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10 Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays
Whether you're partying in a club or staying at home; delicious food is going to be a staple for everyone. We ... Read more
Alcohol and Muscle Building
Should you quit drinking totally, when you are trying to pack on muscles? Or, you have the luxury to enjoy you... Read more
Strength Training 101: A Beginner's Guide
Your muscles follow the logic of ‘use it or lose it’. Know the basics of strength training and learn to en... Read more
How to Prepare for The Bulking Season
For the ectomorph and off-season bodybuilder who wish to bulk up, the formula seems simple; just eat more than... Read more
Top 10 Foods you Should Include in Your Pre-Workout Meal
The main question everyone has is whether to fast or to feed? In order to sustain quality workouts, you must f... Read more
Top 10 Lifting Mistakes Beginners Make
The first day at the gym. Your first encounter with the weights and the first time you actually felt a pump ru... Read more
Counting Calories- The Magical Way to Weight Loss and Weight Gain
For people whom we label as ectomorphs, skinny people, and endomophs, overweight people, weight gain and weigh... Read more
John Abraham Workout and Diet Plan
For a super muscular body and a ripped beach body, the John Abraham workout and diet plan has always been the ... Read more
Importance of Post Workout Nutrition - What to Eat After Workout
Importance of post workout nutrition depends on what, when and how much to eat after you have given your absol... Read more
How To Get Six Pack Abs
How to get six pack abs? Do leg raises and crunches for a while - and I'm 101% sure you'll get six pack abs. A... Read more


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