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Different Body Shapes: Exercise & Diet
Fitness today is the need of the hour. And it is not just about a slim waist or 6 pack abs. It is about differ... Read more
Benefits Of Winter Yoga - Part I
Benefits of winter yoga is nothing technical as it might sound. In general, practicing yoga has innumerable be... Read more
Exercises During Pregnancy: Types & Benefits
Keeping fit during pregnancy is crucial for the health of both mother and the baby, but here exercise during p... Read more
5 Most Shocking Beauty Myths Busted
How seriously you take your hair and skin concerns? If you are also falling in the trap of some age old beauty... Read more
5 Anti Aging Fruit Juice Recipes
Nobody wants to age, but this is something that is bound to happen, but you can certainly delay the process by... Read more
Yoga and Ayurveda- A match made in heaven or just another fad?
Yoga and Ayurveda. Some say it’s all a bunch of weird poses and fancy bitter herbs that do nothing, whilst o... Read more
How To Lose Post Pregnancy Belly Fat- Getting back into prime shape
Post pregnancy belly fat can be really annoying and embarrassing. Also, losing it can be a bit tricky too. Her... Read more
Natural Diet For Healthy Hair
Believe it or not, but your mom was always right when she said that your diet plays a key role in maintaining ... Read more
10 Minute Workout For Super Moms
Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world and requires a lot of dedication. But does that mean mom'... Read more
How To Maintain Clear Skin Naturally
Not all are blessed with clear and spot free skin, which means extra effort is needed to maintain the shine an... Read more


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