Mukesh Gahlot
Aired on Mar 7, 2017
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Mukesh's Bio

Who says’ hard work doesn’t pay off, if you have the will to achieve what you want you can go to any heights. Mukesh Gahlot, the six times Mr.India Champion has shown the same kind of dedication and perseverance to fulfill his bodybuilding ambitions. His journey can best be described in his following achievements.  


  • 6 times Mr. India in which 4 times overall champion - 2008/09/10&12
  • Asia silver medal 2012 in China
  • Mr. World 5th place in Bangkok in 2016
  • South Asia gold medal, 2012 in India


  • 2 times world champion, 2016 & 2017 in Holland and England, respectively
  • 2 times European champion, 2015 & 2017 in England & Holland, respectively
  • Awarded as Best Lifter in European Championship 2017, Germany

Apart from this, he has mentored many state and national champions and is now sharing his expertise on the Healthkart platform through live Ask Me Anything session. The co-director of Dronacharya THE GYM having 172 branches all over India, will be answering all your bodybuilding and exercising related queries on 7th March 2017 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. 

So keep your questions ready and tune in to this page for getting all your bodybuilding/nutrition/workout related queries sorted from the very own ‘Guru Ji’ on 7th March 2017!

User-Asked Questions (120)'s picture
chandcham0 Mar 07, 2017
sir... my hight is 178cm nd weight is 53kg.. plz tell me how i grow my weight... i use so many protein power but no 1 is have a good effect olz help me's picture
priyankarsabya Mar 07, 2017
Sir, can i take creatine as pre workout and glutamine as intra workout?'s picture
kaushalkartikay Mar 07, 2017
Hello Could you please help me to know about how to perform carb cycling in muscle building for people having skiny fat body to get maximum muscle mass with less belly fat Thanks Kartikay's picture
basha.sadam Mar 07, 2017
Sir... I have on serious mass. So can I take bsn amino x for post and pre workout's picture
hbkbhanu7 Mar 07, 2017
Sir gynecomastia ka cure btaa do.. I don't want to go for surgery.. please help's picture
oberairohit Mar 07, 2017
hi ..bro there is no way out of this problem except surgery ...n it's safe so dnt worry to go for it I had tried everything from diet to exercise to oils ..creams n wat nor go from it from a gud surgeon brother ..'s picture
oberairohit Mar 07, 2017
hi ..bro there is no way out of this problem except surgery ...n it's safe so dnt worry to go for it I had tried everything from diet to exercise to oils ..creams n wat nor go from it from a gud surgeon brother ..'s picture
jobansran2 Mar 07, 2017
Sir muje gym me back problem ho gyi hei. 1 saal ho gya lekin abhi tk thik nhi hua. Pain back se leg me jata hei. Toh muje kya krna chahie??'s picture
kochar.gagan94 Mar 07, 2017
Can i reduce belly fat by eating 2 times a day only ?'s picture
shubhamkumbhojkar1 Mar 07, 2017
Six pack whey is good?'s picture
shubhamkumbhojkar1 Mar 07, 2017
Hello sir's picture
zubink06 Mar 07, 2017
Sir, last year Maine Gym start ki Aur Mera strength acha tha but ab kuch months k break ka baad Maine Firr start Kia toh na strength Aur NA he stamina ha, main BCAA bhi try krke dekha but muscles jaldi fatique ho jaate ha ..'s picture
mejustsunny Mar 07, 2017
Sir my name is sunny and i am 20 years old i am going gym from last 2 years. When i started i was 42 KG super skinny guy then after two months my trainer suggest me ON WEIGHT GAINER that he bought for me and i gained 5kg weight in 20 days.then i stopped that gainer because of the money issue then he told me ki i have sasta vaala that works very good and stuff then i buy that from him and i gained 10 kg but that time i feel very sleepy tired then i stopped all of that and after that my weight suddenly kam hone lag gya and dobara 49 pe aa gya after 6 months maine google pe padha youtube pe videos dekhe tab mujhe pta chala vo gainers duplicate the uske baad maine natural food diet ache se le but still result nai aa rhe. Ab mai normal exercise kar rha hun and 2500 se 3000 calories le rha hun jisme protien intake bhi poora le rha hun but kuch nai ho rha Kya merko koi body checkup karvana chahiye? Currently my weight is 52KG And height is 5.10 feet's picture
jameshardin621 Mar 07, 2017
Mass Gain Diet & Workout Plan. I am 30 Years old guy & gyming from last 1 & half year but not able to gain sufficient weight.'s picture
bhagwan.sur Mar 07, 2017
pre competition diet plan how to plan this's picture
sswarnamaya005 Mar 07, 2017
workout plan for cut fat and to be have working out for 4 years and loose my weight from 120 kg to 85 correct supplements stack to cut fat nd be shrreaded and with diet plan? sir, [email protected] this my gmail account plz mail i want to join with u plzzzz aap ke guru ji ko bhi follow karta hun in youtube channel's picture
jugal329 Mar 07, 2017
Endomorph can gain lean muscle naturally ?'s picture
giram.aastik Mar 07, 2017
Hii self Giram weight is 67.50kg ..please suggest me diet plan and gym workout actually I gained this weight from54 kg from last 5 months ..but now I want cutting..and fats increased more and that seen on my face cardio before or after of work out's picture
jameshardin621 Mar 07, 2017
Can you also share your diet plan to me exactly this what i want. At-least 10 kg gain.'s picture
sparshkotwal Mar 07, 2017
What should be my approach, if i want a shredded body in a month. As i have a modelling show coming up! I have a strong core and a good physique but i need more defined muscle for the show !'s picture
p.prakashkhatri Mar 07, 2017
I am using Arnold iron whey and doing exercise regularly but there is not any increasing in size. What should I do?'s picture
shobhitsharma61 Mar 07, 2017
I want to know how to build muscle with fat loss's picture
sohels000 Mar 07, 2017
My weight is 58 and height is 5.8 feet. I used on mass gainer 6lbs but didn't gained weight. I want to gain weight. Please suggest me good diet plan and my daily calorie requirements to gain weight.'s picture
mjfitness001 Mar 07, 2017
Hi Sir,how are you doing? Can you please tell me any diet plan for the clean bulking,i need to have gains that too keeping my aesthetics. Currently my weight is 68kg,and my target weight is 75 kg. Thank You's picture
ranjan12977 Mar 07, 2017
I'm exercising regularly and have nullified my sugar intake. i'm 40 years old. . i do cardio regularly and abs exercise regularly, still that six packs elude me. in the morning i have warm water with lemon, ACV and honey and 5 almonds after waking up. have healthkart cereal as breakfast. at 11 AM 5 egg whites and a whole egg and one cup sugarless green tea. at 12 noon i have 10 almonds. for lunch i have 2 rotis or a cup of rice with dal and chicken or peas. 1 hour before workout i have a banana and 20 minutes before workout i have 1 cup black coffee without sugar. post workout i have two scoops of muscleblaze raw whey and 5 gm of creatine and a banana. for dinner i have 2 rotis and a bowl of dal or chicken. please suggest how do i improve myself or what changes are required for that six packs. rest of my body is well built and looks good's picture
tnbniggey Mar 07, 2017
Sir, Greetings...i have been working out since many years sincerely and having balanced diet , nutrition and proper supplemts(whey protien,BCAA glutamine on a regular basis,i was 92kg and followed weight loss programme and now have reached my goal of being muscular..i want to now increase my muscle size only with low fat..what should i do?'s picture
prateek.pc31 Mar 07, 2017
Which is the best Indian whey protein brand ?'s picture
mk1011121314 Mar 07, 2017
can we eat banana during workout sir????????'s picture
shubhamkadupatil Mar 07, 2017
Hello sir , i m Shubham Kadu from Amravati, Maharashtra . I m doing bodybuilding professionally so now its my gaining time so can u tell me the diet and workout plan for muscle gain.'s picture
jirajintex Mar 07, 2017
What all the precautions to be taken while using creatinine What all the exercises to be avoid If a person is suffering from spondylosys's picture
singhvikaspratap Mar 07, 2017
I am vikas thakur from lucknow . I have been gyming since 2015 . My weight is 85 kg and I am 6 feet tall .. I have 7-8 % body fat . I want heavy biceps like 18 inches and a massive chest like 45 inches and six pack abs . What is the correct supplement and correct dose to build up faster ?? I workout for 1:30 hour's picture
jirajintex Mar 07, 2017
Bro their is no easy way work hard u will get results without workouts no supplements can make u like Arnold follow a workout plan take adequate rest follow a good diet's picture Mar 07, 2017
How i improve running stamina and gain muscle only herbal medicine please's picture
walkwidmeinhell Mar 07, 2017
What to eat in mrng before wrkout aftr workout and before bed?'s picture
avsm1916 Mar 07, 2017
Sir I want to decrease the size of sides as my weight is 100kg and height 5'11" I am taking cla, whey protein, because, fish oil and doing regular gym how can I decrease the sides's picture
sagar4189 Mar 07, 2017
I want increase my weight Kindly give me suggestions.. my height is 6 feet n weight 69 kg n my goal is 76 kg n I m going to gym also Which protien aur gainer should I take pls suggest me's picture
akhil72883 Mar 07, 2017
If a person is going to gym at 8 in the morning Can he take Creatine as pre workout empty stomach Main point is can we take Creatine empty stomach Searche internet ,youtube Nowhere got the answer.'s picture
sadavratkaushik1236 Mar 07, 2017
I want increase my weight Kindly give me suggestions.. What should i do as well as take in meal..'s picture
kapilrocks9 Mar 07, 2017
Sir, i am not able to get rid of my belly fat completly. Dont know why, i have used fat burners, arbuterol and clen too but i wasnt able to completly get rid of it. When i start gaining, i see my belly increasing than any other thing, my diet is mostly proper with only cheat meals 2-3 times a week.'s picture
raghavgupta272 Mar 07, 2017
What are the sources oF protein in india other than every one can't afford them..and the sources other than chicken fish egg whites?? Are there any?? And whaT shoulD be the time when the human body is ready to be juiced up by anabolic???'s picture
jeetukumar3111995 Mar 07, 2017
Six pack plan's picture
bhanumehtagreen29 Mar 07, 2017
How to improve my chest muscle it's lacking size n shape n also having pulpy fat at lower part of my chest I have tried various exercises..So can u help with this's picture
shamoon0404 Mar 07, 2017
Currently I'm on leaning so what sort of fat burner do i use ?'s picture
biswas.rajat12345 Mar 07, 2017
How to improve chest muscles?'s picture
gulfamnoor974 Mar 07, 2017
Dait's picture
gulfamnoor974 Mar 07, 2017
Chest's picture
krishan.kumar.vyas Mar 06, 2017
how to get rid of tennis elbow pain's picture
naveenin44 Mar 06, 2017
I want to do powerlifting and bodybuilding at the sane time so what kind diet and exercise routine I should follow? If u can plz suggest me a good workout regime which will include both? I would love to train under u.. Sir's picture
addy.g8 Mar 06, 2017
Will doing cardio everyday for 25-30 mins burn muscle mass along with fat's picture
Khanhussain143 Mar 06, 2017
Sir i am 29 years..i have participated in north india competion in 2008..i have a great physique and well boddy cuts..I want to gain and big muscles.i have a lean body..Sir suggets me best trainig tips and also for a good diet


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