Yatinder Singh
Aired on Apr 29, 2016
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Yatinder's Bio

From Sahranpur to Mr.India, this is the story of how hard work and sheer dedication triumphs over everything. Yatinder Singh started from the bottom but now has shocked the world by coming 2nd at the Mr.World championship. An ACE (American Council of Exercise) certified trainer, although Yatinder competes in Bodybuilding, his goal is that of long lasting fitness.

Yatinder is now looking to conquer Mr.World yet again!

Yatinder Singh has accumulated wins in over 20 Bodybuilding Competitions FY 14 & 15 World bodybuilding championships. At the end of yearly championships in 2016, he ended up grabbing Gold Medal in Federation Cup 2016. He also won Mr. India sugar Classic championship – Overall Title and Silver Medal in Talwalkar's Classique Invitational Bodybuilding Championship 2015. He also owns 'O' TWO GYM N SPA a global fitness facility in Gurgaon. 

So get your questions ready and tune in to his page for exciting contests before you get a chance to ask Mr.India anything on the 29th of April!


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User-Asked Questions (228)

sunshine.gaurav@gmail.com's picture
sunshine.gaurav Apr 28, 2016
Risul first thing first leave sugar potatao and rice and resuce waight until 66 kg....start running for few month and after that running and gym make your body in perfect shape...
Aniljakharr@gmail.com's picture
Aniljakharr Apr 26, 2016
Hi... Yatinder ji, My height is 6'2 feet and weight 83 kg and Age is 32. I am vegetarian but i eat eggs. I am doing Gym since last 3-4 years and spent around 2 hour in Gym and my work out is also done as schedule. So my question is that my biceps size is still 13'' and my personalty is not looks like a guys who is doing gym since long time. So should i increase the Weight ? bcos i wants big biceps, shoulder and back etc. I also intake the protein more than 150 grams per day. I wants the result of the Gym and diet. Please advice.
rohit89.2013@rediffmail.com's picture
rohit89.2013 Apr 25, 2016
vipulbagga007@gmail.com's picture
vipulbagga007 Apr 29, 2016
Anyone on a high-protein diet should exercise regularly and make sure to eat enough fruit and vegetables to avoid kidney failure.
rbmagl@gmail.com's picture
rbmagl Apr 25, 2016
Jay siya ram sir, First of all congrats for ur achievement in bodybuilding . actually I am 40 yrs old . My hight is 172 cm n weight is 82kg. I am doing exercise daily only one day of in a week. I have no complaints about my physique.but my problem is nowmy uric acid is 9 mg and my cholesterol levels is 250mg , triglycerides is 350mg . N I am a non veg lover. And 2 times alcohol also So please guide me for lean muscle n give a diet chart for this condition. Sir plz guide me what to do or what not to do.
rishiraj.phukan@gmail.com's picture
rishiraj.phukan Apr 25, 2016
Congratulations sir belhalf of being Mr.India..i wanted to ask that for increasing mass..is it necessary to lift heavy?
tarungour02@gmail.com's picture
tarungour02 Apr 25, 2016
Dear Sir, You are a inspiration for all of us. I have 72 kg weight, height 175 cm and age 25. I am not able to develop biceps correctly. Please guide me with required diet and exercise.
diptanu.shyam@gmail.com's picture
diptanu.shyam Apr 25, 2016
Dear sir, congratulations for all your hard work and achievements. I'm 27, height 179 cm with 74 kg. Can you please suggest me the best Indian diet I can have for whole day so get most for the workout and lean muscle mass. Dip
ravinder-yadav Apr 25, 2016
Sir, I am totally confused. Kindly guide me how many reps required for endurance, strength, power and hyoertrophy and with which weight??
nikhilpatel041@gmail.com's picture
nikhilpatel041 Apr 24, 2016
Hi sir ...i m very nervous..bcs my weight is too low..so plz guide me how to increasing weight..which protien suppliment is good...
Chotu Adhikary's picture
chotu-adhikary Apr 25, 2016
Sir,also i am very tenced because i am 29 year old,nd my weight 51 kg...till now do not take any supplement or gym...so,sir please guide me ......
sachin.bugaliya@gmail.com's picture
sachin.bugaliya Apr 23, 2016
Is soy chunks good for bodybuilding?
Omangthacker@gmail.com's picture
Omangthacker Apr 29, 2016
armaanvision@gmail.com's picture
armaanvision Apr 23, 2016
Hey congratulations, armaan dis side. Am 23 yrs old with 5.11 height and 83kgs weight. I need to lose weight and build ean body with strong muscles. Can u please help with a diet chart and exercies. Also is whey protein really necessary? I mean is there no other way out to have great muscles n fit body?
aryarbarua@gmail.com's picture
aryarbarua Apr 22, 2016
How to increase the skeleton size of my body after 18 yrs...as my skeleton is small..plz help..
vidursaini@gmail.com's picture
vidursaini Apr 24, 2016
Hi, the best way of increasing your skeleton mass is by doing compound movements like bench press, military press, squats and deadlifts.
bhagatdakora@gmail.com's picture
bhagatdakora Apr 22, 2016
What should be the diet plan for a vegetarian in summer days other than supplements. I have been in gym for over two years and having good results but in these days i am loosing weight continuously . Please suggest me proper diet plan.
Arvind grover's picture
arvind-grover Apr 22, 2016
Hi sir, i have been workout from last 2 years but not get good results. I want to participating in bodybuilding compition in this year. So sir please suggest me.
banmeet20@gmail.com's picture
banmeet20 Apr 22, 2016
Hii sir ,first of all congrats on your achievement,you make india proud.Sir my question is i have been gymin for 2 yrs bt my size doesnt increase .I have tried many variations bt doesnt worked .Plese suggest.
nishantkk4063@gmail.com's picture
nishantkk4063 Apr 22, 2016
Hello sir I m Nishant from delhi.My weight is 65 n height 5 8. Please suggest me a supplement for weight and muscle gain.cause I wana participate in body building of my DU college.. Please reply me sir
ritesh.singh487@gmail.com's picture
ritesh.singh487 Apr 22, 2016
I m ritesh from kanpur up .weight 84kg and age is 26 plz suggest me workout to loose weight with lean body and plz also tell me any supplement and one more question is how much time we have to take supplement to maintain lean body .please reply sir
mohitsinner007@gmail.com's picture
mohitsinner007 Apr 22, 2016
I m mohit age 19yrs from delhil.sir i want natural body without any use of protein gainer and steriod..what should i do ..
manish-vashisht Apr 22, 2016
Sir, big fan of yours. Your journey is truly inspiring for everyone. Sir, right now, I am preparing for men's physique competition and my biggest hurdle right now is my symmetry. There is almost 1inch difference between my right and left arm. Therefore, my question is to how to overcome this problem?
ranjan12977@gmail.com's picture
ranjan12977 Apr 22, 2016
Sir I'm 38 yrs of age. Have been exercising for the last two years and developed good phisique but my concern is my abs. I don't take any sweets or junk foods and eat atleast 5 times a day in small portions. I'm very conscious about my diet but still that great abs eludes me. Pls help
rathimanujmt@gmail.com's picture
rathimanujmt Apr 22, 2016
Yatindet sir, I am Manuj Rathi, 41 years, weight 80 kg, height 5'9". I've been doing regular workouts heavy weight training for more that 10 years. I've an athletic body. My question is how to build big arm size. I've tried various training programs & whey supplements in my diet. I've been changing my workout every 6 to 8 weeks. regards Manuj Rathi
anantmanglik@gmail.com's picture
anantmanglik Apr 22, 2016
Hello sir, This must be the concern for many people who hit a plateau when they are on weight loss. I want to ask what is the most effective way to shed those last few pounds off the belly which make the belly jiggle ?
raghav7007@gmail.com's picture
raghav7007 Apr 22, 2016
How to get six pack with out medicine
lakshay.bansal3@gmail.com's picture
lakshay.bansal3 Apr 22, 2016
Sir, i am 20 years height of 5.6" and lifting from 1.5 years my wikness is my chest and small bodyframe. How can i correct it and have wide chest.??
sumit.panwar8687@gmail.com's picture
sumit.panwar8687 Apr 22, 2016
Sir Ji the product of muscle blaze is good or not
bhaskar00das@gmail.com's picture
bhaskar00das Apr 21, 2016
I am 5feet 6 inch and my weight is 63. How much whey protein should I consume daily? If i skip gym then Should I consume whey that day? And do I need any other supplements other then whey protein. Pls reply
sharmaakshit16@gmail.com's picture
sharmaakshit16 Apr 21, 2016
Sir I use to weigh 110 kgs recently I have lost 35 kgs my current weight is 75 my height is 5'8 what should be my idle weight
jitudowarah77@gmail.com's picture
jitudowarah77 Apr 21, 2016
How to improve weak muscle???
ahmadraza.khan04@gmail.com's picture
ahmadraza.khan04 Apr 21, 2016
Sir I want dayet chart for a cutting Tu my body
muhammadrayis@gmail.com's picture
muhammadrayis Apr 21, 2016
Sir, I'm 24 having 85kg weight and 1.75m height from kerala. Suggest me about my ideal weight and workout plan and diet plan for a week. [email protected]
sonika.manchanda@gmail.com's picture
sonika.manchanda Apr 21, 2016
Sir its a gr8 honour 2 ask a qs frm Mr. India himself n i dnt wnt 2 miss dis opportunity at alllll....so here goes my qs....sir whu do u think is a fit girl amongst d two- a gal hvng a perfect figure of 36-24-36 or a gal hvng body wid abs,muscles n perfect body like u hv?????
yashrajrao52@gmail.com's picture
yashrajrao52 Apr 21, 2016
Hello Yatinder Singh Sir I Grand Salute For U because Sir you Have Brought Glory to India Sir I Am Yashraj rao From Udaipur. I Am 23 Year old And My Height 5.10 fit And Weight 45 Sir I Asked Question Sir How To Improve My Body I want to be like you.Sir Can u suggest a good diet plan....sir can I have any hard work sir i have train with You
jibinjoy93@gmail.com's picture
jibinjoy93 Apr 21, 2016
Hey this is Jibin, my question for u is can v build a heavy body just by having vegetables nd fruits??
Aashish Chaudhary's picture
aashish-chaudhary Apr 21, 2016
Hi sir, i'm aashish chaudhary from udaipur,rajasthan. I'm 18 years old. I want to asked u a question that how to get bigger and stronger biceps??
swarnavaroy1997@gmail.com's picture
swarnavaroy1997 Apr 21, 2016
aman.painuly@gmail.com's picture
aman.painuly Apr 21, 2016
Hi Yatinder sir, this is Aman from Rishikesh, I am huge fan and a great admirer of ur physique, my question to u is what would you suggest would be better to gain size with definition. Heavy weight and less reps (10-12) or Lighter weight and higher reps (30 -50). And how to train a lacking body part?
chirodeep2@gmail.com's picture
chirodeep2 Apr 21, 2016
Hello sir,My question is-I want to know onething,that for not being dehydrated i take 3 to 4 litres of water,by doing so i need to go for peeing for atleast 12 times in a day??So, on behalf of all newbies i want to know is that normal?? Thanking you Chiradeep Deb
lakshay.bansal3@gmail.com's picture
lakshay.bansal3 Apr 22, 2016
If you are peeing its normal...or its becouse ur salt cunsumption
toton.paul1@gmail.com's picture
toton.paul1 Apr 21, 2016
Hii sir..this is Toton paul...musclemania india natural athlete.. My question is how to keep lean gain throughout the year with controlled carb diet and with basic supplimentation like whey bcaa and pre workout.. If I need some others supplimentation please guide..
chaudharyvaibhav045@gmail.com's picture
chaudharyvaibhav045 Apr 20, 2016
Sir i am 5"6 inch i had slim body type and i am currently consuming weight gainer but it does not showing quality results so i had to switch to protein but whenever i start taking protein..i start to loose my weight and start looks weak... So sir what can i do...plz help me in this matter
csgauravmadaan@gmail.com's picture
csgauravmadaan Apr 20, 2016
I am 5'6" weight 63.5 aged 32. I have thin body. How I can gain muscles with Lean body. Sir Can u suggest a good diet plan and supplements
Aakashsethi420@gmail.com's picture
Aakashsethi420 Apr 25, 2016
Take whey protein any us brand On whey is good.. And add it in pre or post workout drink in use oats at morning and mix milk and whey protien (whey isolate)
kc220654@gmail.com's picture
kc220654 Apr 20, 2016
sir plz give proper diet for beginners??
gauravarya1210@gmail.com's picture
gauravarya1210 Apr 20, 2016
I take creatine and protein ,how and at what time a must take these both after or bofore workout
dhullrajnish@gmail.com's picture
dhullrajnish Apr 20, 2016
i want to compete in mr.asia(men's physique). but for that i want a good trainer. suggest me one. who will help me in training,diet n guieding me in this journey.
mominsohil5@gmail.com's picture
mominsohil5 Apr 20, 2016


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