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Best Legs in the Bodybuilding World

Best Legs in the Bodybuilding World

Many of the top tier talent in bodybuilding never make it to the top at the Olympia because of their legs. Literally comprising of half your body, this is one of, if not the most, important part to any physique. Sadly it also holds the crown for the most neglected body part to be trained. We bring to you the men, who trained their wheels hard and some who have legs of epic proportions. 

5. Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

Let’s just get some context here. Jay Cutler went up arguably against the best bodybuilder of all time. So obviously he had some sick wheels. What differentiates Jay is his quads and his quad sweep to calf ratio. Being an endomorph, Jay Cutler shows serious dedication when it comes to developing his legs by doing some best exercises for legs.

4. Branch Warren

Branch Warren

Branch is a monster and edges out Jay’s legs because his legs are more defined, his calf’s bigger and moreover has a granite look to it. Just look at the veins on his quads and you will see what I am talking about. Branch Warren is truly a mass with class guy!

3. Big Ramy

Big Ramy

Okay. Do I really need to say anything here? This man is a giant amongst giants! His quads are too developed I think but this monster has a firm place on this list because of his sheer size! His huge  hamstrings are on another level, even shadowing current Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath! A must watch in upcoming bodybuilding shows, we can foresee this giant becoming Mr.Olympia.

2. Tom Platz

Tom Platz

The legend. The icon. The guy who’s legs were defined before the influx of growth hormone into bodybuilding. Tom Platz or the original quadzilla, is a specimen, known for his high volume training. He used to squat an unbelievable amount of sets and rumor has it, until his nose started bleeding. That’s some serious dedication and coupled with insane genetic potential almost comes close to be the king of legs!

1. Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman

Salute the king of legs right here. While some may debate that Ronnie had the best back and biceps, his upper body was so well developed, that we tend to overlook his lower body. The man squatted with 800 pounds and leg pressed an unbelievable 2300 pounds or 1000 kgs while hack squatting 100+kg for multiple reps. A force of nature, combined with god-like genetics and a crazy work ethic, no one even comes close to holding the mass and aesthetics he bought at 280+pounds with striated glutes! Hats off to King Ron.

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