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Sep 02, 2015

Best time to consume creatine

I have used muscleblaze whey protein...and mb creatine too...but my question is that which time to consume creatine and whey protein...I had do gym for last 6months...
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Sep 02, 2015
For whey protein best time is after workout within 15 min and creatien have no specific time , creatien consumption is a process to fill your ATP level in body. Naturally our body can produce creatien in small quantity. Non veg person produce more compare to veg people. You can take it any time, but there are many research show before and after workout is good compare to morning and before bed. My personal experience is good with 20 days in morning and 20 days ( 30 min) before workout with glucoses because it is best source of carbs and easily absorbed or digest. Creatine increase the water level in body which give massive pump during workout. It also provide strength , power and stamina.
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Sep 02, 2015


Just take whey and creatine in the morning on your non-training days and after your workout. When consuming creatine have it with simple sugars.


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Sep 03, 2015

Hi Anuj,

If you are taking creatine monohydraten you should follow two phases for that 

1st LOADING PHASE: You should take 15-20 grm per day for the same if you face any blowting problem then take just 10 grm per day ( 1 scoop before workout with glucose or with any type of juice or red bull or getorade and One scoop you should add with your whey protein or gainer as post workout)

2nd MAINTENANCE PHASE: Just take 5g after your workout with your whey or gainer.


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