Yatinder Singh
Aired on Apr 29, 2016
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Yatinder's Bio

From Sahranpur to Mr.India, this is the story of how hard work and sheer dedication triumphs over everything. Yatinder Singh started from the bottom but now has shocked the world by coming 2nd at the Mr.World championship. An ACE (American Council of Exercise) certified trainer, although Yatinder competes in Bodybuilding, his goal is that of long lasting fitness.

Yatinder is now looking to conquer Mr.World yet again!

Yatinder Singh has accumulated wins in over 20 Bodybuilding Competitions FY 14 & 15 World bodybuilding championships. At the end of yearly championships in 2016, he ended up grabbing Gold Medal in Federation Cup 2016. He also won Mr. India sugar Classic championship – Overall Title and Silver Medal in Talwalkar's Classique Invitational Bodybuilding Championship 2015. He also owns 'O' TWO GYM N SPA a global fitness facility in Gurgaon. 

So get your questions ready and tune in to his page for exciting contests before you get a chance to ask Mr.India anything on the 29th of April!


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User-Asked Questions (228)

ravinder-yadav Apr 20, 2016
U need more calories a day, specially at night with casein
mominsohil5@gmail.com's picture
mominsohil5 Apr 21, 2016
muscleblaze xxl mass gainer USE RIGHT NOW
shubhamkukreti362@gmail.com's picture
shubhamkukreti362 Apr 20, 2016
Sir my overall physic is very good my bicep my tricep my back all re good but sir my chest is not that much good i have also puffy nipples so it not look good so give some tips regarding that
kunalsheth37@gmail.com's picture
kunalsheth37 Apr 20, 2016
U need rest complete bed rest
itspratik.singh93@gmail.com's picture
itspratik.singh93 Apr 20, 2016
Sir I am in shredding mode and by sheer hardwork and very strict diet I am now stuck to 90 kg from 100kg.And my height is 6 feet 2 .I have shredded alot but my main objective was to get abs.But sir I am literally confused that what diet or workout should i do to get tthose 6pack.Currently I am following the same diet which i was following but instead of strength training now i run everyday for 5kms.will it help..???? Or is it wrong..??? PLease suggest sir what should i further from this stage in which i am stuck in..??
ravinder-yadav Apr 20, 2016
Put variation on cardio. Do cycling some day or cross trainer some day... put urswlf on liquid diet for a week and use fat burner for some day
rbajaj124@gmail.com's picture
rbajaj124 Apr 20, 2016
Do supplements make a difference... Are they really worth paying the price ??
ravinder-yadav Apr 20, 2016
manyu29@gmail.com's picture
manyu29 Apr 20, 2016
The goal of many bodybuilders is to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously..So, please guide me how you do that...what meal plan to be followed...what factors need to be considered to achieve it....'cos the whole of bodybuilding revolved around this major factor i.e to gain muscle & lose fat at the same time....guide about it ??
ravinder-yadav Apr 20, 2016
Do cardio 3 days n 3 days musclebuilding.. strict on calories and use whey and casein for muscle building
Virusisdangerous@gmail.com's picture
Virusisdangerous Apr 20, 2016
What will you choose while cutting? Fasted cardio while on a calorie deficit diet? OR Intermittent fasting with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio?
kumarashisha160294@gmail.com's picture
kumarashisha160294 Apr 19, 2016
By which suppliment we gain the size..? And how built massive biceps in 3 month
splashy.dude@gmail.com's picture
splashy.dude Apr 19, 2016
Good evening sir, Here are some of my questions: 1. What is the difference between intermittent fasting and carb cycling ? 2. How long a ketogenic diet should be followed.? 3. What are the best exercises for rotator cuffs ? Thank You!!
dipeshkaushik350@gmail.com's picture
dipeshkaushik350 Apr 19, 2016
Firstly,Congratulations for Making Mr. India.... Sir My 1st question to you:-Is supplement necessary to build muscle or not....2.How can I Weight Gain Fastly....3:-which is the best supplement (in veg.category) for Weight Gain....3:-Which is best from pre and post workout Exercise protin....which should you prefer:-Pre or Post workout protin....4:-what is The diet Plan for Weight And Muscle Gain Fastly...5:-which is the best multivitamin..
blacklisted24@gmail.com's picture
blacklisted24 Apr 19, 2016
1-) Every guy in the gym and every other trainer says you need to train heavy (do heavy compound movements focus less on isolation movements), that's the only way to build muscle, what is your take on it, you need to train heavy or you need to stimulate muscle with both compound and isolation movements with medium to medium-heavy weights (any other)..? 2-) What are your top 5 food choices that you are ready to eat every day in order to be healthy and build muscle.? Please include 5 veg and 5 non-veg choices you pick.. 3-) If you have to stand on a stage in next 3 months for competition what is your dite..? What supplements you take..? And which kind of workout do you do..? 4-) What sacrifice have you made in order to be where you are..??
www.babybindas@gmail.com's picture
www.babybindas Apr 19, 2016
1.Do you think behind the Neck Military Press is a good shoulder exercise? 2.What do you think is better Creatine or Pre a workout? 3.What should be your Workout type when you're on a cut? 4.How important is testosterone in bodybuilding and whats your take on TEST BOOSTERS? 5.Apart from a balanced diet is a Fat Burners required to get a six pack abs? What do you think of HIIT and cardio exercises.Are they a must to get a solid core and a six pack?
amanrai1411@gmail.com's picture
amanrai1411 Apr 19, 2016
Have injured tendons in the shoulder can lift but have problem especially while doing clean and jerk ,have always focused on good form and warm-up but still suffering from shoulder problem from quite sometime had MRI there's a tear of 2cm in tendons,have also focused on rear shoulder exercises to avoid imbalance but still injured it. I have heard about several sorts of injuries and tears while lifting weights is injuries in weightlifting unavoidable? Have you ever been injured like this ?
Ronak Amareliya's picture
ronak-amareliya Apr 19, 2016
Which is the good workout plan for few weeks ?
Jaleel.erm@gmail.com's picture
Jaleel.erm Apr 19, 2016
I started my training about 1year and not using any type of protein powders or medicines, only using natural foods.Can I make my body shredded without using any supplements?
lakshay.bansal3@gmail.com's picture
lakshay.bansal3 Apr 22, 2016
Yess its possible brother...supplement only give 4 to 5% of ur tranformation...it helps but can not replace food..eat clean diet and work hard u will be at ur best
rajeshsk874@gmail.com's picture
rajeshsk874 Apr 19, 2016
sir, my question is why not gain my muscle, and my abs
rajkunwarsinghofficial@gmail.com's picture
rajkunwarsinghofficial Apr 19, 2016
I have been doing heavy weight training from past one year and have gained mass and muscles but due to an ACL injury I suffered last year ,I have to underho surgery and won't be able to do training for atleast 2 months.Will I lose all my gains and what's the best way to regain all after resuming training. Thankyou Sir !
alfan_85@yahoo.com's picture
alfan_85 Apr 19, 2016
Its great to see a bodybuilder on stage n say its jus hardwork of years But would like to know how do seperate urself from being a individual n bodybuilder.....would love to know secret ....n d most imprtant rule of ur life which makes u a succesful bodybuilder n sportsman......TY
sharavanapj@gmail.com's picture
sharavanapj Apr 19, 2016
I am putting more weights in gym and taking foods well supplements..but i cant gain weight in this summer...my body is drying... Give me some tips...
Subhadeepdas159@gmail.com's picture
Subhadeepdas159 Apr 18, 2016
When I make muscle bulking
singhsanjay846@gmail.com's picture
singhsanjay846 Apr 18, 2016
My left chest appears to be bigger than the right chest in pictures, my trainer told me that it's because of fat composition. Can getting shreded wil help them?? Also have short biceps attachement, can I win competition despite of that??
Aditya Sehgal's picture
aditya-sehgal Apr 18, 2016
My trainer made me do eccentric movements for biceps and legs. Are they beneficial? As I have never heard about it from any trainer before. Also is Creatine HCL better than Creatine Monohydrate?
hardeep singh's picture
hardeep-singh Apr 18, 2016
Muscle up diet plan


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