Samir Jaura
Celebrity Trainer
Aired on Sep 25, 2015
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Samir's Bio

Meet Samir Jaura. Celebrity Trainer extraordinaire. Having trained the likes of Hrithik Roshan for Bang Bang and Priyanka Chopra for Mary Kom, Samir specializes in Tabata, Blood type training and the Nautilus Principle. Not only that he is a certified sports nutritionist from the International Fitness Association (IFA) from USA.

Samir’s highest credential to his cap is however transforming a slender Farhan Akhtar to play the gargantuan role of Milkha Singh in the biopic film ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’. With Samir’s help and a scaringly accurate workout and diet plan, Farhan got into the best shape of his life, thus inspiring millions to undertake their fitness journey. He’s coming to your screens for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on HK Connect. Whether it be a question to attain the Milkha Singh look or to ask Samir who he’s training next, be sure to tune in for our biggest AMA yet on 25th September!

Fun facts about Samir!

  • My Fitness Inspiration: Sylvester Stallone

  • Fittest celebrity in my opinion: Farhan Akhtar

  • My Fitness Mantra: Workout regularly and don't indulge in alcohol or recreational drugs

  • My favourite exercises: Back workouts; which people tend to avoid

  • My favourite celebrity transformation and why: Farhan Akhtar, because he totally surrendered himself to me during the making of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and thus created history

  • My favourite supplements: Whey Isolate and Glutamine

  • My favourite equipment: Kettlebell and the Bosu Ball


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User-Asked Questions (410)

ashok kumar's picture
ashok-kumar Sep 19, 2015
Dite plan for me's picture
Sanamchhetri83 Sep 18, 2015
Hi sir I am sanam and my question is how to get weight gain actually my body is very skinny so please tell me how to get fat.
Samir Jaura's picture
samir-jaura Sep 25, 2015
Try to increase calories in your diet. If you are hitting the gym, you can also add gainer in your supplements.'s picture
Bishnuprasadp Sep 18, 2015
Hello Samir, Thanks for giving your time for this forum. I have 2 questions for you. I am 28 Years old, 6.2 feet and 93 kg weight. I don't have any medical history. Workout - Usually I do weight training and cardio after that. Supplement- Whey Iso Protein and fat burner, 1. From last 4 months I am going through weight loss training. First 2 months I have lost around 15 kg but now I am seeing, my weight is not going down in that pace. Last 2 month I have lost only 3 kgs. Especially my lower waistline have lot of fat. Can you please guide me? 2. It's better to have some target in mind while working out. How much weight loss one can target in a month?
Samir Jaura's picture
samir-jaura Sep 25, 2015
You have hit your plateau. Keep changing your workout and intensity it will help you to show improvement. YOu should target 5kg per month. Make sure your diet is clean.
ROHIT TUPE's picture
rohit-tupe Sep 18, 2015
Sir i m Rohit tupe. I workout daily for 1 hour and take diet regularly. Sir which suppliment is best for me. Im beginner sir. Please suggest gym tips as well as supplement for me...
Samir Jaura's picture
samir-jaura Sep 25, 2015
Man it depend what goal you are targeting. You can start with Whey protein in beginner stage.
vijay's picture
vijay Sep 18, 2015
i m working hard but not getting any visbel changes in my body and my weight is stuck to 88 kg not coming down ,can u suggest me a better work out plan???
Samir Jaura's picture
samir-jaura Sep 25, 2015
You must have hit your plateau. Try to change in your workout routine and intensity. it will show you improvement.'s picture
singhjayant92 Sep 20, 2015
@vijay, Well, if you're trying to lose weight, you should focus more on your diet. A simple HIIT program (google it) will be enough for your workouts, but until you get your diet right, you won't see any changes. I'd suggest a high protein low carb diet with supplements like L-Carnitine and fish oil.


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