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Benefits of Cycling in Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals

Benefits of Cycling
Cycling to Lose Belly Fat 
Benefits of Cycling for Overall Weight Loss
Cycling Exercise for Weight Loss Indoors 
How to Prep Yourself before Cycling for Weight Loss
Bottom Line

Spicing up your exercise routine is a great way to make your training and workout sessions engaging and interesting. If weight loss is your goal for the season, then you cannot undermine the importance of cardio workouts. An intense cardio workout effectively gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping, leading you to sweat buckets. Cycling involves a good degree of cardio work and will help you lose weight in no time. Further, the benefits of cycling also cater to your mental health wherein you can spend a considerable amount of time outdoors and breathe in the fresh air.

In this article, we will dwell upon how cycling is good for weight loss. 

Cycling to Lose Belly Fat 

Belly fat is always difficult to get rid of but might be easy to gain. And like with all exercise routines, cycling takes quite a bit of time to help you lose the fat around the waistline. However, with focused and consistent efforts, it is possible to achieve this micro goal. 

Cycling for 45 minutes to an hour is considered a semi-intense workout session. It has similarities to other types of exercises such as swimming, hiking, and jogging. When you combine this with a protein-rich diet (comprising lean chicken meat, eggs, fish, tofu, milk, legumes, and pulses), you enhance high-density Lipoprotein and burn belly fat quickly in the process. 

To reap the benefits of cycling for weight loss and reach your fat burning zone effectively, here is what you should do:

  • Start at a moderate intensity wherein you need to maintain this pace for 80% of the time and increase your speed to high intensity for the remaining 20%. 
  • Over time, this intermittent mid to high intensity routine will help you reduce belly fat and cut down on calories. 
  • Try to go out for your cycling routine either after waking up in the morning or after an eight-hour gap between two meals (this type of cycling is known as fasted cycling). The main idea here is to have an empty stomach before you embark on your cycling exercise for weight loss. This stimulates your body to burn calories faster. 

Benefits of Cycling for Overall Weight Loss

It has been proven in a study conducted by YMCA that people who have a regular active lifestyle reported having better mental health. Thus, the benefits of cycling are quite extensive when it comes to your well-being. Cycling weight loss, particularly, is helpful because:

  • It helps you build and tone your muscles 
  • It is a low-impact workout option 
  • It is time-saving 

Some other perks, apart from the benefits of cycling for weight loss include:

  • Enhances your immune system 
  • Improves your lung capacity 
  • Lowers risk of heart-related disorders
  • Works on your navigational skills 
  • Improves your sense of balance 

Cycling Exercise for Weight Loss Indoors 

Home cycling for weight loss is ideal for those who are unable to venture outdoors or are not comfortable riding a bicycle. There are two types of stationary home cycles:

  1. Mini Cycle 
  2. Indoor Cycle Trainer 

A stationary cycle is a stress-free option, as you can avoid the road and this keeps you safe from chances of a serious accident or injuring yourself. 

How to Prep Yourself before Cycling for Weight Loss

You need to be mentally prepared to cycle for at least an hour to start burning fat. A few other pointers you should keep in mind are listed below:

1.      Begin on a Flat Surface 

If you are a beginner, you need to practice maintaining balance on a flat surface. 

2.  Warm Up and Cool Down 

You shouldn’t run to your cycle the moment you get up. You need to properly warm up and cool down to ensure that the cycling routine does not put stress on your back. Devote at least 5 minutes to stretching your ankles, back, legs, and hips both before and after cycling. 

3.  Focus on the Minutes

You should at least cycle for about 45-60 minutes, covering 20-30 km. More than the distance, the duration is what counts the most. 

Bottom Line

 The benefits of cycling for weight loss are immense. You can also consider going on a cycling trip with your friends on weekends or just fixing up regular cycling routines for group activities. For added motivation, you can even sign up for a cycling competition. This will compel you to practice often and will promote weight loss in a positive manner.

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