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Strength Training 101: A Beginner's Guide
Your muscles follow the logic of ‘use it or lose it’. Know the basics of strength training and learn to en... Read more
Batista Workout Plan
How do I get built like Batista? Does Batista take steroids? What is Batista's training routine? We present to... Read more
Ranjeet Singh Mr. India Workout and Diet Plan
Years and years of crushing iron at the gym, maintaining a very strict diet and supplementing correctly has go... Read more
Top 5 Exercises for Growing Lats
The lats are one muscle group that not only contribute to your physique immensely but are crucial in doing so.... Read more
Bench, Deadlift and Squat- The Big Three
Walk into any gym and all the gym rats ask you a few questions. "How much do you bench bro?", "What's your max... Read more
Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Workout Plan
A man that symbolizes the titular character of Wolverine, Hugh is a bad-ass in his own right! We present to y... Read more
Mindset of a Gym Goer
If you bought an expensive gym membership and stopped going after the first two weeks, you are not alone. So m... Read more
Top 5 Abs Exercises to Get Amazing Abs and Obliques!
You need to do weighted and high reps to develop some serious washboard abs so that you get that 3-D look and ... Read more
Top 5 Physiques to Ever Grace the Olympia Stage
In honor of the 51st Mr.Olympia, we bring to you the Top 5 physiques to ever grace the Olympia stage! These ph... Read more
Farhan Akhtar's Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Workout by Samir Jaura
Ladies and gentlemen. The moment you've all been waiting for. We present to you the OFFICIAL Farhan Akhtar's "... Read more


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