BLOGS (Body Building - Motivation)

10 Gym Rules You Must Follow
We have all heard about Gym Etiquette and some of us feel strongly about it. Read on to find out why you shoul... Read more
Best Chests in the Bodybuilding World
Let's be fair here. Everyone wants a big chest. While a chiseled chest is now a norm in bodybuilding, we bring... Read more
Best Legs in the Bodybuilding World
Many of the top tier talent in bodybuilding never make it to the top at the Olympia because of their legs. We ... Read more
Best Whey Protein Supplements of 2016
Whey protein supplements are a dime a dozen but choosing the best whey protein supplement out of the horde is ... Read more
Best Shoulders in Bodybuilding
Shoulders are the jewels of bodybuilding but which bodybuilder has the best shoulder? They make you broader, c... Read more
Top 4 Cardio Exercises for Fat Burning
Cardio is necessary if you want to get ripped. But what kind of cardio? Are there different cardio exercises f... Read more
Guide to Natural Bodybuilding
A guide to natural bodybuilding must essentially differentiate between the word naturals and not naturals. Our... Read more
Ideal Training Mindset
Ideal training mindset of a peron is the true reflection of who you are. How many times have you stepped into ... Read more
Mr. India Yatinder Singh Diet and Workout Plan
Have you got what it takes to undergo one of the most strenous workouts in your life?! Presenting to you the M... Read more
Steroids Side Effects - Why You Shouldn't Take Steroids
Steroids are a common occurrence in bodybuilding. Yes, they do boost your performance in the gym but there are... Read more


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