Sangram Chougule
Aired on Feb 29, 2016
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Sangram's Bio

Atop the pile of Indian bodybuilders, stands one alone. A six times Mr. India, Mr. Universe and the biggest name in Indian Bodybuilding; Sangram Chougule warrants no introduction. He is a Muscleblaze athlete and is going to be answering all your questions on Healthkart Connect. So ask him any question related to contest prep, dieting and/or working out, LIVE!

User-Asked Questions (440)'s picture
amanrai1411 Feb 29, 2016
number of Sets,Reps or Number of Exercise each day....Does it really counts or should we just listen to the body and do as much Reps&Sets only as it allows us to do...Also taking protein supplement is good during or immediately after the workout ?'s picture
rakeshmukeshksmc Feb 29, 2016
Sir- How can i get good cuts in my muscle and also how to build it fastly's picture
kunalsharma100180 Feb 29, 2016
Sir my upper body parts are broader but my waist is very thin (26)as compared to the upper parts. So what could i do to increase it a little bit's picture
amitsingh8792 Feb 29, 2016
I want to develop my thigh, chest and arms so can you please tell me the technique? I do exercise 5 days a week using whey and following a good diet but my body isn't growing, so please tell me?'s picture
kamalkumarrocking9555 Feb 29, 2016
Multivitamins is useful or not's picture
kartiksharma750 Feb 29, 2016
how to make our gains and size to stay for longer period ,even if we are going gym only 3 times in a week and when we fall sick's picture
me.gauravs77 Feb 29, 2016
I am 23 year old , with hieight of 5'5 and body fat is 21% . i used to do high intensity training but could not make it regular and have fat over my belly area. What type of workout will u suggest to get leaner body. And is Intermitent Fasting is a good way to reduce fat?'s picture
sbabar01 Feb 29, 2016
Sir, with heavy eating say for eggs,chicken,protein shakes.Bloating and gas problem are bound to come. How to manage heavy eating and gas problem simultaneously?'s picture
sachin.mfipl Feb 29, 2016
Sir, I am working out since last one year . also i have done a cutting cycle.and i am 82 kgs now. but i still have a chest fat and its not gyno but just chest fat . please suggest me how to remove chest fat.'s picture
rajkothari592 Feb 29, 2016
What supplement should i take and what exercise should i do to keep gaining muscles while cutting belly fat's picture
theabhisheksingh Feb 29, 2016
sir i wanna know that how much its cost for preparing a show including everything. plz tell me's picture
rishularora27 Feb 29, 2016
Hii sir I just wanna ask that my chest doesn't get hard after workout and there's some fat on my belly And my arms and chest size is not so good (36-37 chest) So please sir suggest me that what supplement i should take ( mass gainer or whey protein) and exercise n diet plan too Some people says that u should take gainer for size nd some says that u should take whey's picture
swanand33 Feb 29, 2016
Hi Sangram, kindly suggest me workouts at the age of 33 years. And is it ok to take whey protein in this age? Thank you's picture
pkumarmehla Feb 29, 2016
Hlo sir....i have athletic body..i used lot of supplyment like ON whey,universal, muscleblaze whey nd many more..but the size to my muscle almost same...but the fat on belly increases...plz suggest me a proper routine nd supplyment..'s picture
settyaditya2 Feb 29, 2016
Best suggestions for teenagers about muscle and fitness's picture
vishal.chandhok Feb 29, 2016
My body is covered with fat..i need to cut fat and have lean muscle..'s picture
joshivimal26 Feb 29, 2016
Dear Legend- I want to ask- How to keep the body lean and gaining size.
hemant raj's picture
hemant-raj Feb 29, 2016
Hi sangram sir plz u suggest me may i transform like you plz tell me what should i do nd is it possible to gain lean muscle mass with or without anabolic, or is it possible to gain lean muscle mass without roids's picture
shaswatasaha22 Feb 29, 2016
how can I get biseps and body like yours? do reply.'s picture
coolprince.rox Feb 28, 2016
Why don't you compete in Mr Olympia and Arnold Classic?'s picture
shubhamg635 Feb 28, 2016
Hey i want my body in gud shape and size lIke men physique please suggest me diet and exercise's picture
yogesh9999999 Feb 28, 2016
How can i feet my biasep as well as my chest. i can do All the type of sets at gym but how can i growth and imrove the chest as well as biasep.'s picture
cpawar940 Feb 28, 2016
Sir hame bhi aap jaisi body banaani hai aur bady pump kaise hoti hai wo bhi jaananaa hai's picture
waghmarevicky52 Feb 28, 2016
What should I do to boost my testoren level, I always do squat with the heavy workout on leg day to keep my leg in shape, as well as for naturally boost a testoren level & I have little bit problem of having bunch of fats on my waist not other parts of my body Im doing several workout routine but still it's not working to burn that fat's picture
vibhumatrix Feb 28, 2016
Sir,I am a fitness enthusiast with likes in supplementation and diets,practice MMA myself a lot and academically; IT Business Analyst with in Computer Sc.I would lke to know what are my chances of switching career to your field, if any.Please provide me inputs and guidance.Thank you
Ravi's picture
ravi Feb 28, 2016
hey brother, im ravi here, i would like ask you that I'm working out in night 9-10pm. so can i take my protein before workout if not then when should i take my protein and what time gap between protein shake and dinner?'s picture
snlyadav61 Feb 28, 2016
What's your diet plan to become lean's picture
prasannakumar.mallik Feb 28, 2016
Sir I am 28 years old. I weigh around 75 kgs and my height is 5 ft 8 inch. I have been working out in gym for past 3 months. I have started taking creatine for past 1 week. I want to increase my muscle mass and reduce belly fat. Please guide me what should I do?'s picture
dibyendudas1647 Feb 28, 2016
Hi.. I am 20 yrs old, height 5 ft 9 inch, 75kg with 35% fat. I want to build muscle mass without fat. I have working out in gym since 2 yrs. Which supplements should i take??'s picture
tarzanadi Feb 29, 2016
Hi , congratulations to you for your wonderful achievements. I am 26 yr old male following training schedule in gym consisting of at least 5 days per week of weight training since about 8 months. I am 5' 11" (180 cm ) and started from 110 kg . Now I weigh 96 kg and although I still have ample belly /body fat I can still see considerable increase in my muscularity. I am currently supplementing my diet with 1. Whey protein 2. Creatine 3. Fish oil 4. Multivitamin. Now my very specific question is that there are many ppl in my gym who claim to 'un enhanced' and have a ripped & beautiful physique, so as i go further into my transformation (just for natural physique and fitness with st***ids as a complete no no) what goals should I set , whose physique should I aim to come near / follow so that I stay positive and keep progressing rather than discouraging myself with false unattainable goals.
bikash baishya's picture
bikash-baishya Feb 28, 2016
Hello sir..can you suggest me a good workout plan as i have to concentrate more on thigh muscles..'s picture
shettybd6 Feb 28, 2016
Hi Sangram, I have issues with my diet plan .Do we have any schedule that we can follow for working professional to have lean body. I have been doing body building for past 1 year.Usualy it looks to me i am not able to get hold of good diet plan especailly since i have to balance out with work and Body building.'s picture
itkalairaj Feb 28, 2016
Hi I'm doing bodybuilding for about 1years 6 months, I was able to see progress in muscle. The concern is wherever I go people look at me like something different and they behave with jelous . Please suggest me how can I handle this .'s picture
aryanbcool Feb 28, 2016
Dear, can I play cricket on weekly basis as people say that bowling is not good for muscle building it will make you loose as if then I will drop the idea of cricket. Please let me know is it a myth or fact.'s picture
bhavin_good Feb 28, 2016
Hello sir my self bhavin i m doing wrkout last 5yrs i m having problem to buil my chest my wrkout schedule is monday - chest shoulder triceps, Tuesday -back n bieceps Wednesday -leg ,Thursday same as monday,Friday same as Tuesday,Saturday same as Wednesday. Plz sir suggest me how can i get gud chest's picture
negimanohar007 Feb 28, 2016
Dear Legend- I want to ask- How to keep the body lean and gaining size.
atul's picture
atul Feb 28, 2016
what kind of supplements i need to increase muscle size only lean muscle.'s picture
pranav8800 Feb 28, 2016
What is the procedure for building muscle while bulking, as muscle is gained bt fats too in increase without taking burner how cn I gain + loose fat ?
sidhant raghav's picture
sidhant-raghav Feb 28, 2016
Sir how can I build a good chest my arms and shoulder are much better as compared to my chest muscles are not growing that much and in order to lose fat should I go for hydroxycut elite.will that help me?'s picture
abhaynaveen.sharma Feb 28, 2016
I want to lose belly fat only and gain muscles without fat which supplement and diet I take


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