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Best Shoulders in Bodybuilding

Shoulders are the jewels of bodybuilding but which bodybuilder has the best shoulder? They make you broader, contribute to your V-taper and let’s face, are pretty much the first thing you would look at whilst evaluating a physique. But who has the best of the best? We bring you the top 5 shoulders in bodybuilding so take out your glasses because all these delts are 3-D!

5. Naseer El Sonbaty 

Naseer El Sonbaty Shoulders

Naseer is a monster. Period. A bodybuilder that was termed a mass monster long before Ronnie Coleman dominated, Naseer surely had the biggest shoulders EVER in bodybuilding. The size of those delts are to be saluted here.

4. Dexter Jackson

Dexter Jackson Shoulders

Dexter, the blade, Jackson has a serious set of delts and is a vampire for god sake. He’s been around the bodybuilding scene since forever and he also won the Mr.Olympia in 2008. This upset in the Mr.Olympia surely gave Jay Cutler some serious nightmares. Dexter did some of the hardest shoulder exercises that are known to man.

3. Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler Shoulders

Flex Wheeler has a physique that can not be rivaled. The delts when he did a back double bicep pose were simple brilliant. Furthermore the lats to shoulder ratio made his v-taper incredible, thus earning him a spot in the best shoulders in the world. An interesting fact to note here is that Flex Wheeler suffered a great injury and came back as a mass monster, but we prefer the Flex Wheeler of the past who displayed some serious aesthetics!

2. Victor Martinez

Victor Martinez Shoulders

Martinez is no.2 and for good reason. His shoulders are huge and always full. Not only this, the proportions that his shoulder had, combined with the sheer size is brilliant. Without a doubt some of the biggest shoulders in bodybuilding.

1. Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone Shoulders

Kevin the ‘CAT’ Levrone is the king of shoulders. I mean just look at them. They are literally splitting from the entire body. He injured himself trying to bench 600 pounds and tore his chest, only to make a full recovery. Not only was he probably the most genetically gifted bodybuilder of all time, but he actually only needed 1 month to prepare for Mr.Olympia. Even the fabled Ronnie Coleman knew that Kevin’s shoulders are superior. This right here are the best shoulders of all time!

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