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Sep 16, 2015

Age 60, weight 79 kg, height 5'4", male, t2 dm, hypertension - what should i take for weight loss?

I am Gujarati, vegetarian and Age 60, Weight 79 kg, height 5'4", Male, staying in Mumbai. I have T2 DM (HbA1c 6.8 stable), Hypertension (140/80 average) diagnosed since last 5 years. I am using / have tried : (with mixed results) a) LCHF low carb high fat diet and  b) HealthViva ACV, Lean+, Omega 3,  c) Incredio Shake 1x, Incredio Tea 2x, Actiza and Muscleblaze Whey Protein / BCAA. I walk approx 5-6k steps average daily. Pls advise best exercise routine and diet plan considering my circumstances / lifestyle. Thank you  
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Sep 17, 2015


you should go through the link below for expert advice|;p:2|;c:consult|;


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