Sangram Chougule
Aired on Feb 29, 2016
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Sangram's Bio

Atop the pile of Indian bodybuilders, stands one alone. A six times Mr. India, Mr. Universe and the biggest name in Indian Bodybuilding; Sangram Chougule warrants no introduction. He is a Muscleblaze athlete and is going to be answering all your questions on Healthkart Connect. So ask him any question related to contest prep, dieting and/or working out, LIVE!

User-Asked Questions (440)'s picture
soubhikgoswami10 Mar 01, 2016
hi's picture
devchakraborty808 Mar 01, 2016
Which whey protein is good and form where to buy original supplement???
kushagra's picture
kushagra Mar 01, 2016
My postworkout meal is 1 scoop whey and any fast digesting can i just take mass gainer instead as it will give me protein and carb?'s picture
abhibaba.bisht11 Mar 01, 2016
Hey I will start cutting in mid March so what are the best supplements should I talk along with protein shake's picture
shankeyjoseph Mar 01, 2016
Hi sir, no matter what I do fat around my stomach is not reducing any suggestions please's picture
shoaibsss70 Mar 01, 2016
in off season what kind of food can we have's picture
chinmayarora098 Mar 01, 2016
Hi, I am taking whey protein (post workout) with the creatine (pre-workout) from past 3 months. It does not show much progress on gaining muscles my height is 5'9" and weight is 70 kg. Please suggest's picture
dattu.007 Feb 29, 2016
Sir my current weight is 75 n height is 5.8 ft ..I wanted to supplement shedule n supplement guide for lean body building ...pls help me sir
Raghavendra D. Kulkarni's picture
raghavendra-d.-kulkarni Feb 29, 2016
Can I get good body at the age 39?'s picture
veragadain Feb 29, 2016
Hi. My age is 31 and weight is 95. Height 6.1. I have shapeless body with tummy. What is good type of excerice to come in shape. And tell me abt the diet.'s picture
cricket.c41 Feb 29, 2016
What are the best whey protein available in India according to you? What do you think about muscleblaze.....?'s picture
at_9010 Feb 29, 2016
Dear sir .how can increase the chest n biceps'.pls suggest the best suppliment from your side's picture
subhadeep926 Feb 29, 2016
Hey bro,,,,,,m typically fitness freak.the thing m totally confused about,is sex and masterbation.I know it's even gd for health within limit,,,,bt tell me the range as weekly or monthly,how many times can I go for the encounter?n what to do to regain the whatever gets loss during encounter??take care,,stay healthy,,, gods keeps on blessing you!! :)'s picture
ragam792 Feb 29, 2016
I am very thin and want to gain mass so I have ordered mass gainer of u recommend this..I mean is it helpful to gain mass..? ..If yes, should I consume it from start or go to gym and start working and start consuming after some days And can u please suggest me some workouts which can help me improve my height.'s picture
karniputra9 Feb 29, 2016
sir my legs very week... my chest nice... but legs are very week's picture
paulsuhail Feb 29, 2016
Any tips while using preworkout during evening routines's picture
Jiturotel Feb 29, 2016
How much day i do cardio in bulk season?'s picture
kuldeep.sharma0801 Feb 29, 2016
Who masqular body's picture
abhishekmulik620 Feb 29, 2016
What is deit for offseason ?gaining's picture
roshanbdsouza Feb 29, 2016
how much nuts we can /must have per day any thing to add here alike dates ,cashew's picture
chandradeepdutta1 Feb 29, 2016
I am in a hard diet for my cutting cycle. I am doing cardio and weight training in a same day. What should be my perfect cardio time duration before weight training.'s picture
icreators4u Feb 29, 2016
Hii sangram, I want to ask u that m doing workout since last 3yrs BT my left part of the body like- late, shoulders and thighs were not heavy and fluffy as compare to my right body parts... Plz tell me what can I do's picture
waliashashank37 Feb 29, 2016
hello sir, i want to know what should be the frequency of weight training and cardio in a week, i am training from last 3 months i also want to know what are the supplements should i include in my weight training program. what should be the amount of daily protein intake. please guide me so that i can transform my physique. thank you very much's picture
manish.yerale Feb 29, 2016
what are multi vitamin should be taken... becasul, limcee, calcium, mega3, zinc's picture
p.lad99 Feb 29, 2016
fuck HK's picture
koushikghosh6575 Feb 29, 2016
what will be the best breakfast for day while building muscle's picture
sadhukhanarindam10 Feb 29, 2016
is there any way to increase height also?'s picture
silverinaveen89 Feb 29, 2016
Theighs are very week and am getting more scramps during workouts wat to do any suggestion's picture
p.lad99 Feb 29, 2016
What is the best workout routine split for beginners (less than 2 year continuous training)? Full body or upper/lower or body part wise? What is the best workout routine split for beginners (less than 2 year continuous training)? Full body or upper/lower or body part wise? Also are isolation exercises necessary at beginner level? Thank you for your time.'s picture
sadhukhanarindam10 Feb 29, 2016
how important multivitamines are?'s picture
silverinaveen89 Feb 29, 2016
Theighs are very week and am getting more scramps during workouts wat to do any suggestion
Deepak Shivhare's picture
deepak-shivhare Feb 29, 2016
Hi sir, I got injury in my lower back by doing squats and deadlifts. Doctor said about the compression in the last vertebrae. So my question is, can it be recoverable amd if yes then how long does it take? Should i go gym again? I have not done gymming for 1.5months but still there is some pain.'s picture
coolsanjurk Feb 29, 2016
i am hitting gym since 1.5 year and didnt seen much changes i take whey's picture
parthsamar Feb 29, 2016
hello sir, my weight is 57 kg and height 5 feet 7 inches. i want to increase weight but its almost impossible for to increase. I have been trying for last 1 year but i have increase just 3 kgs. I want to reach upto 66 kg (at least ). what should i do to get out of this hardgainer tag ? I look very skinny . i hit gym every morning for an hour(6 days a week/sometimes 5 days). And i eat so much ,i mean excessive. i take whey protein and creatine also, but now i am thinking of dropping whey protein and get a mass gainer instead . what would you suggest sir?'s picture
mannu.rawat774 Feb 29, 2016
Which is best isolated protein or gainers's picture Feb 29, 2016
Please tell me how do I get rid of strech marks's picture
jsmoharana Feb 29, 2016
sir, I am 5fts 7inche with a weight of 68kgs. I want to cut down now as i have fat in abdomen as well as in lower chest. Right now i am running in the morning with a workout for abs and in the eveing i do workout on any of one muscle.I am taking muscleblaze whey protein once after workout in the morning only. Please suggest me how can i reach my goal to have a lean body type....'s picture
silverinaveen89 Feb 29, 2016
how to get ride of low abs fat and oblique abs fat's picture Feb 29, 2016
How many litres of water should i take i i am working out's picture
yashmumbai Feb 29, 2016
Sangram Saheb... Jay Maharashtra.. I am Yashwant, age 33, weight 65 kgs, height 5.6 I am beginner & just completed 3 months in gym. I have seen healthkart combined multi product combined in under one tag line MuscleBlaze BCAA 6000, MuscleBlaze Micronized Creatine, MuscleBlaze Micronized Glutamine, MuscleBlaze Fish Oil & MuscleBlaze MB-VITE Multivitamin. is it good to take all this or simple Whey protene ? need to gain good mussels & weight also's picture
dawnjay3569 Feb 29, 2016
LOOKING FORWARD TO SEE YOU IN MR OLYMPIA....What are the superfoods that you encorporate in your daily diet. Best food for building muscle VEG as well as NON VEG Diet..THANKS /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s picture
vishal.botre007 Feb 29, 2016
sir which is best protein whey or casein's picture
aditiyaroyk Feb 29, 2016
Sir creatine side effect someone say kidney stone pleased tell me sir imp questions's picture Feb 29, 2016
After a days hardwork at the office i feel tired before workout in the evening .. What can i do to cope with this's picture
arpankbasak Feb 29, 2016
chirodeep2 Feb 29, 2016
Last question from me,i do workout at morning,what food should i take as pre.? Thank you sangram for replying.. I am looking forward for you at Mr Olympia ...
Ghanshyam Solanki's picture
ghanshyam-solanki Feb 29, 2016
Namaskar Sangramsir I am doing workout from last two years. I use M.Blaze Whey Protein one scoop after workout and I do take some time M.Blaze Torque as pre workout. i also add creatine to whey protein after workout i.e 5 gm. I want to know how much protein intake should be on every day basis to have a bulk. I do workout on every day except sunday. Thanks GA Solanki's picture
silverinaveen89 Feb 29, 2016
I used serious mass and gained 10kgs, from 63 to 73 kgs. Now i want to rip please suggest work outs and diet's picture
hemsagar03 Feb 29, 2016
sir cretine will damage liver?'s picture
arpankbasak Feb 29, 2016


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