Best Food Sources for Essential Vitamins and Minerals


Vitamins and minerals are essential for the body as they are not synthesized in the body (Else vitamin D) but have to take from the external sources like foods. Minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, and others are not organic elements and sourced from soils, water, or rocks. Vitamins like vitamin A, B, C,E, and others originate from plants and animals. As our lifestyle started getting away from nature and more inclined to artificial adaptation, we started seeing the deficiency of these vitamins and minerals that causes many health issues. To address the deficiency, vitamin supplements have been introduced in our busy life yet unable to replace the natural sources.

Foods with Rich Vitamins and Minerals:

Minerals play an important role to grow and stay healthy. Along with these, minerals perform various other functions which include developing hormones and maintaining the heartbeat normal. Here are some major minerals with a rich source of foods. 

  • Calcium: All the dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese and leafy greens.

  • Magnesium: Broccoli, spinach, seeds, whole grains bread, legumes. 

  • Sodium: vegetables, salt, soy

  • Chloride: salt

  • Potassium: Legumes, whole grains, fruits, meat, milk, vegetables

  • Iodine: seafood like fish, crabs, lobster, and iodized salt

  • Copper: seeds, whole grains, prunes, beans, shellfish, nuts

  • Zinc: whole grains, shellfish, meat, legumes

  • Iron: eggs, poultry, fortified bread, green vegetables, turkey, fruits, red meat

Vitamins are the nutrients that help the body to fight against the diseases. You got the better immunity shield in their presence. Mainly there are two types of vitamins: Water soluble vitamins and Fat soluble vitamins. Water soluble vitamins can’t be stored in the body but fat soluble vitamins can be. Here are some vitamin rich foods.

vitamin a

Vitamin A Foods:

To promote reproductive behavior, proper eyes functioning, and others, vitamin A foods play an important role that includes milk, eggs, carrots, mango, beef liver, spinach, green leafy vegetables, fish, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and many others.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B Foods:

Vitamin B complex is water soluble so it should be taken on a daily basis. Here are some vitamin b foods you should consume in this regard if you don’t want to take supplements. 

  • Vitamin B1 foods: Acorn squash, ham, watermelon, 

  • Vitamin B2 foods: Dairy products like Whole grains, cereals, cheese, yogurt, milk, cheese, and others.

  • Vitamin B3 foods: Potatoes, Mushrooms, Meat, turkey, fish, poultry, eggs

  • Vitamin B 5 foods: Whole grains, Mushrooms, broccoli, avocados, and Poultry like chicken, turkey, eggs, 

  • Vitamin B6 foods: Meat, poultry, soy, bananas, tofu, legumes

  • Vitamin B7 foods: Fish, Soybeans, Whole grains, eggs

  • Vitamin B9 foods: This vitamin is also called folate that’s synthetic form is folic acid and is found in orange juice, peas, chickpeas, cereals, spinach, legumes, broccoli, grains.

  • Vitamin B12 foods: Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, turkey, and veg Vitamin B12 foods are cereals, soymilk, dairy products like milk, cheese, and others. 

Biotin: It comes in the Vitamin B family and also called vitamin H that converts certain nutrients into fuel for the body. Some of the biotin rich foods are sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread, broccoli, Spinach, oatmeal, banana, apple, salmon, sunflower seeds, almonds, tuna, fish, meat, eggs otherwise you can use Biotin capsules to fill the biotin gap in your body.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C Foods:

Citrus fruits are the best source of vitamin c. You can have orange, mango, apple, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, sprouts, spinach, broccoli, potatoes, and others.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D Foods:

Fish, mushrooms, eggs, meat, poultry, milk, cereals are the best Vitamin D3 Foods. Sun is an ultimate source of vitamin D. If you are unable to get enough vitamin D, you can use vitamin tablets which contain Vitamin D3 that helps to absorb calcium in the bones.

vitamin e

Vitamin E Food:

It is better to get vitamin E food to replenish the vitamin e in the body that includes leafy green vegetables, nuts, whole grains, oats, vegetables oil, and others. You can also use vitamin e capsules in absence of these foods with the consultation of a doctor or professionals. 

List of rich foods with vitamins and minerals goes on and on. It needs a great effort to make a habit to incorporate these all best food sources for essential vitamins and minerals but worth it. Due to busy schedules, if you are unable to maintain your vitamins and minerals, you rely on vitamins & supplements on a temporary basis.


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