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Apr 24, 2016

Bloating & essential probiotics supplement & effect of it on muscle mass gain

Hi, I am on regular protein supplements & workout. My diet includes different types of fibres vegetables. I do take whey protein as a protein supplement & I am a vegetarian. I have problems with stomach. bloating being one of the major issue. Recently I consulted a physician and he suggested me to get a good probiotic supplement as well. Is the bloating caused because of protein supplement? I am not a lactose intolerant. Will the bloated stomach cause any effect on muscle mass gain. I have regular gases & it gets worse in evening. Please suggest solution.
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Apr 26, 2016

Hi Omesh,

I will suggest you for regular on workout and supplementation. Don't use protein with milk always take with water that will helps you to prevent bloating. As Physician suggested for Probiotic,  its very good you can have caps of it or curd or yogurt is also used as probiotics..



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