Yatinder Singh
Aired on Apr 29, 2016
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Yatinder's Bio

From Sahranpur to Mr.India, this is the story of how hard work and sheer dedication triumphs over everything. Yatinder Singh started from the bottom but now has shocked the world by coming 2nd at the Mr.World championship. An ACE (American Council of Exercise) certified trainer, although Yatinder competes in Bodybuilding, his goal is that of long lasting fitness.

Yatinder is now looking to conquer Mr.World yet again!

Yatinder Singh has accumulated wins in over 20 Bodybuilding Competitions FY 14 & 15 World bodybuilding championships. At the end of yearly championships in 2016, he ended up grabbing Gold Medal in Federation Cup 2016. He also won Mr. India sugar Classic championship – Overall Title and Silver Medal in Talwalkar's Classique Invitational Bodybuilding Championship 2015. He also owns 'O' TWO GYM N SPA a global fitness facility in Gurgaon. 

So get your questions ready and tune in to his page for exciting contests before you get a chance to ask Mr.India anything on the 29th of April!


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User-Asked Questions (228)

kondareddy.saivikas17@yahoo.com's picture
kondareddy.saivikas17 Apr 29, 2016
Sir can we take protein even in summer and I'm working out since 2 years and I only saw few changes my coach recommended dbol can I take I im 21 years old and doea it have any side effects ans brand is thiland dbol
yashsmandal19978@gmail.com's picture
yashsmandal19978 Apr 29, 2016
How to complete my protein requirment which is aroung 120 grams daily, as i am vegetarian but i eat eggs
shoeb.libran@gmail.com's picture
shoeb.libran Apr 29, 2016
Please include my question bro.
aditya.prakash17@gmail.com's picture
aditya.prakash17 Apr 29, 2016
hello Sir, i am aditya prakash from saharanpur. i am big fan of your physic, great muscle you have. sir i have a question for weight lose, my weight is 80 kg & age is 31, from last month i have started my workout, but now i feel my muscle get shrink, so sir pls advise how i can maintain my muscle size.
avi.patil198769@gmail.com's picture
avi.patil198769 Apr 29, 2016
To Gain muscles..hv to lift Heavy with less reps OR light weight with more reps?? ur advice plssss....
vipulbagga007@gmail.com's picture
vipulbagga007 Apr 29, 2016
Please see to it as well :) Hey Bro , Nice to get consultancy from you directly . So Dude , Question is : My body is responding well with but my side belly fat and face fat is not going off . So please help if any suggestion you can give .. :) Cheers buddy and good luck for next competition
avi.patil198769@gmail.com's picture
avi.patil198769 Apr 29, 2016
Sir,is it possible to loose weight and gain muscle at same time?? OR is it just myth??
shoeb.libran@gmail.com's picture
shoeb.libran Apr 29, 2016
Hi Boss! Looking great! You are an inspiration ! You speak humbly without any show offs Can I compete International Men's Physique competitions without taking steroids? What should be target body fat percentage that can be achieved naturally by just having Whey! Thank you and good luck!
aksaramit14@gmail.com's picture
aksaramit14 Apr 29, 2016
I AM 31 YEAR OLD, MY WEIGHT IS 66kg, i am doing workout from last 2 years, Currently i am taking Animal Whey after workout and Labrada Amino Thurst intra workout, but i m not able to do heavy weight workout, I want to increase my Size so please give me some suggestion.
legendawesome2@gmail.com's picture
legendawesome2 Apr 29, 2016
Hello sir, You are a true inspiration. I don't want to ask anything. Just want to say "Mr. Olympia is waiting!" :). Now we Indian want Indian inspirations rather than a foreign body builder. Thats it Stay blessed! Get HUGH :D
mf.islam@yahoo.com's picture
mf.islam Apr 29, 2016
How to gain weight ....
mf.islam@yahoo.com's picture
mf.islam Apr 29, 2016
My Height is 5.7,,,,,, My weight is 52 kg... I wish to gain 15 kg weight....... Kindly advice
vipulbagga007@gmail.com's picture
vipulbagga007 Apr 29, 2016
Hey Bro , Nice to get consultancy from you directly . So Dude , Question is : My body is responding well with but my side belly fat and face fat is not going off . So please help if any suggestion you can give .. :) Cheers buddy and good luck for next competition
shivanshbanta@gmail.com's picture
shivanshbanta Apr 29, 2016
Hello Sir, I'm Shivansh..... I'm a big fan of you...... and i want to know "How can i boost my testosterone level"
shubham032014@gmail.com's picture
shubham032014 Apr 29, 2016
Sir I m ur biggest fan i watch share ur every pic on fb and instagram sir plese suggeste me I have lose fat on chest I m working very hard but didn't help me anyway plese help me
nikku9416@gmail.com's picture
nikku9416 Apr 29, 2016
Sir,i'm 21 year old,height is 5'7" Weight is 53 kg,i have been training from last 2 years,usually i go with heavy weight with small sets of 8-10 reps,i gained 7 kgs from last 2 years,should i go with smaller waight with max rep or i'm doing it right. Give comments
daman_daredevil@yahoo.com's picture
daman_daredevil Apr 29, 2016
Farhan akhtar's body in bhaag Milkha . What schedule should I follow to get that lean with bulgy muscles in athletic look?
ursswarna@gmail.com's picture
ursswarna Apr 29, 2016
I'm 30 year old mom with 1.5 yrs kid. I have gone back to working (Computers/IT) when my kid was 6 months old. Due to uneven sleep patterns (toddler issues), juggling home and work, i could not lose any of the pregnancy weight. I'm 79kgs now. Please suggest me diet and workout plan to lose weight. Also are there any supplements I can take without any side-effects. please advise?
debajyoti.roy789@gmail.com's picture
debajyoti.roy789 Apr 29, 2016
Hi I am 28yrs old and now my weight is 65kg...I have been in the zym from one years..I have gained approx 5 kg in this session ...I m taking mass gainers...I want to build my muscle mainly chest and arms(bi and tri)..so pls suggest wht should be the proper meal or supplement for me keeping in view that I am doing job from 10am to5pm..and also wht time should I train?is it morning or evening??
nasreenfru@gmail.com's picture
nasreenfru Apr 29, 2016
Hello yatinder my name is pooja height 5'7 age 25 and weight 76 kg,I used to be slim and fit always maintained at 55 kg but have gained 20 KGS in just 6 months with sedentry lifestyle and emotional eating habits and I have exactly 6 months left to go to back to the States for a new job,could you please help tell me what kind of diet and workout routine should I adopt to lose 20 KGS in 6 months and should I do just cardio to lose the weight fast or u recommend strength training as well if yes how many days a week would help me get faster results? Please please please reply to my question it's a must thing for me I am very depressed because of weight gain issue. Thank you
sandysingh07@gmail.com's picture
sandysingh07 Apr 29, 2016
Hi, Im 33+, currently weighs 72, height 5'8, my skin is very thick, im on a strict diet with 20gms of fat or less a day, 30% carbs and protien through chicken breast milk and eggs, drinking 4-5 ltrs of water ED , what extra shld I do go get a thin skin??? Also I get lots of cramps whilst doing abs which are unbearabe and I can barely stand even after/before doing streching. Plz suggest
amir402320@gmail.com's picture
amir402320 Apr 29, 2016
Hi Sir I Am 22 year and my weight 62kg and height 5.11inc Sir I m doing gym from last 1 yr please give me some tips and I need to grow my weight please help I waiting for your reply
nihalsonram2013@gmail.com's picture
nihalsonram2013 Apr 29, 2016
hello sir, i am very skinny guy, I am going to gym for 7 months everything is ok but still now my arms is same as like before 7 months , there is no changed, my arms is only 11' my height is 5.6' and weight is 52. please suggest only workout tips .. thank you ..
barun899757@gmail.com's picture
barun899757 Apr 29, 2016
Hallo sir I want to know that what is impact of sugar and milk in bodybuilding. Are they good or bad Thank you
sunshine.gaurav@gmail.com's picture
sunshine.gaurav Apr 29, 2016
Hi sir i want six pack for which i was ruunning since january and after running 3 month and loosing 14kg weight now i'm 67 my hieght 5'7" but still tere is lot of fat around my tumy and above hips ...i'm drinking lemon and honey with warm water since one week ..will u pls tell what shuold i do get six pack..
talk.deepak87@gmail.com's picture
talk.deepak87 Apr 29, 2016
Hi, Is it safe to take protein supplements, as many of the study suggest no to take em. Can i build muscle with out any supplements (Taking protein only from natural sources)? Thanks in Advn.
vkr1982@gmail.com's picture
vkr1982 Apr 29, 2016
As i am doing workout in morning,so how to take whey protein, BCAA 6000, Glutamine and Creatine.
nash_56@rediffmail.com's picture
nash_56 Apr 29, 2016
Hi my weight is 77 Kg and height 5.7, i am working since last 3 years but not regularly.. my body type is not that bulky but i have serious concern of my upper body and my abs also its not in shape at all though i have tried multiple plans but didnt work out. please suggest
vijaymalik55@gmail.com's picture
vijaymalik55 Apr 29, 2016
Hello. first of all congratulations for your achievements. My height is 6'1 ft and 74kg weight. Sir my problem is that my arms size improvement is very slow compare to other bodyparts. As well as i noticed gaining weight is a tuff task in my case but i can reduce my weight very fast by skipping some diets. please guide me to improve my arms and over all body shape at standard ratio.
josebenjamin28@gmail.com's picture
josebenjamin28 Apr 29, 2016
Did long time usage of ZMA cause hair loss or any other side effects, any treatment for hairfall due to harmonal imbalance
ramarivi2911@gmail.com's picture
ramarivi2911 Apr 29, 2016
I am 35 years old. my body very average & thin& my stomach is out of shape. what to do for musscular & power full body. weight 68 kgs.I do workout daily with suppliment last 2 years but no result.
ramarivi2911@gmail.com's picture
ramarivi2911 Apr 29, 2016
height 174 cm.
aksaramit14@gmail.com's picture
aksaramit14 Apr 29, 2016
I am 31 years and working out since two years ,since 3 months I've been noticing a pain in my upper back on both sides especially in the morning after bed, so what should I do to minimize this pain.
rahul.pitta.1995@gmail.com's picture
rahul.pitta.1995 Apr 29, 2016
I am 22 years and working out since two years ,more recently I've been noticing a pain in my lower back on both sides especially after legs workout which lasts at least two days so what should I do to minimise this pain.
tarzanadi@gmail.com's picture
tarzanadi Apr 29, 2016
vipin1989gupta@gmail.com's picture
vipin1989gupta Apr 29, 2016
Sir i am 26 year old my weight is 73.5 kg and my height is 5f11inch. i am having flat stomach and i can see cutting started in abs but its not increasing those are same as it was 1 week before so what should be my diet so i could get abs faster and at same time i want to gain muscle also i mean i don't want to loose muscles. now i am eating 2 chapaties in night about 10 pm and having 200 gm of TOFU and 400ml slim milk 30 mins before bed.Can you please suggest what should be my diet.
sanchaycyber73@gmail.com's picture
sanchaycyber73 Apr 29, 2016
Sir I am 18 years old. My weight is 46 kg. I am 159 cm. I have tried in vain to put on weight. I want to increase my strength so I can do pull ups and bodyweight workouts. I am not able to do the pull up. I am a vegetarian. My strength does not increase even on doing weights for 7 months and my trainer is like what's wrong with you
vidhantkakkar@gmail.com's picture
vidhantkakkar Apr 29, 2016
Hello, My starting weight was 120 now i am at 75 so should i start doing the body buildimg exercises??
shivank.shrotri@gmail.com's picture
shivank.shrotri Apr 29, 2016
Hey, I exercise and eat a correct diet but my arms are not growing as expected. What is lacking?
jainhimanshu860@gmail.com's picture
jainhimanshu860 Apr 29, 2016
Hello sir, i am 25 years old male. i am doing workout last 2 years and saw visible changes but i found i am suffring from hypothyroid so thats why i am not able to lose fat what can i do for it
vipulbagga007@gmail.com's picture
vipulbagga007 Apr 29, 2016
Hey Guys, I've working out well and noticed reasonable change in body, but want to side fat(belly/stomach) as well. I workout in evening and take two scoops of whey protein after workout.
arunprajapati012@gmail.com's picture
arunprajapati012 Apr 29, 2016
Hello sir. I m 24 yr old an my hight- 5'10" , waight- 60 kg. Sir I m doing gym from last 1 yr. But there is no result I have found. please give me some tips to grow my body.
manu.innn@gmail.com's picture
manu.innn Apr 29, 2016
https://www.facebook.com/sixpack.abs.7 add me
vipulbagga007@gmail.com's picture
vipulbagga007 Apr 29, 2016
Please share your stats so that we can help better
keyursolucky@yahoo.in's picture
keyursolucky Apr 29, 2016
Dear sir i am 33 year old and i doing gym last 2 year and daily workout time 1.30 hours but my body shapes are not developed please gime me some tips
vipulbagga007@gmail.com's picture
vipulbagga007 Apr 29, 2016
follow schedule for exercise and food and for cutting or bulking depending upon your stats
hareesharry.ca@gmail.com's picture
hareesharry.ca Apr 29, 2016
Hi sir , mujhe thodi help chahiye , jaise koansa protien mey consume karu , like before few months i used weight gainer around 3 kgs , uske badh mass gainer , jo healthkart waloney suggest ki , thn again some mass gainer , but kuch bhi changes nahi thy , i took proper diet , proper workouts , proper rest , now my weight is 55 , height 5.7, ........aab sochra hu ki whey aur creatine try karu ,....tho aap boliye ..kya aacha hoga .....
rohantk@yahoo.com's picture
rohantk Apr 28, 2016
Hi sir iam doing my workout from 2 years and also follow a high protien moderate carb diet but my legs are not getting separation in the muscles even after working on my legs twice a week
vishnulovs2fly@gmail.com's picture
vishnulovs2fly Apr 28, 2016
Sir, am doing gym for the last 4 years..I am not gaining any mass..my age is 25 n my weight is 61..sir pls give me some guidance to improve mass
rishularora@hotmail.com's picture
rishularora Apr 28, 2016
Hi sir My height =5'7" Chest =40 Biceps =14. Weight 73 Waist 35 I m thinking to use fat burner Should i? Or suggest me to anything else so that i can increase size and get my body in perfect shape with abs


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