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Are Chia Seeds Good for Diabetes?

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Chia seeds good for Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects a significant number of people in the world. Since the disease causes an increase in the blood sugar levels of the body, there are a number of dietary restrictions that need to be followed to control the levels of blood sugar. Out of many superfoods, chia seeds for diabetic patients are highly recommended. If you’re wondering, “how are chia seeds good for diabetes?”, then read on to understand. 

What are Chia Seeds? 

Chia seeds are the edible seeds of the plant Salvia Hispanic, which is a relative of the mint family. These seeds can be consumed raw or after soaking. They impart vital nutrients to the body like high protein, calcium, vitamins, iron, etc. 

Chia seeds are a great snacking option for people trying to stay fit, as they have a negligent amount of calories but contain high amounts of vitamins and protein. Chia seeds can be added to your food or consumed as they are in the form of a snack. 

Benefits of Chia Seeds for Diabetics

There are proven benefits of chia seeds for diabetic patients. This nutrient-packed superfood helps diabetics control their blood sugar levels and keep the disease in control. Here are some of the major chia seeds benefits for Diabetes: 

1. Improving Blood Sugar Levels 

Blood sugar levels are the major cause of concern for any patient suffering from diabetes. It takes a toll on patients as they need to maintain a strict diet and take certain medications to control the levels of blood sugar. One of the vital chia seed benefits for diabetes is that it naturally controls the level of blood sugar in the body.

Chia seed is a low glycemic food, which means that it does not allow blood sugar levels to rise rapidly but gently, thereby reducing sudden blood sugar spikes. Chia seeds are also very high in fibre content. Fibres reduce insulin resistance, which helps in improving blood sugar levels of the body. 

2. Healthy Snacking Option 

Chia seeds are one of the best snacking options for diabetics as they provide a very healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibre, without raising the blood sugar levels of the body. These seeds also contain a minimal amount of fat, thereby keeping the body of a diabetic fit and healthy. 

3. Rich in Antioxidants 

What makes chia seeds good for Diabetes is also the fact that they are one of the richest sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants are helpful in improving the overall health of the body since they counter damage-causing free radicals in the body.    

4. Increasing Good Cholesterol 

Chia seeds are helpful in reducing the levels of harmful LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. LDL cholesterol and triglycerides adversely affect cardiovascular health and negatively impact the blood pressure of diabetics. Chia seeds help increase the levels of HDL (good cholesterol) in the body. 

5. Improving Heart Health 

Since chia seeds are a great source of antioxidants and are also very high in fibre, they help lower the high blood pressure and maintain cardiovascular health. This makes chia seeds good for diabetes as it helps prevent complications by reducing the risk of heart disease.  It also helps to promote better metabolism and makes it easier to control diabetes. 

The Bottom Line 

There are numerous chia seed benefits for diabetes patients. Thus, it is recommended that diabetic patients do include this superfood in their diets. Chia seeds are very easy to consume and can be added to everyday food like oats, salads, breakfast cereals, and even smoothies. 

If you are a diabetes patient, then chia seeds can help you control this disease to a great extent. Spread the word about the benefit of chia seeds for diabetics so that more patients get its benefits and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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