BLOGS (Body Building - Motivation)

Dos and Don'ts of Bodybuilding
Bodybuilding is no child’s play, but a serious activity. Thus, it becomes all the more important to understa... Read more
Bench Press Variations - Workout Of The Month For Chest
A great upper body with a chiseled chest is every bodybuilding enthusiast’s dream come true. And perfecting ... Read more
How To Train For A Half Marathon
21.1 Kilometers... Thousands of Runners... Millions Miles Per Second of Adrenaline Rush... One Race & One Targ... Read more
Bicep Workouts - Top 6 Mistakes You Are Making
Bulging biceps tops every gym enthusiast’s mind. Guys love flexing their biceps to prove their strength and ... Read more
Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Secrets - Decoding The Legend
The name - Arnold Schwarzenegger, is enough to inspire millions of bodybuilding enthusiasts and professionals ... Read more
Gym Essentials For Beginners - A Quick Checklist
The motivation you have drawn from your fitness conscious friends has made you enroll for the gym membership. ... Read more
How Is Full Body Workout Important?
There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that a full body workout is important. A full body workout is not ... Read more
5 Motivational Movies Every Fitness Freak Must Watch
Every fitness freak has their own inspirational idol. Some draw their inspiration from real life and some from... Read more
New To Gym? Learn How To Not Feel Lost
It is always necessary for a novice gym goer to feel lost and intimidated during the initial days of their try... Read more
Gym Mistakes You Might Be Making
Gym mistakes are a dime a dozen. From beginners to advanced athletes, everyone is making some mistakes or the ... Read more


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