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10 Reasons You Need to Change Your Personal Trainer
Many people ask us what is the right time to switch a personal trainer . We break it down why you need one, an... Read more
Pump Up Your Workout: Your Motivational Gym Workout Playlist is Here
Do you often feel lack of motivation while working out in a gym and think that you need a punch to keep going?... Read more
Yoga Vs Gym: Which Is Better For You?
Those who have been loyal to their gym and exercising routine might find the Yoga hype a bit odd and may also ... Read more
Pregnant Bodybuilders- Steroid Abuse or Plain Stupid?
So we’ve talked about steroids and their adverse effects. We’ve dug deep and understood that while steroid... Read more
Overthinking Fitness- Paralysis by Analysis
Here’s the deal. Advanced bodybuilding is complicated which is why you’ll see so many articles everywhere,... Read more
Akhada Workout Plan- Live the pehelwan lifestyle!
A pehelwan is an extraordinary person. Not only is his workout and diet plan amazingly difficult but his train... Read more
Best Celebrity Abs- Six pack supreme!
Abs. The single thing that can capture the admiration from men and women alike. By some these are the hottest ... Read more
Bodybuilding vs. Powerlifting vs. Crossfit- Strength sports go head to head!
Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting vs Crossfit. These three sports are what almost every gym goer does. We break dow... Read more
Progressive Overload- The Best Bodybuilding Technique?
Progressive overload as a concept is the cornerstone of bodybuilding. Without it you can literally make no gai... Read more
Fixing Your Bench Press- A Complete Guide On How To Bench Press
How to increase your bench press is the most famous question that one will hear in the gym. We tell you how to... Read more


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