Mukesh Gahlot
Aired on Mar 7, 2017
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Mukesh's Bio

Who says’ hard work doesn’t pay off, if you have the will to achieve what you want you can go to any heights. Mukesh Gahlot, the six times Mr.India Champion has shown the same kind of dedication and perseverance to fulfill his bodybuilding ambitions. His journey can best be described in his following achievements.  


  • 6 times Mr. India in which 4 times overall champion - 2008/09/10&12
  • Asia silver medal 2012 in China
  • Mr. World 5th place in Bangkok in 2016
  • South Asia gold medal, 2012 in India


  • 2 times world champion, 2016 & 2017 in Holland and England, respectively
  • 2 times European champion, 2015 & 2017 in England & Holland, respectively
  • Awarded as Best Lifter in European Championship 2017, Germany

Apart from this, he has mentored many state and national champions and is now sharing his expertise on the Healthkart platform through live Ask Me Anything session. The co-director of Dronacharya THE GYM having 172 branches all over India, will be answering all your bodybuilding and exercising related queries on 7th March 2017 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. 

So keep your questions ready and tune in to this page for getting all your bodybuilding/nutrition/workout related queries sorted from the very own ‘Guru Ji’ on 7th March 2017!

User-Asked Questions (120)'s picture
akshaymarade Mar 06, 2017
Pre workout nd post workout diet's picture
akshaymarade Mar 06, 2017
Sir plz mass gaining diet My goal is state leval compitition
sisir chatterjee's picture
sisir-chatterjee Mar 06, 2017
sir keto diet is effective for fat loss? how much and how many days should i do cardio? HIIT or steady state? thank you sir's picture
pradeepmeena121 Mar 06, 2017
hello sir which thing is better for gaining mass tell about everthing like workout session and diet and also about supplyment like protein or mass gainer's picture
gautam.vij45 Mar 06, 2017
sir..... i want a lean build muscle with muscle size gain.... sir tell me everthing what i ve to do for the same's picture
kamatsohan878 Mar 06, 2017
Pranam guruji.. As I want to pack on muscle mass and I'm not using supplements. So as I workout in the morning, can u plz suggest me pre workout and post workout meals for muscle building and their ideal timings before workout.'s picture
Monushrawat5 Mar 06, 2017
Sir Kisi bi protin Ke sath m ashvgandha use Kr skta hu kya's picture
sadvelkarharshad Mar 06, 2017
How do we count the amount of calories we eat in a meal?
guramritpal singh bhandal's picture
guramritpal-singh-bhandal Mar 06, 2017
I do powerlifting in my university. As i am about to pass out, i wana loose my weight without loosing or with lil lose in muscles My current body weight is 101kg I wana drop it atleast 10kgs's picture
gaurav_guptas Mar 06, 2017
Best way to achieve ripped abs. What's the combination of abs exercise & diet need to be use. As I am trying very hard for abs but same time I am losing size of my biceps. Is there any way that there will be no loose of size biceps & same time able to make ripped abs,'s picture
gopi1918 Mar 06, 2017
Hlo sir's picture
ansarishamim601 Mar 06, 2017
hello sir what should i eat befor workout or after workout for fit body's picture
nayak.av Mar 06, 2017
My height is 6 ft, I have never taken any supplements, my biceps are 17 when pumped, can I grow them to 19.'s picture
kapil.rana Mar 06, 2017
HI Sir, Couple of Question i would like to ask, Hope you will answer. 1. Which is the best Indian whey isolate protein brand ( with non-harmful content) ? As US proteins are too costly and over priced. 2. My weight is 75Kg and my height 5'.8'', So i feel i am overweight and Now i want size along with Lean muscle but do not want my belly to come out. I am planning to take Whey Isolate protein. Can you please tell, What supplements should i take along with Whey Isolate to gain lean muscle that will not increase fat on my belly. 3. When should we start taking supplements, i mean after how much months we should start taking protein an all.
rYuZaKi's picture
ryuzaki Mar 06, 2017
I have been working out since 4 years but i am not gaining muscles, is it plateau or what i am confused , what should i be doing for better results sir ?'s picture
cristianogogoi.12 Mar 06, 2017
I have work out from last 4 years and my muscles growth is not satisfactory as it should be. Which supplement would be effective for my fitness.'s picture
sumanIPS70193 Mar 06, 2017
How to maintain bodyweight x 2 protein without supplement? My weight is 65...'s picture
ashishmehra07 Mar 06, 2017
Which is the best Indian whey protein brand ?'s picture
saurabh.monga Mar 06, 2017
What are the precautions one should take care of before consuming Whey Protein?
latika's picture
Mar 06, 2017
what inspired you to take up bodybuilding?


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