Sangram Chougule
Aired on Feb 29, 2016
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Sangram's Bio

Atop the pile of Indian bodybuilders, stands one alone. A six times Mr. India, Mr. Universe and the biggest name in Indian Bodybuilding; Sangram Chougule warrants no introduction. He is a Muscleblaze athlete and is going to be answering all your questions on Healthkart Connect. So ask him any question related to contest prep, dieting and/or working out, LIVE!

User-Asked Questions (440)'s picture
praveenmalhan24 Feb 29, 2016
Hi sir my name is Praveen Malhan my age 25 height 6 ft weight 75 kg ..I have athleti body ...I want bulk size ...I am doing gym from last 3 years 10 month what should I do plzzz's picture
yogendras333 Feb 29, 2016
Can I build muscle with vegetarian diet and supplementation I can eat milk products. And I also trim your waist size while increasing shoulders width's picture Feb 29, 2016
Best way to increase stamina Hiit routine for an intermediate lifter. Stretch marks. How can i get rid if em? How can i bulk up and loose fat simultaneously?'s picture
viruchamp Feb 29, 2016
Hi Sangram !! So the following is my question: I take supplements like whey, creatine monohydrate, and Omega 3 fish oil .All in all I consume good quality protein through out the day in every single meal. Been working consistently for the past 4 months. Results are also satisfactory but the only thing that bothers me is lack of adequate sleep. I am an office goer person .So, I am able to make time to sleep for 6.30mts to 7hours daily except on the weekends. Is this impeding my muscle recovery process a bit?'s picture
arorasandeep2008 Feb 29, 2016
Hello Sangram, My concern is that i am 6"1" and has been working out resistance exercise 5 times a week since 7 months i am at 105 kgs and want to reduce my weight plz suggest me hat should i do more of endurance and specifically which type and for how long or more of strengthening and for how long , as i have heard that if you do more cardio you loose your muscle mass i my body is endomorph!!! plz suggest thanks also kindly suggest a diet where in i should follow and for how long???'s picture
meghedhaakaraat Feb 29, 2016
Hello Sir. This is Aakash from Kolkata. Its a great pleasure to get a chance to ask you a question directly...Presently I am 31 Years old. Due to some bad habit of last 10 to 12 years like no physical work out, alcohol consumption, late night party, wrong food habit and etc I became bulk & unfit...The more important thing is, now days I have started to feel it. Its no more interesting for me rather than fit & lean like earlier. My Height is 5feet 9 inch & weight around 98 kgs. I want be get in shape & also build muscles. Please advice me what should be my first aim to start body building or to get lean first....'s picture
ambidextrousboy Feb 29, 2016
Hi, I have been working since Jan 2015 and am stuck with 18% body fat. Currently using creatine,Whey,MB fat burner,L-Carnitine,Fish oil, MB multivitamin. Could you please advice me to get to under 10% BF?'s picture
raghurajjjj Feb 29, 2016
Suggest me best waight gain and mussels gain supplement in low price hight 5.8. Inch weight 58 kg's picture
rainaraina8 Feb 29, 2016
How do i gain weight i know ther is all depnd on my diet but ive tried all thing like supoliments to my diet its been 5yr while i taking suppliments not regular i m give gap while taking suppliments or leaving it but whenever i gain 2. Kg after 1week i loose my weight. I mean why m not gaing weight i m a skinny guy 6ft and 58 kg i show my body to doctors to phycitrist but they sad your body is working slow ......tell me how do i get big body. I eat 3000kcl per day and going poop 1time so help's picture
monika.sharma Feb 29, 2016
Hi Sangram, i want to lose 12 kgs of weight in three months i go to gym regularly- My question is my legs pain very badly after workout n i am unable to perform the same the next day, can you suggest what shud i do? Is there any drink or supplement which i shud take even though i have few gynae issues that are safe to take.'s picture
mk67176 Feb 29, 2016
Sir I tell one question Tell me six pack diet plan morning to neigh's picture
Nirupam31 Feb 29, 2016
What is your take on steroids?'s picture
udayan.koshal35 Feb 29, 2016
Is it important consume steroids for great size?'s picture
Nirupam31 Feb 29, 2016
What is your take on steroids?'s picture
goyal.alekh.92 Feb 29, 2016
Hello sir, my hight is 5-11" and my waight is 69kgs. I do excercises but i'm still look skinny ... please help to gain same muscles on my body. And suggest a good diet plan's picture
ashishk963 Feb 29, 2016
Which supplement should I take for bigger Arms , chest , shoulder and how to reduce fluid from thighs .'s picture
akhterislam13 Feb 29, 2016
Sir,ive been trying real hard to get my belly fat off..but in vain.ive tried things from dieting,correct eating,and tons of exercises which includes isolating exercises as well.whats the link that am missing am hardly getting any result
akshay singh's picture
akshay-singh Feb 29, 2016
Hello sir, i want your suggestions on gaining muscle mass and lowering body fat to around 10%. Do suggest the nutrients should i have?'s picture
chirodeep2 Feb 29, 2016
Hello again, I want to know whether my supplementation is correct or not.. I am doing workout in the morning,and hitting two bodyparts in a day.Though i can hit 3 body parts,but due to less time i m hitting 2 body parts.6 days a week.. I am taking bcaa during workout,post workout- whey protein and casein protein before sleep.'s picture Feb 29, 2016
Hi, there's a couple of things.. 1. What is the best way to increase stamina? 2. Hiit routine for an intermediate lifter. 3. Stretch marks. How can i get rid if em? 4.How can i bulk up and loose fat simultaneously?'s picture
nkstarnicks Feb 29, 2016
Hey, i am doing gym periodically but now i am continuing but my fat is not decreaing according to my workout even i am taking MB whey, fat burner and 2 to 3 hour gym with cardio. What to do for 6 packs ??'s picture Feb 29, 2016
I am on a weight loss program in gym given by my trainer consisting of alternate days cardio and strength training. What should be the must in the diets and what about whey protien for weightloss.'s picture
haider.alixr007 Feb 29, 2016
And im taking mb whey active in morning and after workout's picture
Singhaniruddha488 Feb 29, 2016
Which type of protein is best for cutting??'s picture
rahulmanjhi310 Feb 29, 2016
I m having stiffness in my bones.what Product will be gud for my bone sthrenthening n also to get rid of stiffnes???'s picture
silverinaveen89 Feb 29, 2016
How to loose my low abs fat and Diet what should I follow's picture
ansh.studd Feb 29, 2016
What is your steroid cycle
gurudatta kulkarni's picture
gurudatta-kulkarni Feb 29, 2016
Hello sir my question is m 24 yrs of age my height is 6 feet and my weight is 74 i want to build good muscular built i workout regularly but i have type 2 diabeties can u suggest me goood diet and suppment plzz sir's picture
ansh.studd Feb 29, 2016
Bro he is on steroids....can't u see there is no way he is getting this big without steroids's picture
ansh.studd Feb 29, 2016
Bro he is on steroids....can't u see there is no way he is getting this big without steroids's picture
visheshsharma13 Feb 29, 2016
Hello sir , I have been using muscleblaze whey protein from a month now , BT I am nt getting any gains .. Please help me to gain more muscle mass .. Regards vishesh's picture
s4sankesh Feb 29, 2016
Help with some lean muscle growth available easily in Mumbai's picture
alokranjanpatra Feb 29, 2016
Hi, i have been working out from last 18 months. i am 5'7" and weigh around 75 kg. I do workout regularly and follow the diet meticulously but unfortunately i dont see any visible result in my body and also i dont see any cuts in my body. could you please advice me on this to achieve my desired body.. my aim is a Lean muscular body. I look forward to your response. Thanks in advance...'s picture
maddysj8057 Feb 29, 2016
I just wanna ask you that I want to take my protein just once a day and that too post workout .. Is it okay ? And how can I replace my morning protein shake with some actual food ? Please answer :) my age is 20 and weight is 79 and I've been working out for 3 years .. I wanna build lean musclemass .. Please answer :)'s picture
rachit0239 Feb 29, 2016
Hello Sir, My age is 20 and weight 85 and height is 5'11. Sir I'm a beginner . I take 6 white eggs ,sprouts,Dalia and 2 scoops protein shake daily . I'm using Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Protein . But sir I'm having problem with my stamina & wight lifting . Please suggest me what to do . Sir Can I use creatine ? Will it create bulk in my body ?'s picture
deepshikharjha Feb 29, 2016
Sir I want to know about muscleblaze crepure mass gainer... Is it safe to take what should be the precautions and dosage's picture
mr.singla15 Feb 29, 2016
How I get mass on my body I m slim my weight is 74kg height 6ft plz guide me's picture
sandusaid21 Feb 29, 2016
Hi sangramda I loosing my weight 3 to 4 times but every time I fail to maintaining that constant weight plz suggest me diet plan plz and now my weight is 89.7 and height 5.6. And best of luck for ur future SANGRAMDA's picture
ranapushpendra49 Feb 29, 2016
Sir please tell healthkart product is original's picture
avishek009 Feb 29, 2016
Hi Sangram, thanks for providing this opportunity. I would like to take your precious time out to ask if I cannot afford a Whey or Glutamine, how effective is Lysine (1 gram) a day along with BCAA helpful for muscle development???'s picture
rahulmahalanabis74 Feb 29, 2016
Sir... I have a problem of gyno... What to do ...(?? And how can I look fuller and musculer .. I am having a proper diet and whey's picture
ajassi_84 Feb 29, 2016
I would like to know how to get rid of bely fat for the perfect abs. I have lost 10 KGS and fat percentage is about 18-20% earlier it was 30%.'s picture
haider.alixr007 Feb 29, 2016
Hi sir i want to know that if i have a fat on my chest like pufy niple so which workout lose that fat Thanku's picture
abhilash.saikia74 Feb 29, 2016
Sir should we do decline chest dumbell press if we have lower chest fat or gynaecomastia?'s picture
bobbysaini89 Feb 29, 2016
Hello sir, i have a problem of water retentionin abs portion how to get rid of it.'s picture
udayan.koshal35 Feb 29, 2016
Can physiques like yours and John Abraham's be attained without steroids? If not then which steroids are best for size?'s picture
furtadoben21 Feb 29, 2016
Hi's picture
tyagisahadev Feb 29, 2016
My both biceps have a inch difference in size and shape is also different? How to get both in shape?'s picture
samir.sahoo1981 Feb 29, 2016
Sangram Sir, I need to grow on the bulk in upper portion specially biceps which is presently 16.5 inches. I intend to make the same to 18 inches or more. I have been regular to gym for last 2 yrs. Please advise on the bulk part. I take protein supplements twice a day.'s picture
arshdeepgera Feb 29, 2016
Answer my question plz fastt??? I am waiting


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