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Causes of Strep Throat You Should Know

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

causes of strep throat
Understanding Sore Throat
Causes of Strep Throat or Sore Throat
Medical Remedies for Strep Throat and Sore Throat
Home Remedies for Strep Throat and Sore Throat
Methods to Prevent Strep Throat or Sore Throat

Strep throat is caused by Group A Streptococcus bacteria. This infection spreads quickly and if left untreated, it can worsen and cause severe infections. Strep throat can often lead to tonsillitis as well. The symptoms of strep throat include fever, difficulty in swallowing, headache, throat pain, and swollen tonsil and lymph nodes in front of the neck. Since having a strep throat is quite an unpleasant experience, it is important to know the causes of strep throat so that you can prevent the condition timely.

Understanding Sore Throat

Sore throat is scientifically known as pharyngitis and is mostly caused by a virus and usually affects the back part of the throat known as the pharynx. Even though the symptoms of strep throat and sore throat are somewhat similar, you can pay close attention and identify the differences. The symptoms of sore throat are as follows:  

  • Mild fever
  • Throat inflammation
  • Dry cough
  • Difficulty in swallowing 

Causes of Strep Throat or Sore Throat

Both strep throat and sore throat are contagious in nature and are mostly caused by bacteria and viruses. These types of infections are spread through direct contact with the infected person.

The primary causes include the following:

  1. Droplet Transmission: Droplets spread by the infected person during coughing or sneezing
  2. Sharing the bed, food, or clothes with the infected person

Other causes of sore throat are:

  1. Parasitic or fungal infection
  2. Pollution [Air-pollutants are irritants]
  3. Smoking
  4. Allergies
  5. Acid reflux

Medical Remedies for Strep Throat and Sore Throat

Strep throat, if left untreated, can cause complications such as rheumatic fever or kidney inflammation that could worsen over time. Sore throat, on the other hand, can also turn into a serious complication if not treated right away, so here are a few medical remedies that might help you:

  1. Antibiotics such as amoxicillin and penicillin are usually given by doctors. If these antibiotics are taken within 48 hours from the onset of symptoms, then it might help ease the condition of the patient and reduce the severity of the streptococcus infection. 
  1. Pain and symptom relievers such as general paracetamols and aspirins are also given to the patient to reduce throat irritation and fever.

None of these medicines should be consumed without consulting a doctor or general physician. 

Home Remedies for Strep Throat and Sore Throat

Apart from these medical remedies, one can also try some home remedies that might help cure both strep throat and sore throat

  1. Take a lot of rest: sleep helps your body to fight infection and rejuvenate on its own so it is very important to take plenty of rest when you are down with strep throat or sore throat
  1. Drink water: it is extremely important to keep your throat lubricated when you have such an infection so drinking plenty of water during this period will definitely help your condition. You can even consume warm water if it makes you feel better.
  1. Warm water and salt gargle: take about one teaspoon of salt and mix it with one glass of warm water. Make sure to gargle and then spit out the water. Gargling several times a day might help relieve throat pain and irritation. 
  1. Avoid irritants: spicy, acidic, or very hot food can cause even more irritation to your throat. You must also try to stay away from other irritants such as smoke or fumes from cleaning products and paint. These might cause coughing and may worsen your throat inflammation. 
  1. Eat soothing food: food in the form of puree, broth, or soup might help reduce the soreness. Eating soft food such as mashed potatoes might also help with this condition and ease the pain. 
  1. Use air humidifiers and saline nasal sprays: adding moisture to the air and room might ease the discomfort and so it is advised to use air humidifiers. Saline nasal sprays also help to make your nasal cavity lubricated. This helps to reduce further irritation and inflammation in the mucous membrane. 

Intake of the following food items might also help ease the itchiness and pain:

  1. Honey
  2. Tulsi leaves
  3. Peppermint
  4. Chamomile tea

Methods to Prevent Strep Throat or Sore Throat 

These viral and bacterial infections often cause a lot of difficulty and pain. Hence, it is best to prevent such infections. Here are a few steps that might help you from contracting or spreading strep throat or sore throat:

  1. Wash your hands as often as you can 
  2. Cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze
  3. Avoid sharing food or drinks
  4. Use hand sanitizers
  5. Try not to share towels and pillowcases


Strep throat and sore throat can both be treated easily at home. Still, it is good to contact your doctor if you see any signs. All you need to do is follow the advice of your doctor and take plenty of rest. You can easily recover from this type of infection by having vitamins and building a stronger immune system

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