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Best Pre-Workout Supplements of the year

Why take a preworkout? What are pre-workout benefits? To unleash the beast within you of course! Pre-workouts are high stimulant based supplements that give you fantastic energy and pump to perform your best in the gym. We rate the best of the best of this year, so far.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Is it safe to take pre-workout supplements? Yes, as long as you don’t use them for extended periods. After one finishes, take a break for a month, no stimulants like coffee or even coca-cola. As long as you’re cycling these, you’ll be fine but also remember to stay within recommended dosages because these pre-workout energy drinks have caffeine.

Now before you jump the gun, I know you’ll say this is my point of view and not many people will agree. I have tried every preworkout known to man so I know what I am talking about. Now that’s cleared, we will be evaluating the Top 5 preworkouts on six parameters, out of 10. A preworkout supplement is first and foremost supposed to give you energy and mental focus. The pump is a good indicator that the said preworkout supplement is working and is a wonderful feeling in the gym, even according to Arnold! The crash aspect of a preworkout is equally important. Because preworkout supps are high in stimulants you need to make sure you’re not crashing in the squat rack after consuming them!

Taste is secondary but then again, a supplement needs to be humanly ingestable for consumption. And because every gym-goer knows bodybuilding is expensive, a supplement needs to be value for money. i.e. worth every single rupee you shell out. So get ready for our take on the best pre-workout supplements!


5. Cellucor C-4           Cellucor C-4

  1. Energy- 6/10
  2. Mental Focus- 4/10
  3. Pump- 3/10
  4. Taste- 9.5/10
  5. Crash- 9/10
  6. Value for money- 4/10

C-4 is hands down the most delicious preworkout supplement of all time. Period. With flavours like Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada and Watermelon, you just can’t go wrong. The only problem? Not enough energy. You need to take at least 2-3 scoops to feel a kick and because of this the value for money also suffers. I didn’t feel any pump during the workout but taking 2 scoops will ensure you take enough Beta-Alanine, a well known preworkout ingredient, for you to feel tingling sensation throughout your workout. That can be bad for concentration so don’t expect tunnel vision or superhuman focus with this preworkout. The good news however, is that there is no chance of you crashing on this because it’s quite weak. Beginner’s who are just getting into preworkouts should start with this.
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4. MuscleBlaze TorqueMuscleBlaze Torque

  1. Energy- 7/10
  2. Mental Focus- 6/10
  3. Pump- 8.5/10
  4. Taste- 3/10
  5. Crash- 8/10
  6. Value for money- 9/10

What makes Torque a fantastic preworkout supplement? Well for starters it’s the cheapest out of the comparison so those who are on a budget, this is the preworkout for you. Also, because it just works. The pump is perhaps the second best out of this list. Red Spinach actually works! The downside to this is that, the taste might not be to everyone’s liking and since it’s a new product there’s only one flavour to choose from. The upside is, even though you get clean energy, you won’t crash from this preworkout
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3. MusclePharm Assault MusclePharm Assault

  1. Energy- 7/10
  2. Mental Focus- 8/10
  3. Pump- 8/10
  4. Taste- 8/10
  5. Crash- 5/10
  6. Value for Money- 6/10

Last year’s king of preworkouts falls down. The newer version of assault is higher in stimulants, thus making people crash on it as well. The upside to this being clean and energy and excellent mental focus. Another pain is that people do tend to report going to the restroom right in the middle of the workout, whilst on this preworkout. Talk about some killer ingredients! The pump is second only to Torque, thus making Assault a complete preworkout although a bit expensive.
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2. BSN NO-Explode 3.0 BSN NO-Explode 3.0

  1. Energy- 8/10
  2. Mental Focus- 8/10
  3. Pump- 7/10
  4. Taste- 9/10
  5. Crash- 7/10
  6. Value for Money- 3/10

BSN really came through with the 3rd version of it’s NO-Explode series. I might be scrutanized for this, but think of it as a much improved version of Assault. The ernergy is cleaner, the focus is higher and the pump is brilliant, also ensuring no crash. That being said, after c-4, NO-Explode has the honor of the best tasting preworkout supplement. Try the Blue Razz or the Watermelon. The only dissapointment here is that it is bloody expensive. The bigger tub usually retails for 7-8000 and that is absolutely stupidity. For reference, you could buy almost half a year of Torque with that!
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1. Ronnie Coleman Myoblitz XS Ronnie Coleman Myoblitz XS

  1. Energy- 9/10
  2. Mental Focus- 9.5/10
  3. Pump- 6/10
  4. Taste- 9/10
  5. Crash- 8/10
  6. Value for Money- 7/10

It’s poetic justice really that the best bodybuilder on the planet, makes the best preworkout supplement of the year. King Ron did mess up with Myoblitz but the XS version is crazy. Hands down the best mental focus you will ever get. You will not even remember your workout the next day, all you’ll remember are sore bodyparts. The taste is also brilliant along with crazy energy that allows you to seemingly workout endlessly. Trust me, I took 1 scoop while being sleep deprived and had one of the best workouts of my life. You won’t crash on this as well, since it’s loaded with vitamins and is reasonable in it’s value. Take a scoop because I assure you, after this workout you’ll surely say ”Ain’t nothing but a peanut!”
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Pre Workout Supplements

The way to usually pick up a preworkout supplement, is it should have certain ingredients? Now what are the best Pre Workout Ingredients? Well do look for Creatine, Beta Alanine, Caffeine, Vitamins to stop you crashing, and various pumping agents from Agmatine to Cittruline.


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