Anoop Thakur
Aired on Mar 23, 2016
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Anoop's Bio

Mr. World and Team ON Athlete Anoop Singh Thakur coming soon to Healthkart Connect for an Ask Me Anything Session!

Anoop Thakur's journey started from a pilot, to a T.V star, where he played the blind prince, Dhritrashtra. Spurned by his passion for bodybuilding, he went on to win Mr.World physique! His journey shows us that no dream is unattainable. 

Recently having made all of us super proud by winning the Mr.World title for India, he is coming to Healthkart Connect on the 23rd of March from 3pm to 5pm. So ask him all your questions, be it getting that fabled six pack or how to prepare for a competition!




User-Asked Questions (184)'s picture
arif Mar 23, 2016
Hello Sir, I'm 26 weighing around 58 kg and my height is 173.3 cm. I am hitting the gym for the last 1 and a half years. I used to be very thin before but after hitting the gym regularly and maintaining a high calorie diet & with the help of a mass gainer I have gained around 6-7 kg but it got stagnant. Though I know I'm still underweight, I have a lean physique with less muscle mass and more cuts. I have broad shoulders and my waist is narrow. I had few queries like: 1. As I know I don’t have the ideal BMI. What should I do to gain mass/weight? 2. What should be my ideal diet plan? 3. I have a narrow waist (30inch), Chest(36) and broad shoulders(18) but my lats aren’t well built so I look odd in the middle.What’s the solution? 4. What should be the ideal sets & reps? should I go for heavy weights or less?
Ks Basith Ahmed's picture
ks-basith-ahmed Mar 23, 2016
How to get six packs abs
manish-vashisht Mar 23, 2016
Sir, first of all thank you for making all of us proud by winning Mr. World title. Ur journey is truly an inspiration for me. And my question to you is this that right now I m preparing for men's physique and the biggest problem with my Physique is the symmetry. There is almost one inch difference between my arms. Please help me in overcoming this problem. Thank you's picture
Adityatiware71 Mar 23, 2016
First of all congratulations for winning mr. World title.. I want to know that how much cardio should be done for weight loss,maintain lean mass,gaining phase.. Thanks's picture
harshraj.k24 Mar 23, 2016
Hi bro..this is Harshraj Salunke, We All Love And Respect u Thakur Anoop Singh..I following u from last some year..ur every step.politeness. etc. Many more things to lurn from u.. If,you were a political leader in India, we would surly be a Healthy n Ripped Nation!!! U r inspiration for us n I'll also work to spread fitness awareness everywhere I go!!... Thanks Bratha n my Question is " How to Loss Lower Belly Fat ? "'s picture
ritzkara Mar 23, 2016
Thank You Sir, Also Sir I want to know is there any good Supplement for pre-work and post??'s picture
pankaj.sharma Mar 23, 2016
Hi Anoop.. I am a big fan of yours and look forward to see more in movies. Please suggest a good veg diet that should help my workout.'s picture
mayureshvaradkar Mar 23, 2016
Hi..anoop first of all happy birthday..i 20 yrs old m on a low carb diet for couple of weeks for shredding n i lose 4 kg weight..and m still continuing my diet but i have stop shredding what should i do for it?'s picture
ritzkara Mar 23, 2016
Thakur Sir, I am 31 years old and want to build good muscle. But i have an issue, I workout a lot on my stomach but no result. Also I am suffering from IBS and having Gastro-Intestinal Problem. So what exercise and diet should I take for getting a good flat and ripped abs.'s picture
monika.sharma Mar 23, 2016
Hi Anoop, congratulations- My question is how to break weight loss plateau ? have lost 6kgs but need to lose 12 more but cant see that happening, i do gyming during evening for an hour. what to avoid in carbs i take brown bread, poha, etc in breakfast quite often, kindly suggest...'s picture
ranemayur87 Mar 23, 2016
I was one of ur fitfactor competitor from the year when you won u have the greatest stage confidence can you please give some tips on great stage presence's picture
harshraj.k24 Mar 23, 2016
Hi bro..this is Harshraj Salunke, We All Love And Respect u Thakur Anoop Singh..I following u from last some year..ur every step.politeness. etc. Many more things to lurn from u.. If,you were a political leader in India, we would surly be a Healthy n Ripped Nation!!! U r inspiration for us n I'll also work to spread fitness awareness everywhere I go!!... Thanks Bratha n my Question is " How to Loss Lower Belly Fat ? "'s picture
bhagatrajakumar Mar 23, 2016
Bro my thighs are so large that i cant even walk properly....and i have so much belly fat that you cant say from my back that i am a boy or a girl. please suggest me some ways to reduce fat from these target areas.'s picture
yaggupanchal Mar 23, 2016
Which type of strech is required?? Before and after workout?? Pls share some usefull tips.'s picture
pankaj_nangal Mar 23, 2016
Hi Sir, i am gained 7 kg weight with in 2 months, but my muscle size not improve kindly suggest me regd. pankaj kumar's picture
pankaj_nangal Mar 23, 2016
Hi Sir, i am gained 7 kg weight with in 2 months, but my muscle size not improve kindly suggest me's picture
bhaskar.bjk27 Mar 23, 2016
Hello sir, i am 23 years old. Weighing 52kg. I am thin and 5'3". I want to join gym and have a lean athletic body. Want to get fit and have strength. I stay in hostel, so the food is not that proper. So, what diet i need to maintain ? And what routine should i maintain in gym ? Thank you! :)'s picture Mar 23, 2016
Hello I want to increase my muscles size, which supplement I should take which will boost up my muscles size. I am already taking MuscleBlaze Pro7 Protein Blend, I am searching for ON Creatine, will it be okay to take?'s picture
jugnu195 Mar 23, 2016
sir i want to make my chest square shaped like varun dhawans chest. plz tell me which workouts to do and which to avoid to get that shape.'s picture
prashantkrjha Mar 23, 2016
Hi Anoop, I have been struggling to get these love handles off me. I have been following clean diet and exercising regularly. Could you help me by suggesting any targeted exercise for the same. Thank You:)'s picture
bhagatrajakumar Mar 23, 2016
hi brother i am your big fan!!! I am a fat ugly looking person.. weighing 96 kg, height 6.0 ft, waist 40" I WANT TO BE RIPPED OFF like you... brother. for this i am taking leave from my office this may i want some tips from you..especially regarding how shall i plan towards my fitness. Any important things to be kept in mind!!
Mandeep Kumar's picture
mandeep-kumar Mar 23, 2016
Are extra enzymes other than in body are required to digest whey protein? As many whey protein brands claims that extra enzymes are added.'s picture
mukul.gupta1048 Mar 23, 2016
sir I am 21 years old my height is 5.60 and weight is 62 I want to gain bulk so suggest me suitable diet both veg. and non. veg.'s picture
wwerahul.verma Mar 23, 2016
Hello sir I am 25 years old and with my gym workout i am using muscle blaze XXL weight gainer and I have gained 5 KG weight. So now currently my weight is 75 KG but I want to gain more and also I want to make my body is in shape. So what should I suppose to do for gain more and for lean body & is their any harm of using the supplement with GYM. Please confirm.'s picture
bboykarizzma Mar 23, 2016
Sir is the diet given on healthkart your official diet?..and if yes..then could you explain why there's no pre workout and post workout meal mentioned differently...moreover ..I would also like to isopure the best brand out there? as I consume universal nutrition's prostar whey due to the protein content as calculated by the formula protein per serving/serving size which suggests that it is higher than in the case of isopure..what do you recommend?..thank you so much in advance..and hearty congratulations on all the success's picture
shankaranimax Mar 23, 2016
Sir I am 30 yrs old man, My hight is 5.7'' my weight is 110Kg, I hav joined the gym. What kind of workout i should do & what should be my diet. pls help me out.'s picture
luckyji506 Mar 23, 2016
Hello sir , I want to prepare myself for competition . please Gave me some tips ..'s picture
vk097242 Mar 23, 2016
Sir I want to know supplement for muscle building and timing to use them's picture
rohitsharma Mar 23, 2016
how can i remove my shag skin near abdomin area's picture
aditiyaroyk Mar 23, 2016
How to much protein chicken breast 100gm and lentil ,kidney bean can I take roti one meal 3 roti's picture
aditiyaroyk Mar 23, 2016
Sir how to burn lower chest fat (man boom)'s picture
suryavanshi031989 Mar 23, 2016
Hello, I want to gain my weight and mussel plz suggest's picture
aditiyaroyk Mar 23, 2016
Can I burn fat same time and build a muscle and muscleblaze isolate protein is pure protein or not can I take muscleblaze isolate protein's picture
aditiyaroyk Mar 23, 2016
Hello anoop sir how to increase biceps and triceps in 1 week please answer sir's picture
himanshukumarrout Mar 23, 2016
I want to gain weight or gain mass whatever you say.i just want to do it without going to tell me the diet or protein which will stay me bulkier long time.
Abid's picture
abid Mar 23, 2016
Hi Anoop, I was a bodybuilder before but because i'm an engineer didn't get much time to weight train.Now back to it.How is the best way to reduce Belly Fat.want to get over it as soon as possuible
santosh-nirmal Mar 23, 2016
How to gain lean mass pls provide me diet plan and workout schedule's picture
supawar88 Mar 23, 2016
Hello Anoop sir congrats I m 27 years old and I corporate professional. my weight is 108 KGS. i take why protein regularly after evening workout.what should I do to loose extra fat ? suggest me diet.
Arjun Vas's picture
arjun-vas Mar 23, 2016
Hi sir, I have heard that Behind the neck shoulder press and Behind the neck pulldowns are dangerous to perform. Also that they dont have any noticeable benefit compared to the alternatives. But I still see people doing it. So what's ur opinion?'s picture
vk097242 Mar 23, 2016
I want to built lean muscle mass can u suggest me Deit plan and workout plan's picture
vk097242 Mar 23, 2016
And I want to know meal timing's picture
ashish.chawla.ind Mar 23, 2016
Hello sir, Just want ask I am unable to get my arms growing when I compare with my chest and back. so what should I do get bigger arms's picture
gautamsarvari1990 Mar 23, 2016
Hi Anoop....Im a really Big fan of Yours. You have an amazing physic. I just wanted to ask you about your diet. what are your Pre and post workout stuff ?? How do you manage your diet consistently ?? What are the best ways to gain lean muscles ? Thanks ! :)'s picture
2006.dey Mar 23, 2016
Hi,Anoop congrats and keep the national flag high..I m 32 years old and I corporate professional. I m having body fat around 15-17 %,weight is 69 KGS 1.what should be my workout splits 2.I am having weak triceps as compare to bidceps.what should I do 3.i take why protein isolate regularly.should I stop on rest days 4.I m married so should I do sex on as usual basis or intermittent 5.what should I do to get those extra fat shredded from my belly. Please, note i don't wanna to have six pack but it should be lean from every aspects's picture
karan6398 Mar 23, 2016
Hi bro nice physique...i wanted to ask u ...abou rotator cuff impigniment...its been 6 months i visited gym....i have recovered but still i feel strain in lats..nd some sound in shoulder blades...i have gained weight and i am confused whether to shred or do gain diet so as to hit iron back as it was earlier...please tell me recovery tips and what should i do first in gym ..also some strengthening exercise for shoulder as it was imbalance of muscle....when should i bench .? Thanx for ur tym....thanking u in advance's picture
sumesh.mahajan14 Mar 23, 2016
Hi anoop sir i m a very huge fan... Sir i m regular gym but I don't have a good chest and shoulders ... I have a pointed and a fatty chest and l don't have upper chest ....Sir I want to get rid of the pointed chest ... and please tell me a diet plan for gaining and exercises of chest and shoulders's picture
procreating Mar 23, 2016
Hi Anoop... Am 36yrs, 5ft11in, 72kg and decently built... I used to have Ripped Fuel by Twinlab long back and got great results. What is a good Testosterone booster that can give me a streamlined body with moderate exercise? I work in advertising and can't workout too long... Though I do try to manage alternate days. Cheers!'s picture
ihidayath Mar 23, 2016
Hi Anoop trying to lose my weight. I am 184CM tall and has 95 Kg (27 age). Please suggest the perfect weight that i must reach. and suggest the when and who much whey I should intake. Workout I do Morning 3-4 Km Jogging Night - 45min workout gym Do I need to workout more . Thanks in advance's picture
rahulbh91 Mar 23, 2016
Hi anoop sir, first congratulations for ur successfull carrier . now I'm having a thin body and I would like to know what are the exact gym routine, as I don't have a proper trainer I'm confused with Rep's for each body part. Also if u could suggest me a proper diet ,with what type of protein and other supplements it would be really helpful. And after I follow Ur suggestions and get great results, I can say YEAH Anoop sir helped me . Thanks .. Keep shining ..'s picture
danishzaffar8 Mar 23, 2016
Hi Anoop.. :) This is Daanish.. I just want to ask i m doing gym consistently for olmost more tha a year now.. But i didn't find the expected mass growth .could you please suggest me something for gaining mass.. Thanks


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