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The Miraculous GM Diet- Lose Weight Naturally
When we think of losing weight, we can think of endless ways but which one is really effective and most natura... Read more
Weight Loss Diet Plan For Diabetes Patients
Every time we hear the word Diabetes, a sense of fear starts engulfing a foodie’s mind. A person suffering f... Read more
New Atkins Diet For Weight Loss
Fitness is the need of the hour today. It’s no more just a requirement for a sportsperson or a fitness enthu... Read more
10 Simple Ways To Lose Weight Permanently
Diet, exercise, supplements, all can work for your effective weight loss. But, what if you are not willing to ... Read more
North Indian and South Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss
Many people ask about the effectiveness of a diet plan to lose weight. While the answer to this question is in... Read more
Carb Cycling Explained
A Low calorie diet may help you get some muscle but is it the only thing that you need to follow? Here we give... Read more
Yoga and Ayurveda- A match made in heaven or just another fad?
Yoga and Ayurveda. Some say it’s all a bunch of weird poses and fancy bitter herbs that do nothing, whilst o... Read more
Ramadan Workout & Diet Plan
Will it be fine to workout during Ramadan? Can we follow a healthy diet plan during Ramadan without the lack o... Read more
How To Read Nutrition Labels Of Packaged Food
Most of us are spending their hard earned money on packaged processed foods, but do we even bother to know wha... Read more
4 Common Food Myths Debunked
In our quest to eat healthy, sometimes we end up believing myths surrounding the food we eat, which in most ca... Read more


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