Mukesh Gahlot
Aired on Mar 7, 2017
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Mukesh's Bio

Who says’ hard work doesn’t pay off, if you have the will to achieve what you want you can go to any heights. Mukesh Gahlot, the six times Mr.India Champion has shown the same kind of dedication and perseverance to fulfill his bodybuilding ambitions. His journey can best be described in his following achievements.  


  • 6 times Mr. India in which 4 times overall champion - 2008/09/10&12
  • Asia silver medal 2012 in China
  • Mr. World 5th place in Bangkok in 2016
  • South Asia gold medal, 2012 in India


  • 2 times world champion, 2016 & 2017 in Holland and England, respectively
  • 2 times European champion, 2015 & 2017 in England & Holland, respectively
  • Awarded as Best Lifter in European Championship 2017, Germany

Apart from this, he has mentored many state and national champions and is now sharing his expertise on the Healthkart platform through live Ask Me Anything session. The co-director of Dronacharya THE GYM having 172 branches all over India, will be answering all your bodybuilding and exercising related queries on 7th March 2017 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. 

So keep your questions ready and tune in to this page for getting all your bodybuilding/nutrition/workout related queries sorted from the very own ‘Guru Ji’ on 7th March 2017!

User-Asked Questions (120)'s picture
una.lipsa Mar 07, 2017
...plz plz read mine's picture
dheeraj.shukla Mar 07, 2017
My body is skinny fat. Have belly fat. What should i start first. Bulking or cutting? Pls suggest me.'s picture
timisnow73 Mar 07, 2017
I started bodybuilding last in may and since then i have won 1st prize in a district level competition in my weight category and best poser prize in tow district level competition and right now i m preparing for a state level competition and till now i have spend money beyond my limits and didn't got any thing in return or what I got is negligible ,now i m almost out of resources , so i wanna ask whether bodybuilding is a sport or a expensive hoby and how much time it will take for me to get some returns or earnings because I started it to make it as a career.'s picture
adsaha786 Mar 07, 2017
hi's picture
una.lipsa Mar 07, 2017
Namaste sir I am lipsa from orissa I want to know which product or supplements use for weight loss hight 5 feet 2 in weight 75 kg and tideness is theremy age is 31+ I have thyroid issue taking 100 mcg thyroxine tab daily and pcod with small folicies due to overweight I am unmarried till now plz help me sir's picture
shaji.john Mar 07, 2017
Hi shaji john. 6ft wt 83 BCCA tablets is advisable or not is it good to take , i have to built muscles but no result still even when i use Whey protein daily after workout once in the morning.i have egg white regularly and how to plan this. advise me best protein if have take creatine or what ??'s picture
zeeshanaliofficial Mar 07, 2017
Hello Sir, My question is that what is the major difference between Whey Concentrate and Whey Isolate?'s picture
goelcyrus Mar 07, 2017
Is supplements suggested for diabetics during workouts for muscle gain?
abhishek's picture
abhishek Mar 07, 2017
Is musclblaze is a good whey protein indian brand or u prefer international brand.Because my coach said that muscleblaze made a duplicate products and theit quality is not good than other international you suggest any good whey protein for fat loose purpose's picture
vinay1234 Mar 07, 2017
Hi sir , i am vinay from delhi and i just reduced my weight as i was fat before so what supplements i should take for best muscle gain after leaning period? thanx regards
himadri-bikash-das Mar 07, 2017
Namaste Sir ji.. To get lean do I have to cut down rice totally ? Even after limiting my diet I am not able to shread extra fats.'s picture
hariloveshraddha Mar 07, 2017
Should i take fat burner? ..i m skinny guy but i have belly fat i have good upper body but my waist is 34 so i have decieded to take fat burner should i take it???'s picture
coolferocious Mar 07, 2017
What is the best time to exercise?'s picture
hariloveshraddha Mar 07, 2017
Hariloveshraddha Mar 07, 2017 Should i take fat burner? ..i m skinny guy but i have belly fat i have good upper body but my waist is 34 so i have decieded to take fat burner should i take it???'s picture
sudirscms Mar 07, 2017
I m not a regular jym goer. normally i do work out continously 3 to 4 months(have a good physique with good biceps n chest) then will take a break for 2 months then again start working it good or not..plz replay's picture
Sandeepasawa1 Mar 07, 2017
I have Nitro tech proteins powder ....but I want to lose weight...should I take....or try something different's picture
rohit.rew Mar 07, 2017
Body kyu nahi banti ???? Ku hum shareer ko kast de the h's picture
hariloveshraddha Mar 07, 2017
Should i take fat burner? ..i m skinny guy but i have belly fat i have good upper body but my waist is 34 so i have decieded to take fat burner should i take it???'s picture
rohit.rew Mar 07, 2017
Kuch na hona terse .... Padh le kam ayga's picture
hariloveshraddha Mar 07, 2017
Bhai saab i m govt.servant SAFDARJANG HOSPITAL's picture
Sandeepasawa1 Mar 07, 2017
When should protein powder taken pre workout or post workout's picture
hariloveshraddha Mar 07, 2017
Can i take fat burner..being an endomorph i have belly fat my height is 5.11" nd weight 73 so should i take fat burner to get shredded because my waist is 34's picture
saiyedsawban Mar 07, 2017
Sur i am been training since 7years i have a weak chest how to grow my upper chest with overall symetry in my chest pls help guruji's picture
mayankgupta90263 Mar 07, 2017
My weight is 67 and height 5-5.6, my stomach is bit out and i want to use whey protein to get some fill muscle in my body can u tell me sir while using of whey protein will i get the fat/increase in my stomach area ?? Or will it make my stomach More out ?'s picture
bharat.chopra Mar 07, 2017
How to finish fat from belly.'s picture
Rkapse1 Mar 07, 2017
Sir I m a vegetarian ,,aur balance diet follow nahi kar pata kyuki Jo ghar me Banta hai khana padta hai but workout takat se karte hai pet ki chabi kaise kam ki Jaye bataye's picture
sanilg81 Mar 07, 2017
Mr. Manohar Aich had a great body without taking supplement, steroids, fat burners, why are current body builders using such stuff. Also the longevity of bodybuilders have decreased, what do you think could be the reasons's picture
riktamsarkar Mar 07, 2017
I have very low testosterone wpuld you suggest zma or testosterone replacement theraphy or testosterone steriod.??'s picture
sp39107 Mar 07, 2017
My abs are not coming out's picture
papu.7209 Mar 07, 2017
Hello sir.When i take creatine or bcaa of muscleblaze i was suffering from pain.'s picture
diwakar05001 Mar 07, 2017
How to loose fat from abdominal sir's picture
ghoshayon.un Mar 07, 2017
Im a guy weighing 65 kgs and i am 5'8. I workout 6 days a week with cardio twice a week. I am unable to loose that flabby excess water retension in my lower chest area, lower abdomen and obliques thus my lower abs never pops out. If i try to too much cardio or less carb diet i loose muscle mass too quickly ... I do have muscle mass but its not to visble until i flex hard. I want to get ripped without loosing my current mass please help.'s picture
akraj78744 Mar 07, 2017
I have already use muscle pharm combat protein but it there is no difference in body weight. So please can you share me diet plan plz sir, so I can increase my body weight and muscle. Thank you's picture
ykv1985 Mar 07, 2017
When are you going for olympia this year?'s picture
abhinaysamrat Mar 07, 2017
hi mukesh ji, im ur fan is anavar gud for cutting should we take testosterone with it
abhishek's picture
abhishek Mar 07, 2017
Im taking current muscleblaze whey energy for fat loss.can i continue this whey protein or do you sugest any protein for fat loss purpose.And what do you think can i continue with muscleblaze or taking any international brand of whey protein.'s picture
kzishan0009 Mar 07, 2017
Hi sir, my hieght is 5.7 and age 19 weight 58, so sir I need asthethic body like Jeremy, Ryan Terry,Jeff seid, sir what I need to do everyone says your body structure is good, I started 3 months ago as 50 kg normal guy now I'm 58 kg's picture
shaheryarminhaj Mar 07, 2017
Hello sir, I have taken a mass gainer it was having a quantity about 2 kg Jar , Really i gained mass in my body But before taking this mass gainer i was pure natural with perfect symmetry muscles body and after taking that mass gainer all my muscles and Perfect symmetry cuttings have Gone Plz help me out Sir, I really dont want to use fat burner it creatine I want a Diet plan and Schedule for my workout and Diet too And i would like to know i should do running in morning and Gym in night plz help me out's picture
shanuhazra Mar 07, 2017
Hi Mukesh sir, It's been 2 years since I'm doing weight training,though my first objective was to lose weight which I did,but it's becoming very hard for me to gain muscles though I lift heavy and also workout 5 days a week with an appropriate diet,please guide me how can I gain some muscles?'s picture
soneshsonu4 Mar 07, 2017
Whey protein safe rehata na sir Or kuch future may problem tho nai hotha na sir plz reply me's picture
vivek.d.smarty14 Mar 07, 2017
sir i am lean I just hav lower belly fat..... How can i remove that..I do cardio n i tense workout..... Suggest me something....and can i take protei now...or after losing belly fat..
Rohit Singh's picture
rohit-singh Mar 07, 2017
Pls details about ZMA vs test booster's picture
guptaujjwal001 Mar 07, 2017
Best way to loose fat naturally?'s picture
dipakp323 Mar 07, 2017
I want to increase my body weight. What kind of supplements I can use.'s picture
saisriramviswanadha Mar 07, 2017
When bcaa should be used ? Is it in during workout or post workout or pre workout ?'s picture
aqeelshareef4u Mar 07, 2017
I have not trained my lower , know is look odd upper body is looking decent and lower look thin so what can i do and how many time I should train my lower a week?'s picture
vivekpatel1739 Mar 07, 2017
Is it safe to take protein ?'s picture
abhi_yadav6 Mar 07, 2017
Sir i wanna ask that how to gain soze ..i workout from last 6 year and eat clean ..but not gain in soze ..and one more ques is that how much protein we take according to our weight ..some say it is 2 gm per kg some says that it is 1 gm's picture
oberairohit Mar 07, 2017
hi sir ..I workout 5 times a week spite of working extremely hard I m not able to get rid of my loose skin ...after weight training i have developed good muscles bt they don't show up coz of loose skin ..wat to do ..??'s picture
tanuj.singh09 Mar 07, 2017
Is muscleblaze whey protein good for building lean muscle??


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