BLOGS (Body Building - Motivation)

Top 5 Father’s Day Physiques From Bollywood
The names you are about to read have kids as big as teenagers, yet they continue to look desiring because of t... Read more
Ego lifting at the gym- Check yourself before you wreck yourself
The gym is our solace, our temple and our place to build ourselves up. But are we only building up ourselves o... Read more
Reasons you are not gaining muscles- No gains city!
Gaining muscle for some is easy. For others, not so much. Do you feel that no matter how many hours you put in... Read more
Salman Khan Workout and Diet Plan- Workout like Sultan!
You’ve seen him shirtless numerous times and he is the first person to bring bodybuilding and mass with aest... Read more
Is bodybuilding unhealthy?
Is bodybuilding unhealthy? Are we just stuffing ourselves with protein and doing exercises that stoke our ego?... Read more
4 ways To Maximize Your Gym Time
Do you think that you have been wasting a lot of time in gym in things other then exercising? If this feeling ... Read more
Mind Muscle Connection- Conquering Your Mind for Gains?
Mind muscle connection. Can you will your mind to target a certain muscle area? And can you target only specif... Read more
Top 5 Indian Bodybuilders
In a country overrun by cricket fanatics, it is not surprising that bodybuilding as a sport is hardly recogniz... Read more
Women and Weights: Why you Should be Lifting
Women lifting weights lead to bulky women right? WRONG! Lifting weights actually has numerous benefits!! Read more
Tiger Shroff Workout Plan
He was adored for his death defying stunts and amazing somersaults in the movie Heropanti, but more than that ... Read more


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