrients to the body in large amounts. But it is always better to have vegetable or herbs juice than fruit juice. So, include the mixture of beetroot,  spinach, lemon, and others as a juice. If you want to have fruit juice, go for citrus fruit juice. 

Dinner  It is best to have low calorie veggie meals at dinner. Metabolism of the body is the lowest at this time, so it is better to have light food at night. If you are lactose intolerant or avoiding animal products due to any ethnic reason, you must go for a vegan diet plan which includes only a plant based diet. But remember don’t have a high calorie meal in your diet plan at night. Mushroom and green leafy vegetables are the best fit for your dinner.   

To find a balanced diet for vegetarians is not a very tough task as these are many sources of it. You may have problems if you want to have a vegan diet plan as there are some vitamins that are hard to find in vegan diets. So, adopt a vegetarian balanced diet and achieve your fitness goals. 

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