Anoop Thakur
Aired on Mar 23, 2016
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Anoop's Bio

Mr. World and Team ON Athlete Anoop Singh Thakur coming soon to Healthkart Connect for an Ask Me Anything Session!

Anoop Thakur's journey started from a pilot, to a T.V star, where he played the blind prince, Dhritrashtra. Spurned by his passion for bodybuilding, he went on to win Mr.World physique! His journey shows us that no dream is unattainable. 

Recently having made all of us super proud by winning the Mr.World title for India, he is coming to Healthkart Connect on the 23rd of March from 3pm to 5pm. So ask him all your questions, be it getting that fabled six pack or how to prepare for a competition!




User-Asked Questions (184)'s picture
mohdarif8494 Mar 23, 2016
Hi.sir.i am ur question is that, I used lot of whey protein but they give me any satisfaction.can you sir ask me about best whey protein and best diet plan.'s picture
deeparora4342 Mar 23, 2016
Hi Anoop bro I want to ask you how to prepare a good body and please tell me the diet I need to follow. And tell How to get rid of wrong and bad things . Thank you bro's picture
amanagarwal48 Mar 23, 2016
How can i increase my testosterone level naturally.kindly suggest me sum good diet or supplement that can increase my b series vitamins and my per my blood test i lack these two.'s picture
rakinarla Mar 23, 2016
How to get rid of love handles . please help me in what type of workouts should we proceed and diet plan?'s picture
abhilashdhoundiyal Mar 23, 2016
Hi Anoop, Is soy protein good source of protein for men? There are myths about it that it increases estrogen and decreases testosterone level in men. How much soy can I consume in a day without impacting my testosterone level, if any?
atul's picture
atul Mar 23, 2016
what is fat burner exactly?will it reduce overall body weight or only extra fat of body?'s picture
vyankateshp58 Mar 23, 2016
Hello sir. I'm vyankatesh. I'm 5ft 8inch, 65kg with 11% bodyfat. What should I, as i am vegetarian, should increase in his diet to maintain his sufficient supply of protein? I have little bit of fat on my abs. What should i do to make my abs look sharper?'s picture
nithinsachins Mar 22, 2016
Sir, How much should i consume (protein and carbs ) to gain muscle mass as fast as possible with least fat possible. I have been working out for quite some time now more than a year, I am 5ft 9in tall and weigh at 70kgs bodyfat is 14%
Aniket Tambe's picture
aniket-tambe Mar 22, 2016
Sir,my height is 5'4" & weight is 80kg i have stubborn fat in my glutes and hamstring area as compared to my upper body.plz suggest some exercise to cut down those fat.And I have lower belly fat also suggest some exercise to cut those fat.'s picture
harshlohia231 Mar 22, 2016
Hii sir, I have been working since 7 months and i want to know the diet i should follow..i am a vegetarian and want to build up muscles. There is a lot of fats.
sachin's picture
sachin Mar 22, 2016
Hello sir :) does fat that we eat gets stored as fat in the body? And should i worry about it if i eat healthy fats and on bulking diet?i am college going studenr and i am unable to find snacks for college .i get 10 min to eat between is 4th meal for me.please tell some good options(veg) that i can finish fast.thx alot's picture
Saicompaq Mar 22, 2016
hi sir ! my ques is -how i get ripped body .what type of training and diet i follow's picture
ashu.topsykreets Mar 22, 2016
Sir, i am not gaining muscles i'm only using muscleblaze whey protein please suggest some extra supplements's picture
pawan_arora1616 Mar 22, 2016
Hi, Anoop! How many times a week I need to do cardio? I've got around 20% bodyfat. My current weight is 72, height 5.9. Will the crunches with optimal diet plan enough to burn the remaining fat and get me the desirable abs? I've been working out since more than 2 yrs but yet to get the desired pshyique. Please give some good suggestions.'s picture
biswasbaptu123 Mar 22, 2016
hii anoop sir sir what is the total diet plan to have a body like you?'s picture
Abubakar.dadani40 Mar 22, 2016
Hi Anoop sir...first of all congrats for the me how to gain my weight. Sir i have a dream k mein ek big competition mein participate karu.plsss sir reply's picture
usnagur Mar 22, 2016
Nature's Best Isopure Low Carb, 7.5 lb Dutch Chocolate vs MuscleBlaze Whey Protein, 9.9 lb Rich Milk Chocolate Which is better ? I would NOT LIKE to gain weight.Am a tennis player,and go to Gym regularly.'s picture
skulthe98 Mar 22, 2016
What should be the diet for office goer's who also want to build their muscles. As per your diet we cant manage half of it in busy schedule. I have been working out from 5 months results r showing just want more size.'s picture
amitky1993 Mar 22, 2016
hey anoop.. congratz first of all.. my question is can i build muscle by consuming 0.6 to 0.7g per pound of bodyweight and i workout only 4 times a week.. i just want to a good physique.. not a bodybuilder physique.. thanx in advance bro!'s picture
dsarora34 Mar 22, 2016
Hey Anoop... I just want to know the secret of building my muscle mass and hard mid section... Even though I am doing very hard mid section exercises since 7 months, but no results r shown... Plzz help...
pawan nabiyal's picture
pawan-nabiyal Mar 21, 2016
Hi Anoop...first of all congrats for the victory.....i have been working out from the last 8 months but didn't seeing the my chest chest and back both are legging.....and please tell is it good to train two body parts like back and biceps on a same day or should i opt for the separate day for single body part.??i currently weigh 64kg and 5'6 height...please help!'s picture
shashvatc Mar 21, 2016
ii wana b like you can give me some tips's picture
sushovanchatterjee5 Mar 21, 2016
Suggests good sopplement's picture
pathansalim62 Mar 21, 2016
i am doing excercise since last 5 yrs. i want cutt on my body. give me tips's picture
abhilashdhoundiyal Mar 21, 2016
Hi Anoop Thakur, First of all, big fan of yours. I need your suggestion on hiring a Personal Trainer. I am thinking of hiring one. What are the things I should consider or keep in mind while hiring a PT?'s picture
iamsanskar85 Mar 21, 2016
Hey im sanskar. My height is 6'1'' and weight is 73 kg. Im doing exercises of lower portion i.e. legs but my thigh size not increasing. Hey ama suggest mr something effective's picture
haniabhishek Mar 21, 2016
Adityatiware71 Mar 23, 2016
Just drop your body fat percentage In a single digit(6%,7%,8%)it will get rid of your problem.. If it will remain same then you may have gyno consult doctor's picture
abhilashpaul64 Mar 21, 2016
Is Expanding ribcage is a myth ? Can we expand our ribcage ? If there any possible exercises please let me know . 2. Fat cant be targeted . i want to loose my belly fat. i can feel the abs but its not visible . my body wieght 58 kgs . 5.6inch . age 19 . please suggest some exercises or cardio to make it vissible also if some supplements that might help.'s picture
er.pandit456 Mar 21, 2016
Actually my weight is 72 kg .now I want to be increase muscle volume....more n my biceps size is 13 inch I use muscle tech nitrotech ....or mass gainer.kindly tell me's picture
dwijendesai07 Mar 21, 2016
Use nitrotech ....don't think to consume any gainer.....'s picture
rulebreaker001 Mar 21, 2016
What are you body measurements?'s picture
shamimren Mar 21, 2016
Suggest good quality protein..'s picture
tahirh100 Mar 21, 2016
you can go for BSN STNTHA 6, ON or ultimate nutrition,,,, all r best,, ultimate nutrition has protein % of about 85%


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