BLOGS (Body Building - Motivation)

Ideal Training Mindset
Ideal training mindset of a peron is the true reflection of who you are. How many times have you stepped into ... Read more
Mr. India Yatinder Singh Diet and Workout Plan
Have you got what it takes to undergo one of the most strenous workouts in your life?! Presenting to you the M... Read more
Steroids Side Effects - Why You Shouldn't Take Steroids
Steroids are a common occurrence in bodybuilding. Yes, they do boost your performance in the gym but there are... Read more
Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan
The need to make a specific indian weight loss diet plan arises when we look at the Indian lifestyle. A huge d... Read more
Beginners Guide to a Bigger Chest- Best Chest Workout
Beginners usually want a bigger chest. In the journey to find the best chest workout, we bring you our beginne... Read more
Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" Workout Plan
We all have heard of Dwayne Johnson. When you're literally playing characters like Luke Hobbs and Hercules you... Read more
5 Reasons You Can't See Your Abs
A six pack is the symbol of a perfect male physique but are difficult to achieve therefore reasons you can't s... Read more
How to Get and Maintain Six-Pack Abs
Six-pack-abs, the ultimate symbol of physical fitness is on everyone’s wish list. Yet, they are the hardest ... Read more
10 Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays
Whether you're partying in a club or staying at home; delicious food is going to be a staple for everyone. We ... Read more
Alcohol and Muscle Building
Should you quit drinking totally, when you are trying to pack on muscles? Or, you have the luxury to enjoy you... Read more


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